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Very informative!

You're sponsored.

Hey where is fucking taylor

Hi Anna 👋

Cbd gives me headaches

It is true that CBD is sold “everywhere” but that doesn’t mean it’s good or legit. I would recommend looking up CBD products online and reading about them before you just buy any kind from a gas station or bar. Pure Relief is a really good brand I trust and continue to purchase items from. Liberty CBD is also another reputable CBD company I and my friends trust. It’s not that CBD form has stations or bars are harmful, they just may not be as effective hence not worth your money. Also, Anna has reviewed Pure Relief before.

Anna! Were you manic when you filmed this or is it just the jump cuts? I can't tell. Maybe it's me who is manic.

Please answer... what do u do when you're feeling down or just depressed and u have a ton of work that has to be done

Taylor Lynn posted a new vido
Annna Campbell posted a new video
Me:Shitttt which one do i wach first!

I live in a very small and conservative state, and most of the people here are close minded to things, such as CBD. I didn’t even know CBD was a thing until I started watching Anna’s videos. I started using it (I like the pre rolled joints, the pen and oils) it helps so much with my PTSD and anxiety. During the first year of college I worked as a CNA at a hospital, and one of my patients was suffering super bad anxiety. To the point she couldn’t even drive, or do daily tasks. I suggested trying CBD oil, and got terminated for “recommending drugs”, because the patient was offended I recommend cannibis even though it can’t get you high. I really hope in the future there are more research studies using CBD, and it can become a normal thing.. because it really is life saving!

Staring those eyes and her lips the whole video😍😍😍

Holy shit. I'v never been so early. Love you anna.😘😘😘

U almost have 500.000 thousands followers but your views are pretty low..try to do smt else like a vlog or something more interesting.noone likes to see someone sittin and talkin its borin maaan

Can you explain the difference in effect between cbd derived from hemp and cbd derived from cannabis?

I am very sorry, but can someone tell me which product she’s recommending here? I tried for several times, but couldn’t understand. This isn’t meant to be rude or anything Anna. Maybe it is because I am not a native English speaker. Anyway, I would be glad for help. Thank you in advance.

Would you and Taylor want to travel around the world? I think vlogs would be super)

i love u so much! Really looking forward to a joint video with Taylor💛

I don’t smoke but I surely love to learn about CBD and stuff. Thanks for the video Anna. If I ever want to use CBD, I’d use anything you recommend Anna ❤️

I miss your old content. Your channel now is basically content created around sponsers... so soulless, do you even like youtube anymore?

Love love love love this video you are so pretty Anna❤❤❤❤❤

Umm Parkinson's I can see that working tried Gimmi's prolly my fave so far smoked but dont like the smell. Next up the oil/liquid......but like the Gummi's very discreet...

All we need is non stop bong hits and all the Vagina a little heart desires to lick n suck on until our own little desires just can't contain anymore.I'm really starting to get a thing for little cute toes to suck on as well.I'll be sampling rectums soon as well and I just can't wait oh no I just can't wait.

I've been a THC consumer for a long time. Like half my life. Adding CBD into the mix has been life changing! My pain and anxiety have been so much better


Normally I skip thru sponsors but I stayed thru this one

Today is my 18th birthday n fr CBD was all I been thinking about n I was like "shit I hope anna makes a video about cbd again" n then I see this I love u man 😂

5:37 wait... who the fuck is Gronk? and why the hell does he have his own i think either Monster of Rockstar energy drink as well... this little blue can with some football player on it; American Football, and there wasn't anything else about it outside of the ingredient list. lol

really, everywhere, Anna? cuz i've only found two places around me. this smoke shop in El Sobrante on San Pablo Dam Road. and this William's Natural foods on San Pablo Avenue. and then anywhere else, i had to look online.

AAAAAAND UUUUM.... i love your tattoos.

and also, i understand you're a lesbian and all, but i still wanna compliment you on how beautiful your eyes are. and your hair color. well, pretty much your smile as well. very cute.

Anna, i only remember you mentioning Pure Relief. another CBD site, which i found to be better than what Olivia Cara mentioned, cuz at least with the edibles, they gave you more gummies in a package... i dunno about this new one here. but i'll check'em out. thanks. ;-)

I did not know that.

I use CBD hair products, CBD lotion & moisturizer, CBD muscle rub, CBD suppositories (for menstrual pain, CBD toothpaste, and oral CBD- full spectrum. I swear by it and believe in it very deeply, clearly lol. I'm no longer on any psychoactive drugs, and seizure free, off disability I was on, driving again, and have a great job working fulltime for a nonprofit.

I take CBD Oil for my Schizophrenia. It works wonders for my sleep! Plus i take medication for my schizophrenia but CBD fantastic!!!!

Anna Fucking Campbell is back stronger than ever! Let’s go guuurl❤️

This shit is the future ♡

Whhyy arree yoouu sooo addoorrabbllee?!?!😭🖤❤

I love CBD!! I take it as much as i can for being broke lol i take it for anxiety and depression!♡ Has truely saved my life!

I love u Anna and taylor

Preach CBD, Anna is queen of advocating for it <3 love u girl

u make me go 🥺🥺🥺😗🦋🥺🦋🥺🦋🥺🦋🦋🥺🦋🥺🥺🦋🥺🦋🥺🦋🦋🥺🦋🦋🦋🥺

i love u :((

I love being early here xx ily

You make me want to come out to my parents 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

Anna is one of the main reasons that im gay

I stop doing everything just to watch this video she's so fucking beautiful

You’re my fav YouTuber 1000%

Haha I dig how much you love CBD and it shows in your videos

Cbd is my saviour literally it has stopped thousands of my panic attacks and it is 1000% the future

Bipolar rant over ......

I love you 😘

I look forward to the addiction video if you make it!


I love the fact that I end up learning something in almost every one of your videos ❤️💋

just dropped everything to watch my favorite youtuber 😂🥵❤️❤️

I was having a shitty day until I got the notification

U just uploaded at exactly 4:44 haha...love you Anna

i literally learn so much from u

Hell yeah. I'm early 😂
I've learned a lot from you.
Thank you Anna.
I Love you 💟

Please do a meet and greet in Leeds England

Oh my God you're so hot 😍😍😍
I love your personality

Screw everything I was just doing, gotta make time for my favourite ginger. Love you.

I love you so much and I love how honest you are ❤️❤️❤️

I love you so much anna❤️


I clicked so fast

I love you anna

Love u😍😍😍😍