Why China Is Betting Big on CBD | WSJ

As products made with CBD, or cannabidiol, take off in the U.S., Chinese entrepreneurs are looking cash in. The WSJ visited China’s cannabis heartland to see how they are navigating this highly sensitive industry as they try to turn their country into a CBD superpower.

Photo composite: Sharon Shi. Video: Clément Bürge

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Hey can you subtitle to Chinese version? It is for deaf community, please..


I smoke pure thc 120.00 dollar grams

I bet some them Chinese people in that province b smoking the weed that gets rejected ! Let me guess the presidents weed smoking uncle that spent years living in new Amsterdam!

America is a nation of junkies, China is reliefing their needs, praise China!

It smells like US green backs.

When they fully embrace the logic behind the CBD Medicine it might give a massive break on many endangered species targeted by the pseudoscience Chinese medicine

So the door code is 1234 😂

Wow wow wow

What difference does it make at this point, they already make everything




I thought CBD is short for "central business district".

I use Illuminent Cbd products that are grown from seed to sale right here in the United States.I have a ton of info at https:// Illuminent.com /mlee

Get it lit China.

YOU CAN TRUST THEM.....but its not CBD...... that dont matter silly woman ..... LOL their devils

Complete range of CBDs here guys www.great-relief.com

Sorry, I would never buy cbd from China.

Working 24/7 that's beautiful

I want weed to be legal in world

With China's quality control issues and so many other reasons I would never use any such product from China.

...It’s grown in China, they said. Our new sworn enemy, they said. Ingesting it is perfectly safe, they said. It’s all brought to you by the same people that brought street opioids to America, they said...

Acb and cgc is paving the way in cbd market

Goood blesss u cina
From java poeple

Any oversight in terms of pesticides?

🇺🇸: We will ban china
🇺🇸:After a deep inhaling (marijuana)
🇨🇳:We don't care your country
🇺🇸:We provide you companies temporary licenses for 6 months(infinite times)
🇨🇳: That's what he said(lou)

What is better way to Addict world with china than cbd

The fact the US buys so much from China when they are clearly a soulless murdering dictatorship and known for counterfeiting and selling dangerous cheap rip offs of products shows how stupid Americans have become I don’t know what’s wrong with everyone was it always like this why are they all so dumb someone send help it’s like they’re all zombies maybe it’s the lack of sleep and over working that most of us have to deal with on a daily basis to please our corporate masters and keep our jobs witch pay just enough for half of us to get by while the other about half starves and 10% do ok and 1% do great and .001% are wealthier than you could ever imagine

america is dumb China does everything bigger then america pathetic

The latest new fad.

I’m as sure as anyone that they will ensure the same level of quality as everything else they sell! 🤦🏻‍♂️

“Cbd is like a medicine to me” - Jr gong Marley

Hemp is not a strain

Why? Because China knows it will soon have to give up sending fentanyl and the ingredients for fentanyl to the cartels in Mexico.

Sorry, just joking. This is more export for China on top of fentanyl. They are helping rid America of it's heroin problem because fentanyl is wildly popular and stronger than heroin, supposedly, like it matters at that level.

Nobody wants cbd grow some ⛽

Field of swag😅

K pendejadas

THC only👍👍

India should beat them to it

I trust anything from china! They only care about money not the consumers health plants will have pesticides. America should grow all their own and import zero from the Chinese

Yall can keep all that cbd we want that real out here

GUATEMALA is Betting Big on COCAINE, AMAPOLA AND ANOTHER DRUGS because USA love it too

2:57 very secure password thank you china man

How long till we start getting CBD with "Chinese characteristics"- i.e. fentanyl cut?

Great, flood America with CBD and weed. This will drive the price of pot down to $ 40.00 a oz for top shelf. Shipping containers arriving everyday to a Port near you ! "smells like money" their you go . .

South Park

4:56 It is like saying, let's say a company says they have certain fruit in their product but in reality they don’t have that fruit in their products, the name of the fruit is the name of the company. Like, "Apple" company selling laptops but there is no "the apple fruit" in the laptops.

NEVER buy anything from China! Only from trusted, 3rd party tested, independently verified, and transparent results available for ALL to see! Like this: https://www.HempWorx.com/Kerrin.

China has a lot to learn about proper cannabis cultivation. Then again all they have to do is say it has CBD in it.

Looks like China trying to kill use in a different way now 🤦🏾‍♂️

Thc should stay illegal in china. Eyes already squinty .Dont need people riding around with there eyes closed. Make cocaine legal there. It'll open up the eyes more wont be so many accidents.

USA will not buy Chinese HEMP, or cannabis. Oh no pot in China.

China is taking revenge against all! 😂

Never !!! Get it local!!

Meanwhile the US is still falling behind due to slow deregulation and political infighting smh

They should start growing THC, maybe then they can try and Catch up to the US 😏

Your free to use my song... Made in china

“Supreme store in China now offering CBD, however the names ‘Supreme’ and ‘CBD’ are merely names and do not reflect anything related to Supreme or CBD”

China knows how to grab opportunities

Meanwhile GW Pharma has a patent on cannabidiol in the US for epilepsy (dravets syndrome)
And the FEDS keep trying to make CBD illegal

Every door has a code then shows the code

It’s probably all GMO!

Looks like China found some tegridy at last

great information doc. http://youtube.com/c/jimnotfromtv/

This video made me dislike China more than I already do. Screw China, free Hong Kong Buy local and stick it to China. Life in prison for getting high says it all.

Do they smoke ganja in China legally

Thc is better

you can get isolate for $25 / gram at shopcanbiance.com

Until America legalizes it lol nobody grows better then California and Maine. Promise you this!!

Basically what their saying is dont buy and CBD from China because their own people dont even use it imagine what their putting in it to poison other countries. The Chinese are not stupid people think about it. Buy American made CBD.

Another way for China to steal jobs and money

Wall Street journal more like gay street journal

tour guide said kush. its the same in any language. near last 10 secondes of vid
It has very high yield of thc not jut a little in the strain they choose to farm.

Older Bay area California Chinese think you the devil 😈🔥and evil if you light up weed lol. Get that CBD MONEY CHINA

Don't be fooled. Chinese hemp is of terrible quality, and is fed with some super harsh fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides. They don't come close to the quality we grow in the US.

why america so care about china

They copy everything we do. ✌🏻

Nobody wants their cbd from China its
Probably tainted don’t trust them

China cbd? sounds gross they're the type to cut their stuff with vitamin E acetate

genetic modified for medical use

counterfeit capital of the world producing cbd? yeah I'll pass on that one thanks

Great job on that Fort Knox security code!

Don’t want any CBD from China. No thanks.

Its gonna be a lot of zombies what else in it

Yeah I don't recommend buying many crops from china...

I thought they locked people up for weed

Chines maconheiro

What doesn’t China sell?

Even the Chinese weed is trash with no THC.

Isn't weed illegal in China how are they distributing this?

Without thc won't get you fly

Randy is going to be so mad.

F china

funny how "secure" they are in their cbd production yet their fentanyl & its analogues, as well as "synthetic" thc (whatever that is) has no such problems...

Chinese weed is bomb. These dudes mix the wildest strains I swear 😩😩

Americans are addicted

1:40 it smells like money


Chinese CBD is a threat to national security. It will make American send personal info to China. We should ban Chinese CBD.

I’m not messing with China weed