What The Heck Is CBD?? Everything You Need To Know!

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I bought excellent oils from WeedBorn website. Just google WeedBorn.

Where can I get the battery you have?

Great video, ladies!

Great information video.
You have helped me in my research.

What kind of CBD pen do you use ?

I'm a millionaire at age 48 & have been a reclusive, Frustrated, Nervous overworked person ever since my mom died. I've never had the pleasure to be with a women or experience sexual pleasure other then masturbating which I've grown accustomed to. Thank to CBD I'm growing new brain neurons, feeling more human & giving my hand a rest !! LOL

Do the head strong vapes contain any THC at all? They don’t specify on there website ?

Gabby, are you a male with a penis?

where did u get that flip type cd vape its gud

Do not get it on ebay

I like my thc i think cbd is a waste of money

went on the site and first thing I see is a code for 15% off....I think you should know that you are driving traffic to a site where your code wont be used..thanks for the info.

thanks for the vid chica. you're super pretty keep up the good work. i use vape cartridges to help with my pain and it has cbd in it but ive never had luck with just cbd working for me. i think MY pain is just too severe for cbd alone, but i can see and hear its helping alot of people. thanks again for making people more aware of the great uses of marijuana and cbd 👍

Great video guys. Cbd is really helping me with my bipolar disorder.

THC weed is slightly psychoactive and becomes toxic if you do it more than 5 times a day because it becomes in adrenal sapper and whereas the fully hemp non THC weed gives you a good feeling in body and mind slightly euphoric meditative feeling for Body Mind healing and it is not psychoactive and it is also slightly toxic toxic if you do it all day everyday ideally we should be doing yoga and eating healthy and doing other things for our health and well-being that we won't need to rely on these substances so much

Your ‘business partner ‘ is sexy.

I tore my right arm shoulder rotary cuff and i hope vaping this will help

Try Kentucky route vape oil you won't regret it

What percentage thc are the herbstrong recovery drops

Hello Lexington from London.✌️
Cbd ok by me . Want to enjoy cbd ?
Eat that yum feel good when done. Then smoke a fat bat .

Dose it helps with anxiety and depression these other medication have so side effects

Cbd does give a buzz I’ve tried lots of different kinds and it does give you a high it’s just like smoking pot without the thc

Omgosh! I have tinnitus in both ears!! It drives me crazy.......... what cream does your dad use?

Great video. Thank you for posting. Great information.

Any amount less than 0.3 THC will not show up on a drug test, according to my research.

What brand is your CBD vape?

Minute 18:07 I actually do have tinnitus. I was sawing with a chainsaw about six weeks ago and I did not have ear protection, dumb. i was hearing a wine, a high pitch squeal I had never heard before. Now my inner ears are shot ringing non stop. I just bought some CBD tonight. I hope it helps. I apologize for my first comment. Please forgive me.

You're on the radar ladies, my radar, meow!

So is she a man?

Hello, for the past 6 months I have been suffering from severe anxiety, panic, insomnia, derealization, depersonalization, horrible frightening mood swings where I feel like I will go crazy, intrusive scary thoughts to the point of them being dark and demented, brain fog,TERRIFYING pms, nightmares, racing heart, in a state of constant fear, severe heart burn and stomach pain, hiatal hernia, severe sensory problems to light, my surrounding and noise ( sounds literally run together in slow motion) etc. I had some natural testing done at a holistic doctor who determined my hypothalamus and pituitary gland is not working correctly. They also found that I’m suffering from adrenal fatigue stage 2 and very low levels of progesterone and vitamin D. I’m a 35 year old women with 2 small children. My mom has had to quit her job and move in with us to become my caretaker and to take care of my children being I am no longer able to function at all with this severe amount of anxiety and panic. Over the past six months Ive spent thousands of dollars at numerous different natural doctors and no one has been able to help me. My body is so sensitive right now and it reacts to even natural supplements. I’m wondering how I will ever be able to get well if my body cannot tolerate the natural supplements it needs to heal? Please help me, I am terrified and desperate🙏 Can CBD oil help me??

Ps. I’m not sure if this helps but i’ve been under a severe amount of stress for the past seven years and because of this instead of taking prescription medications (which I’m allergic to all medications) my holistic doctor recommended I smoke THC for the stress (which took the edge off but never took it away). So up until 6 months ago i had smoked this for 7 years. I quit smoking THC abruptly 6 months ago and that’s when all of these symptoms started.

Give me a Thumbs up if you think these two have taken some THC instead :)

I failed a drug test vamping cbd. So be careful

It may help with the eating because it regulates blood sugar and so you may feel youre not hungry.

I suffer from degenerative disc disease as well as ms as well as anxiety. It helps my pain and helps with nerve damage i have and relaxes me so much. I love it. And i pray its never taken away or made illegal.

Some cbd strains do show on a drug test if its .2 percent or greater thc content and to be sold it only has to be .3 percent or lower to be legal. You have to find a reliable source and research the brand because some state they are .3 percent or lower and some actually are zero percent thc. Most provide break downs of their cbd strain. Just be careful because some can trip a drug test.

Does Kalen have a channel?

Can CBD oil get you fired from your job ?.... I get drug tested quarterly .....


Great video, thanks for the help! I am trying to quit smoking marijuana and wondering if cbd will help with withdrawal symptoms, and does cbd really relax, help anxiety, and relieve pain. Like a high without being stupid? Also I purchased a CBD that says zero thc, would u think that this would allow me to pass a drug test for a job?

Unfortunately, selling CBD in the state of Idaho is a felony as is possession/use because it is still considered a schedule 1 narcotic. I'm hoping that will change in the near future.

Can you vale the drop from this company ?

That awkward moment when vid promises to tell you wtf cbd is
... but DOESN'T!!! 🤔🤦🏾‍♀️

Cad water solvable helps with pain and anxiety, fibromyalgia especially,just wish it wasn’t so expensive 👍 thanks for sharing

any info on CBD with Liposomes https://elixinol.com/product/hemp-oil-liposomes-1000mg-citrus-twist/ vs CBD without ..? Thanks

Even if it's 100 % thc free

What is her channel and code for hempstrong?

What if u have a high level form smoking weed and stop smoking will cbd keep your weed levels at the same cause my p.o. said it might not low my urine count and could be bad for my testing level

Hi Gabby, i really enjoyed your video! I think CBD is awesome and do see it expanding a lot over the next few years to treat anything from anxiety to epilepsy, but I also wanted to point out a few important notes:
-there is a chance it can show up on drug tests, so use at your own risk
-The vape option is convenient but it can still be harmful to your lungs as can any type of smoke you inhale, therefore I’d probably recommend the oil instead. I know a lot of people put a few drops in their morning coffee or nighttime tea :)
-make sure your physicians and pharmacists are aware you’re taking it because it can interact with some other medications
-also! A lot of pharmacies, especially independent ones, are starting to carry CBD which is a for sure reliable source

If you have had experience with CBD that Is what I want to know.

Anyone interested in doing this or already is, please be careful. The THC WILL build up in your system overtime. Should your employer/prospective employer/ or school run a drug screen, you WILL fail!!! There’s currently no way for labs to distinguish CBD from THC

Cbd has helped my anxiety attacks so many times. I can't wait for the day when I'm anxiety free thanks to the cbd. :)

What specific regimen is your dad on for his tinnitus? My dad has the same thing and I'm interested in trying this for him; which products would you recommend along with dosing and how to use it? Thanks

whats your review on the herb strong vape?

Gabby-- why do you take the CBD? is this for a sports injury?

This is amazing and super informative ☺️ thank you so much ❤️

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What about honey sticks with OBD

This might sounds like a stupid question but will it always be 100% cbd or will it very bc you said some may be stronger than others. Or is it like alcohol where it has diff %?

You were just about to say how many times you smoke your vape at night time. How many times do you smoke it?

I was hoping you would make a video on this!

Good video gabby welcome back we missed you girl 💓💕🔥💋👍😂💪❤💙💛.

I got the cbd drops a few months back after reading one of gabbys posts and doing a little research on what cbd was/did. I am diagnosed with depression and anxiety and weed helps a lot so I thought I’d try it out and it helped almost immediately. I stopped taking the drops because they tasted horrendous and saw one of gabbys posts with her vape which inspired me to research the different methods and which was best. I found out that with the oral drops you only get a 10-20% yield whereas vaping it you get a 50-70% yield. I find that a mixture of cbd and a little bit weed is the perfect combination for me