What’s the Best Way to Clean Your Ears?

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We polled you, loyal viewers, and found that 64% of you clean your ears with cotton swabs — and that’s not the best way! Dr. Jennifer Caudle demonstrates one way to properly remove earwax at home. Find out which method Dr. Oz uses on his own family!

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Yea ear wax is great tell it is blocking your ear drum and blocking your hearing. No it dosent always just fall out.

Very well I don't have any thing that why u lying here at night alone is a girl


He's here at home

My nails grow SUPER FAST 🙄...this all makes sense.

I dont know why but I can feel the itchiness of the wax coming out 😳😳

Anyone tried this?

I'm going to the drs tommorow because I have drainage and it's super crusty. I hope my ear drum isn't ruptured. Wish me luck guys.

Man that was deep...in my ear canal!

I don't like qtips, they're a waste of fucking time. All it does it jab the damn wax to the back. Yeah sure, I took out a lot of wax, but now I'm deaf because the last bit I couldn't get out is friends with my eardrum.
I prefer hair pins.

me:*does clean my ears*
earwax blocks in my ear and now i cant hear
me: surprised pikachu face

Dr Oz gave more interesting tips than the family doctor

the doctor did a great job on the video could be a good actor.

Also keeps bugs out! Which is my main concern. Not that it’s happened but I’ve watched videos. I’m all set.

I love watching ear wax video

Awesome! At least twice a year I have to go and get ear wax removed by my doctor. I will try the peroxide and see if that works. Thank you.

what % was the peroxide.....?

I use a Capri sun straw to keep my ears clean. My straw is almost full of earwax.

My ear doctor said not to put anything smaller than my elbow into my ear ! Also dried skin or a type of dermatitis can prevent the wax from coming out naturally as in my case.

I purchased an otoscope on amazon for 40.00. 👍
Now i will always know exactly what’s in my ears!

Imagine how good that feels

Dr. Oz's advice at the end is what I've been doing for years. I let how water run in both ears and shake it out, then use some tissue or q-tip to dry it out.

A tv actor calling himself a doctor. What an idiot

Do anybody know if you suppose to rinse the peroxide out with water or just leave it in your ear?

I am a waxaloholic

Dr Oz is such a fake, he works with people for money only to the highest bidder, what a loser,,!!

I clean my ears all the time for it to ever look like those nasty pictures! EWWWW!!

Clearly he has never had a big fat butchers sausage like finger in his butt during a prostate exam....

I tried hydrogen peroxide that = an automatic ear infection!!!!!

She’s such a babe, intelligent and a good shape. Dam

What about the oil?

We thought that my Dad can’t hear us because of his age. For years his case became worse and we took him to the doctor to get him hearing aids. The doctor decided that my Dad just needs to clean up his ears and that what we did. Now his hearing improved by 90%. Now, his mode changed and he started interacting with the world! Age ain’t nothing but a number.

I’ve always used Q-tips my entire life but I have never shoved them down my ear canal... like really? Come on folks common sense...

Hydrogen peroxide was a life saver wow💖

I use peroxide and poor a little in my ear canal when I feel like my ear is plugged up.

I like her...shes a very enthusiastic speaker☺️

I always use a q tip ONLY on the very outside edge of my ear. Who pokes that all the way in ear canal?!!!

Why did the guy not go to an ENT immediately after getting the swab stuck???


So I keep it in my ear?

" Eyeball, nose forehead" Thanks Copernicus, had no idea

Get a syringe and fill it with a mix of warm water and hydrogen peroxide. Squirt it in and let it drain.

Who else here because they are tired of getting earwax stuck on their earbuds 😤🤦🏾‍♀️it’s embarrassing

i havent cleaned my ears over amlmost 3 months now. I just got LOTSSSS of qtips. and i already know that q tips arent good. i cleaned out the right side of my ear and then i went so deep that the qtip started to push the ear wax to my ear drum. I then looked up the proper way to clean you ear. then i realized you can poar hydrogen peroxide in your ear and lemme tell you boy

Can I use any hydrogen peroxide or a specific percentage???

Good lord....with all the money DoctorOz pulls down, he can't afford to put CAPTIONED videos on YouTube??? Especially on a subject that bears on the ability to HEAR??

I couldnt even keep my eyes open during that video 🤮!

My ears hurt from watching this, I need a earwax cleaning immediately!

Don’t you just clean your ears in the shower 🧼 with soap or just water or warm water

bleed because he has cancer and he couldn’t sleep, so i wanted to drain the bad blood for him for he could sleep, so much of the bad blood came out that he has been sleeping for almost a full week straight now

My dad used a syringe with warm water. He had to pass an health exam regularly for his work.

so the best way to clean your ears is by using your fingers ..

It doesn’t get all the wax tho

watching this with my left ear completely blocked.

And how often should we do rinse our ears? My doctor told me that ears clean itself I wonder what she means by that? Can you please explain to me thanks.

Is rinsing your ears with warm water in the shower all the time safe?

i can't hear when i had huge earwax

She is annoying.

NO Swabs in years...and yet, I cannot GET the wax out...I've tried Debrox...let it soak in and try to irrigate it out...nope...then I tried straight peroxide....nope would not budge. Had to go to urgent care...so embarrassing...but they got it out!

NEVER use Q-tips that have the plastic sticks. The cotton is barely glued on and will pop off in your ear.

I was told that it was bad to use hydrogen peroxide bc it stripes the skin inside the ear

Even a small earwax feels heavy to me, i always used a q tip.

Ah shoot. Now I maybe will have seizures because I just used a q tip to clean the surface of the ear. Anyone please help me to prevent further problems than just hearing loss? I just wanna have a good life without any seizures to occur during any parts of my life? And not to have any permanent damage and im scared. Any likes to help this situation get better😞😞😞. But not the ear canal so I may be fine. Since my hearing is only muffled. Any suggestions on if this is going to get worse and then cause infections?

i cant get over hoe sexy the Dr is lol

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Mmmmm yummy!

I'm 14 and I have a lot of earwax and its very hard to hear so I really really really really really want an earwax removal procedure.

Whenever I used q tips I would put a bit of vaseline on my hand and turn the q tip in it so that it is evenly coated and then I'd use it in my ear. I guess it's bad to use q tips but it feels so nice


Female doctor seems to have a very nice nature and personality

They affraid that candling that have been used for hundreds of years will take off doctors chairs, so don't use candling xD

I got s pimple in my ear which I never knew was possible and I got oily ears

Evеryonе knows, that thе еаsiest wау tо lоsе weіght fodano.ru/slim?v=BmAoBfuu8VU - What’s the Best Way to Clean Your Ears?


Yet we are told on just about every website not to put our fingers in our ears when we have wax inside

What her doctor office

Damn she sexy asl

Man i am watching this because i cant hear anything because of ear wax 😭😫

if you unknowingly have a perforated ear drum? would one ir both be harmful?

Nothing is more satisfying that stopping an itch with a qtip tho

I somehow knew that using Qtips arent good for us

Who else was trying to hear this video

Dr Jennifer Caudle is a very beautiful woman


I don't stick Qtips in my ear! But I get severe ear rakes, ringing and found out I have a ruptured eardrum... I hope ai can get this issue fixed.. . ..

Whew she's pretty

I cant watch this. I'm going to be sick

the floor graphics was wild

I use my earphone with the sucky bit 😂

If you want to solve the earwax problem without a doctor you can just use hydrogen peroxide

But my wax isn’t wax it’s more dry and flaky powdery ?! I’ve always wondered why

Yikes, just stuck my pinky in my ears

My left ear felt ticklish today so I used cotton buds and it was my first time and it felt like a Massage the deeper I put it in there but now my ear feels strange.

Hydrogen peroxide treatment is so satisfying

I wish all black women were like this doctor. Great attitude and demeanor

I used hairpins and have had one ear infection in my life - the doctor said my ears were quite clean/normal amount of wax

I need to remove mine

Wait a second, WTF. I just read on WebMD that you're NOT supposed to use hydrogen peroxide yet this video is telling me to?? WTF?