What You Need to Know About CBD

CBD is one of the hottest wellness trends in the country, but do you really know enough about it? Dr. Oz and CNN’s chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta breaks down the most common CBD questions. Find out Dr. Gupta’s main concern.

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I take pure cbd I got it from trybestcbd.com the stuff works.

Cbd has helped me alot😢 with anxiety. Yessir.

It has worked well for me. Takes away my inflammation and joint pain, helps my sleep, and blood pressure.

Good information newviralhealthnews.com plus it helped with my pain and anxiety.

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Why would they cut the segment? And not recommend some reputable products? Meh video

Gotta try bionic-cbd.com ... only brand tht i have found tht works

Not all CBD'S are created equal.


Does it show up in your urine in a drug test?

Cbd flower is the best

I'm the plug

I was a bit hesitant to try CBD oil . I followed a friend's suggestion and tried one from a company called CBD Biocare, since she spoke highly of it. Three months down and my experience is going well! I reccommend it to anyone looking to try a CBD product for the first time. I'll post the link if you want to research on it. :)

I use CBD daily for knee and shoulder pain. It helps with my stress also. Best brand I have tried is www.sourcedearth.com

The best CBD supplement I've tried was from CBDHealthReports.com

CBDHealthReports.com has the best cbd oil on the market for pain and anxiety

If you are looking for something to help with pain or anxiety I highly recommend the CBD tincture on CBDHealthReports.com

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I'm surprised more people aren't using the CBD oil from CBDHealthReports.com it is by far the best on the market

The best quality CBD oil I've found was on CBDHealthReports.com and it only cost me $5 to try

Has anyone else tried the CBD oil from CBDHealthReports.com

I've found that CBD's helped with my pain tremendously. Found mine on CBDHealthReports.com

H3 Infusion Hemp Extract is water soluble, working just like CBD, available at Amazon, eBay!

Take a drop of CBD everytime they say CBD

Don’t need to take oily CBD. Try H3 Infusion water soluble Hemp Extract. It’s CBD in water, available at Amazon, Etsy and Ebay.

Professor oak talking about marijuana

I'm using Human Kind CBD products and love all about them, Mind Calming tincture and Body Treatment vaporizer are my favorite products. I've checked they are all-natural and I'm finally in peace with my mind and body. Also, they have a campaign happening right now, so use promo code: instalove , at the checkout for the $10 off https://humankind.care/
I hope that helps. :)

Great video! check us out for CBD content, over 50,000 lbs being processed! We provide a white-labeled solution for businesses.

Marijuana is not a plant. Marijuana is a person who is stoned. You can google it. Marihuana is a pothead. MARIJUANA laws are nule and void for not defining the plant in english.

CBD does nothing. The cure is THC. THC blocks CBD receptors. So CBD does nothing. It's a scam to sell low THC.

I am taking this cbd trybestcbd.com it made my anxiety go away.

So are the days of a “dime bag” gone?

Don't need large levels of CBD at all 10 mg can stop you in the middle of a panic attack. You are full of lies. Just a few milligrams stops seizures. Any professional cbd company will have third party lab testing that'll show you the exact ingredients and levels of those ingredients..

I have a Friesian dis L4 5 they took out the dis have a crack and put in a artificial I'm trying to check and see is this C b d oil to see if this don't help out for my pain

Dank u wel ik denk CBD is goed .kan CBD heep als jij pijn heb.

8:32 - @ Dr Oz, what about people growing their own CBD plants... how you gonna regulate their usage? how about Raw CBD-a in juice from raw cannabis plant?

4:52 - CBD is psychoactive... CBD binds to the cannabinoid type 2 receptors as an antagonist agent... how can a ligand bind to a receptor with no psycho-activity ?? CBD passes the blood brain barrier first ( psychoactivity) beofre engaging with our receptors

Crazy debating CBD but medications doctors issue to clients are addicting. We rather show commercials on beer, alcohol and medatication. If your reglious cannabis is key to a spiritual connection. Who has ever overdosed on CBD or cannabis? I'll wait lol but 6 people die everyday on alcohol. People die from additive pain killers as well as medications. Dr.OZ knows this but his a doctor so his paid by the big pharmacies. They just know if CBD and THC is legal federally and used as a medication to heal others pharmacies would loose money facts.... they already are loosing money and the battle on cannabis unless they profit from it.

Charlotte's Web is the best CBD oil

I just read a report that says CBD oil does absolutely zero for any ailment whatsoever. It’s all in your mind people.

I hate to say I agree with the regulations. I don't like the charlatains.

I like StratosCBD.com they are prior drug formulators and know what they are doing! You are welcome to use my code JEEP for a discount 😉

ok so for decades they put people in jail and educate the public about the evils of marijuanna...now ex cops and politicians friends and families own compassion centers selling dope...we had no idea that cbd was good for what ails you? either we were lied to then or we are being lied to know or these people have no clue whats actually good for us ...or all of the above..what i am starting to see is they know whats good for them and thats taking money from our pockets and putting it in theirs..where do you get the truth

CBD is getting a bad rap in states where legalization has yet to occur. The Hemp CBD which is legal to buy in smoke shops is junk. if you want cannabis grade, it’s through black market routes which can be mixed with synthetics. Just regulate and legalize already folks.

Big pharma drugs kill everyone all the time. No one cares

If your a person who doesn’t do drugs or any other type of products the cbd will have you feeling something but after I took 3 days in a row and stopped I had a big crash felt down felt different types of ways so I just stop taking this crap

Dr. Oz why? Why when there are Decades of good research do you act as if it's a mystery. Why when there is good evidence that overdose is basically impossible do you fear Monger about the dose? So much useful communication time is eaten up with your ShamWow Style dumbed-down Highly Questionable snake oil like presentations

It's hilarious how they want to regulate Hemp know that people are figuring out it's benefits! When they try to push FEAR it's always a sign that they are trying to make sure that it doesn't affect their bottom line.

It's to f%%king expensive

I've been using cbd for 3 years now. It helps tremendously with anxiety, fibromyalgia pain, it kept my lung Cancer from spreading to my lymphatic system; it helps me with depression, ibs, disc pain, rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, and thyroid eye disease. I buy from CBDISTILLARY out of Colorado. It's the real deal.

Can somebody please explain to me again why a drug like alcohol that makes you sick is perfectly legal but cannabis which only has benefits is illegal. Why? Why the stupidity? It literally makes no sense.

CBD is BS! I have tried it, I know it. Some people are making a lot of money by fooling others.

Dry fasting cures everything

I agree. Definitely needs to be regulated so we know what’s for real and what isn’t

Buy full spectrum,medical grade CBD with a prescription.

its just pain killer, not cure for something i guess?

better use herb n adaptogen

Gupta still stoking fear in a sly way and pushing for more FDA regulation.

I find that once you start and stop quickly you will have withdrawal symptoms but yes it is good for anxiety and mood

Omg! Hemp oil is from Hemp Seed, CBD is from Hemp Flower and trouble is from the Hemp plant that contains more than .03% THC...CBD and THC have the healing properties...Hemp Oil is a great nutritional supplement but nothing compared to CBD and THC and their medicinal properties. Hemp Oil is a great carrier for CBD but most of it has no CBD just the Hemp Oil itself. It's all called Cannabis Sativa, the whole above .03% THC to reclassify it (into marijuana) is man made and has little to do with the plant. Humans have breed it to suit their own needs....whether that be for health or everday uses. It's all the same plant! ❤️👴✌️️

1:39 - marijuana is the smoke of cannabis sativa L... there are no separate marijuana varieties of cannabis plant... it is all cannabis = cannabaceae

and then you right away call it cannabis ??? make up your mind man

You all need the CBD flower for benefits not oil

Such an important subject, I needed the information, but the tone of these people talking is unbearable. If they are communication professionals, why do they put so much stress in their voice? The speed, volume and tone are really annoying and unnerving

It changes lives. We have over 6000 happy customers in the past year who keep coming back each month to restock.

Cbd is a load of crap marketing scam that don't do anything

Would never buy any of these products...people believe everything they hear now about all these new products where there is no proof of any safety or danger. Save your money.

Dosage is key but if u bought cream I don’t think u would have to worry about that.

I had a feeling a lot of these products are just bullshit. It’s so funny to see people on YouTube swearing the stuff they are eating or taking is working miracles on them.

Old video

Cbd didn’t help me sleep even tried many lab tested and 3rd party ones nada😪

That's why u start off small and wirk up I took the lowest 1 and I took 1/4 dropper in the am.. and I was fine
When u go buy it u can ask all kinds of questions and they know their stuff
What a hit job....
They had everything in there wow

Bs this is really miss informing the public I've used cbd I've told friends and I've seen it
People do their research wow this dr oz is crap seriously
I used cbd for anxiety and then didnt need it little by little
Dr zanja thinks were all stupid

Check out great company call TLC. www.totallifechanges.com/38104041 you can purchase it as iaso tea or Harmony oil

I broke my neck in a diving accident and I have used both medical marijuana with very little thc in high CBD and I have recently use just plain CBD. I vape CBD flower and it relaxes me- not a lot probably because I don't have a lot at one time however I find it preferable to use a vaporiser during the day and if I really want to sleep then I will use medical marijuana for insomnia because I never sleep because I have so much pain and I don't smoke it because I want it to last all night period I cook it in Olive Oyl and make cookies or brownies and eat A half of one and you have to be careful because this won't take affect for two hours! Then I could sleep all night which is a miracle in its self but it is a high Indica, my doctor does not want me on sleeping pills by Dr does not want me on any more benzodiazepines like Xanax et cetera et cetera to relax me sorry finally conceded to medical marijuana however I don't like to get stoned so you really have to watch what you're doing and read the ratio!! If I use anything with THC during the day like AC/DC I will use a very small amount. A little bit of THC like 10% with 80% CBD works well together for ME! I do not like to be stoned and not be able to have control of my mind so I personally do not believe in recreational marijuana but medicinal marijuana yes CBD to relax and have someone has anxiety yes but only with a doctors prescription but that is just by opinion.



What is not mentioned in this discussion is that individuals MUST do their research. Just don’t buy CBD from the local Walmart or gas station. Every state has a THC regulation where CBD products cannot contain more than .3% of TCH (if used daily that’s enough to fail a drug test). You want to look for products that have NO THC in them. Colorado based companies are the better choice bc that state has stricter laws regarding CBD. Good quality products are going to be expensive but it’s all about researching the company and products first! Just don’t buy it to buy it cause it $5... you get what you pay for.. as stated CBD products must have a lab report that shows what is actually in the product. If not do NOT buy it!


CBD does in fact work for inflammation. That's why its becoming so big for athletes. Anyways you gotta make sure you get the real stuff, cbdMD is the best brand, and they offer 15% off coupon using CBDMD15OFF

Have you ever felt sick to your stomach after taking CBD oil?

So cool video! Love it and love CBD, helped me so much my wife and I! we take oil and smoke flowers, helped us a lot to fight aniety ( her) and pain (me)! but we go moslty on plantandhemp.com bcs it is way cheaper and good quality, and also, because they deliver in Europe and USA.
Thank so muchhh

Can CBD without THC come out positive in a drug test? Please let me know Dr.OZ

I don't see what the big deal is with CBD. I'd rather smoke marijuana to be honest! Especially medical marijuana!

As I explained in my video on insomnia, I avoid drug treatment. Look for the cause for insomnia and treat that. CBD may be the treatment of the underlying problem though

I have fibermagelia and it does not help that at all

Came into th market 2018? Goshhh did he jus say that🤣😂🤣 how can i even listen to this

How long does CBD block the faah enzyme responsible for the breakdown of anandamide?

Hoping the Government will just legalize it already.

I've taken koi cbd gummies and they helped me with the pain I was dealing with after dental surgery so I believe that cbd does work and help ppl with lots of issues they are having but doing your research is key

Any recommendations on some legit CBD Brands???? That would be most helpful to so many people who are afraid to try it in fear of what’s in it. Thank you.

Yes, CBD is so beneficial that it is widely used now as an alternative to many pharmaceutical drugs and the best option for those who are looking for relief from pain and other symptoms without the mind-altering effects. Regarding fake CBD, I suggest you should buy in a registered dispensary or trusted dispensaries online to avoid getting fooled.

Does this guy age ? Lol

Dr oz. Investigation on different topics cbd might work. I don't know. I might try it maybe it. Works. I am not sure. It could work for my anxiety disorder. And autism. Well maybe try it

Extract your own

I tried CBD oil purchased for $100+ from a health spa. I wanted to see if it helped my neuropathy and anxiety. I didn’t see any difference at all. Not even a tiny bit.

😲😱 Trust the PHARMAFIA to want to CA$H IN as they alwayssss do!

Im smokin swisher sweet blunts living on mars flying to venus tomorrow

the #1 thing u should know is 80% of the CBD oil sold noawadays is fake