What It's Really Like On The World's Largest Cruise Ship

Two seasoned travelers and first-time cruisers reviewed Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas, the world’s largest cruise ship. After a week of eating, flow-riding, and zip-lining, Insider producer Abby Narishkin and travel correspondent Sophie-Claire Hoeller rated their experience on-board. They based their final scores on convenience, accommodation, amenities, and food. Insider's reporters took this cruise at a discounted media rate.

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What It's Really Like On The World's Largest Cruise Ship

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Just a question out of the blue what if all the rooms were full and the ship were to run out of food or it were to sink in the Arctic

i would say food is at good quality but some might not be as healthy as others. moderation would be wise. there is plenty of healthy choices

When I went on a Regal Cruise me and my mom and another family we were going with were worried about one specific thing.
Sea sickness
And that didn't happen AT ALL

I went on the royal Caribbean harmony of the sea cool things that were on it:
Soft serve icecream machines all around the ship
Amazing water slides
Amazing stops
Amazing food
A carousel
Amazing restaurants
Two arcades
Zip line
Mini golf
A Buffett
Rock climbing
Ice skating

Awesome rooms
And a ton more! It’s awesome
(Disclaimer it’s nit the same ship as this one it’s the on before this one by royal caribean)

making me feel poor for 10:37

That’s the most expensive house I even seen

omg omg i know that guy in 1:53 he was are helper in my first cruise

Honestly I’ve been on too MSC cruises and I’ll tell you the best parts and I it’s worth it.
First off the outdoor hot tubes and pools are my fav part
2nd the baffes are wonderful
3rd there’s ping pong air hockey and fuse ball tables and milk shake bars in the main room
4rth the actors and plays were THE BEST with great music and wonderful acts
They say that there is a WiFi bill but if you enjoy the cruise rather than sit on your phone all day you won’t be charged a thing.
Overall I give the MSC cruises a 5 star and say it’s totally worth it!
Oh and didn’t even name half of what there’s to offer like the stops and so much more so I just named my fav things


They didn't have a lot of water fountains cus it's illegal to have them

When was this

to adress the tiny pool a 1 foot by 1 foot and 1 foot deep pool is over 100 pounds tats a lot of weight on a top heavy shi[

I want to see these two rate an MSC cruise with Yacht Club

they be coming back with covid tho

I was on the symphony ship back in December and I loved it.

Okay what was the first thumbnail? Lol.

My family was supposed to go on it during Spring Break/April. We cancelled it thought because of the damn pandemic though :(

2:27 Then that Asian guy starts shouting/sing and dance kpop songs

(Yknow the dude- uh yes u get me if u get me)

I went on Harmony of the seas, which is almost I identical to this one. It is a really awesome cruise

Wow, seems like a nice cruise. Seems like a nice time to take it, oh wait.

How to feel poor in 11 minutes or less

They shoulda interviewed the cruise locals. The others who went on the cruise

That boat is MASSIVE

Who tf packs that horrendous amount

And they say titanic was the ship of dreams...

I knew this wasnt out when titanic was ok

Stupid reviewers!

I still have tickets for the Virgin Voyages maiden voyage. It's supposed to be an adults only cruise, I just hope COVID-19 doesn't push it back too far

What happens if u fall of slide and fall into the ocean

It’s a cruise what did you expect to pay nothing

5000 passengers in a tin shopping mall and holiday camp.
Looks lovely

*Sophie’s “friend” Roman

“Business Expenses”

“Ocean view”
She’s on a CRUISE SHIP 😂

T I t a n I c

I’ve never been on a cruise, guess I won’t be for the next few years until they make a covid vaccine

Im from puerto rico.😎💅🏼

Your are talking about crowd. You should only visit once to India.

I've been on 12 cruises. I absolutely love them!

The reason the pools are so small is to keep crowds on the deck down.

I've been on a royal caribbean cruise and this specific cruise 3 times.

It's very pretty and very accommodating. As a person who travels with a blind and Autistic child it is amazing. The ability of being able to go anywhere and be able to get food and rest is amazing as well.

Just if and when you ever go on a cruise plan to spend money.

they thought it took long in traffic, but wait till u get inside omg the line is so long so many families and then the security.... such a long process! but its worth it!!

Plot Twist: Everything was a green screen

Jesus the ship is bigger than the village I live in

Abby is Cute :)

and this was right before covid-19 ... :(

I was on this ship it was fine but i rather be on the smaller ones

I went to a cruise like this basically the same one and ngl they have ice cream machine and best part is that its ✨free✨

3:03 you know its luxury when you have to get a whole option for water

One of my worst nightmares on going on trips is them selling expensive food, and you're not allowed to bring outside food

this was posted 6 months ago. oh my god corona

And I am 9

I’ve been on on 3 cruises

My home Puerto Rico!

I 💚 Puerto Rico

The best thing on the cruise for me was the ice cream machine, it was on 24/7, I would eat it from morning till night, that was the best part of the cruise for me🍦

I was going to go on this cruise but then COVID came so we had to cancel 😥☹️

They got a whole court on the ship😨

This is too fancy for me

God loves you please turn to him to be saved

The pool is small because of weight.

I went on this with my family last year. We love Royal Caribbean! I love the slides, Mexican pool food, ice cream, laser tag, etc...

I've been on this cruise. There's also a chess and gaming tournament for the nerds. It's got everything

If someone told us in those times corona would happen we wouldn’t believe it

Abby: Joel Miller!?!?
Who are you......

No masks? Nah. Ain’t going.

I suggest for you girls to try going in an Expedition Cruise. I worked in big ships before and now I work in Expeditions, and it's SO different! Small ships can get to remote places the big ones can't, and if you enjoy the destination more than the ship itself, you'll for sure love it.

Went on several cruises with my family, now I have the confidence to explore more and live as a nomad.

Even tho its the largest cruise that zipline is a joke lol.

Ah the before times. God only knows when we'll be able to do any of this again.

Please pack lightly next time 😂

How much does it cost to go
? 😅😅

Ah now I see how poor I'm am

Anybody got the link to the un-cropped thumbnail?

You have to remember, they had to pay for wifi

I went on this ship with my family and i really wanted to go on the ziplone but you had to be 70 pounds. I was so close so I started chugging the free icecream, I still disnt make it.


I looked at a image of the ships back at night and I cried because of how beautiful it was

I’ve been on a few cruises, and I think there’s pros and cons to bigger ships and smaller ships. Smaller ships are better for first time cruisers and longer cruises, and bigger ones are better for shorter cruises or longer cruises if there are lots of sea days.

Common man. I cant unsee the big boobs

I rlly hated the big slide I GOT A HORRIBLE BIG HEAT RASH MY SKIN LITERALLY BURNT and you guys payed a lot MY WHOLE FAMILY went which there 20 people but I STILL LOVED IT

Pro tip: I have also been on his cruise. Don’t spend extra money on anything except wifi. The “premium” restaurants SUCKED. And the robotic bartenders are just for fancy stuff. They are just normal cocktails. So yeah spend money wisely


The long slide on the back of the ship is really bad. It looks cool but it goes really slow

Dislike porque os cruceiron contaminam moito

Me finding this on my recommend, we are in a PANDEMIC

Got some helpful tips....but how much was the ticket? And now corona killed it all

What it’s like on the worlds biggest cruise ship? Empty really empty!

As someone without a lot of money I think I’d pass for cruises because even though they’re open for things to do and look extremely fun, the fact you can be charged so much for certain things seems like a lot already on top of what you’re paying in the first place.

But maybe it’s because this was a more luxury one?

this ship has more fun activities than my whole country

Water availability is the biggest problem on Royal Caribbean ❌

I'd give the Covid-19 I contracted on the cruise 5 stars.

i hate cruise ships but this looks s o fun

you should NEVER buy an airport transfer, as you can just get an Uber for cheaper, and even buy some booze beforehand, obviously within the legal limit to bring online😉😉

Anyone watching during quarantine?

What if you are stuck in an island?

Royal Caribbean is the best cruise line I’ve gone on two cruises with them and I’m going on another, The next one that I’m going on is the symphony of the seas

my mom works for royal caribbean

Friend: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Me: I want to work at Insider

Rookies don’t know how to cruise properly, I can’t wait until cruises start up their operations again, I need to be on deck ASAP

The internet price seem a little expensive so I would recommend that we don’t use our devices on this cruise at all this can be a time to have fun with our families and take a time off gadgets, I SO WISH I COULD RIDE THIS CRUISE.

Now going on a cruise is most likely a dream until this crisis is over.

I was on a carnival cruise, and we had free 24 hour food. My family woukd wake up at 3am to have food when we get hungry😂😂