Why Bonsai Are So Expensive | So Expensive

Bonsai is an artform that requires years of training, and centuries of dedication. At the 2012 International bonsai Convention a tree was on sale for one hundred million yen, just under a million dollars. And many more of these trees are considered completely priceless. So what is it that makes these trees so expensive?

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Why Bonsai Are So Expensive | So Expensive

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It took 15 years for that bullshit 😂

The bonsai masters voice is so soothing...I don't understand Japanese but I could listen to her all day

Since Japanese have high life expectancy levels, this is the best thing to engage.

nice under armour longsleeve :)

Me: "Oh... they have to dwarf a tree? I thought it was just a naturally small tree!" LOL!! I'm so ignorant!

Bonsai master.... well that's all I can handle for today lol

My Ikea bonsai started to sweat when it saw this video

Hahahahaha small tree

I love bonsaïs that crasy

Ngl She's just A Gardener with Bizarre yet Incredible skills

I've been doing bonsai for 4 years, absolutely nothing in comparison to this hero

Ok tour group there is no smoking in this small unassuming green house as we don't want to start a forest fire...

Pretty lil ole lady

This is pure art ❤️

Time consuming

And Daniel Larusso gives them out for free...

This is so relaxing

What does it mean when the leaves start falling off?

She's using scissor costing $35,000 search up the video

I’m shaping my own bonsai I currently own 2 which I love a lot 😅I’m 16 so it would sure be so interesting to see how they would turn out in the coming years 🌳🌱

Brah I just hit up Home Depot they got bonsai trees on sale for 4.99 and they actually look really good... this old ass Grbdma is just trying to scam you

Where rich were running out of things to call art?

1M is cheap considering how much effort is put on to it

Why everything in japan is so expensive lmao

Listen here, i boughy a small bonsai tree at lots of pots for R300 5 years old how to i maintain it

Bro i can't even keep a cactus alive

In cobra Kai larusso whas giving One free to every costumer or visitor lol

Just buy a car from Larusso and you’ll get a free bonsai tree

i feel like this women knows the secrets of the universe but its disguised as an old lady that makes bonsais.

Mr. Miyagi has entered the chat

OMG !! i can't believe this i'm sure you have seen post about @Charles_forex09 at instagram and i decided to give it a try and luckily it wel, I highly recommend Charles_forex09 at IG.

I have bonsai 20 years now still a live

I have bonsai u want to buy

Ling ling out here making bandz

It took years to make this of course it's expensive

You take out my bonsai i take out your life

People are weird and dumb

Wait ur tellig me my bonsai is probably older than me??

Everything is worth what its purchaser will pay for it.

Honestly, who gives a shit about a tiny tree? Would you pay $100 for a snickers bar? Trust me, someone out there would. It's all about what people are willing to pay.

I loved the one with the tiny leaves like the ones that you rake up to make a giant pile of leaves.

To think that you can get one for free with a purchase of a car.

Darn it! Should’ve picked up the bonsai tree I saw at the garden centre for $24

does anyone know the species of the plant she said it took 25 years to create?

I accidentally killed my bonsai about a year ago and it haunts me everyday

What makes Bonsai so expensive? The rich scumbags that are willing to pay for it because some broke dude tricked them into buying it

Just bought a $200 bonsai from a Asian guy on the roadside

Man maintenance of this tree sucks ! That bonsai master got lot of patience. Even though bonsai trees are famous in china and Japan but world's largest collection is with Indian women .

I remember doreamon anime...

Is this one of Japan's secret of long life?
Need to live longer to see the results?

Jeeezus this is like a real life version of the 'wait to play' type of games. Where's the option to pay some money and speed up the process? 😂

I want one nowww 😔


Roses are red;
bonsais are cute.
There's always an asian
better than you.

I got bonsai inside my pants, that's literally looks like a bonsai, know i know how much im worth 😂😂😂 joke#

I remember when I was a kid I loved bonsai and still do, maybe one of the first things I’ve ever known from Japan and then I went to study it at the university

I remember kicking bonsais once.

after i watched this my dad bought a bonsai.

This woman is nuts!

The bonsais are like the grandma's grandchildren 🥰🥰

So thats what They used in The original Thomas and friends. Aha

Omg I dont even have patience to grow a small plant, and this bonsai master waits for years to see the difference.


Everything I ever learned about bonsai trees is from the karate kid. lol

My friend killed her bonsai now I have to show her this

I guess this is why my lola almost disowned my brother when he killed her bonsai.

Note: made it into a terrarium now

And Will McKenzie ate it without any remorse...

The beauty of a bonzai, cacti or any other living plant is the natural factors around it, the growers knowledge, time & care put into it to make it into what it is today.

A plant like that can't be copied or manufactured overnight. Many times can't be moved to a different location without loss of its original characteristics.

It's an art, and I love seeing the people behind the plant, as much as I love seeing the plant itself ❤️

They're $15 all day in Walmart now, $30 at Lowes. Greedy, selfish, disrespectful Capitalism ruined everything.

My neighbors love plants, and recently gave me some starter trees to then make into bonsai, I can’t wait to learn more about them and hopefully maybe make this a living or a hobby or something I will enjoy :)

It's a cretin tree.

I admire their efforts and diligence to look after their bonsai plants but it also sounds very controlling. As a plant lover, I think manipulating nature isn’t necessary when it comes to loving and caring plants. In fact, it’s rather against the nature.

The karate kid gives them away when u buy a car

its 2020 we don't have time to spend on this traditions anymore. time is money. soon as the boomers are gone we can advance,.

5 year old red pine.
4 year old blue spruce.
2 year old dwarf black spruce.

Patients level [void]

Bonsai is an art form that requires years of training and centuries of dedication.

yes i can tell, that lady really has lived that long

so ........why are they so expensive ???

When you read the comments of people saying "LOL I thought they were naturally shaped like that", you realize how stupid humanity really is.

Prices are high because of Mr Miyagi from Karate Kid- the only reason I watched this.

25 year to make one?? Ok that is amzing patience
Edit :the thing that confuse me is that the history of bonsai start in china so how can it be more popular in japan??

Lady, better lock your greenhouse with fingerprint locking system.

These reminds me of mr. Kaminari from Doraemon

This is the exact opposite of mordern art

(Meaning it actually has effort put into it

Mother from yoshi yamamoto 😂

I started growing a pothos, 2 days later a cow ate it.

I don't think I'll live centuries in order to dedicate time to bonsais

She probably speedruns The Longing as a side hobby

Wow. I have so much more respect now to those working with bonsai. I thought those trees naturally grew like that. I would love to have one, but I would definitely need to devote time to it.

Bonsai is not a dwarf tree

Lmao i thought it was shaped just like that

I work my whole life to buy a bonsai tree now I'm happy with her living under the over paas

Im afraid that if I keep continuing watching videos like these that give unnecessary information, all my brain cells will be used up

My grandpa does bonsai as a hobby and his backyard is filled with bonsai trees. He won an award for a convention too.

This is so amazing, the time and dedication to do a craft that takes so much time to produce results.

How can you dislike this video

Me, an intellectual: buys an artificial bonsai off of the internet for $50

Thankyoi for this video. All these years I never knew what the fuss was all about. But now it makes since.

Wow, I had no idea.

Is there such thing as a true bonsai tree? A wild tree like from Karate Kid part3? Or is that just for the movie?

we had a bonsai that’s as big as a 5-6 years old kid and we bought it for a few thousand philippine peso haha, not lying btw. The bonsai is in our house in the Philippines, but it’s been many years since I saw it, I’m currently in the states that’s why