Why Do School Buses Still Look The Same?

On the outside, school buses haven't changed much in almost 100 years, and there's a reason for that. A 1939 conference determined the yellow color, black text, and boxy shape that have come to symbolize the iconic childhood transport. Buses have changed a lot on the inside since the conference and they continue to be the safest way to get to school — about 70 times safer than a car, according to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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Why Do School Buses Still Look The Same?

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They dont look the same... that thumbnail is also wrong that bus ain't from 1939 it's from 1942 and that's a 1998 Bluebird 3800 this video is complete BS not all buses look the same Perley A Thomas,Albert SR L Luce made different looking buses on different chassis no bus looks the same so your telling me a Transtech E trans and dodge ram collins are average buses? No. They arent they are just shitty collaborations with ram and Hion. So apparently this video makes no sense not all buses look the same from skirts take NY for example THEY HAVE YELLOW RUB RAILS Puerto rico customize buses Hawaii spec have red rub rails and roof caps.

Apparently, Thomas Built Buses is a division of Daimler Trucks North America. So, many of the American yellow school buses are actually Mercedes.

I'm a school bus driver and tbh driving the bus is the easy part, the hardest part for me which I'm still struggling with is controlling 38 students which are from the rough parts of the city, dealing with fist fights, kids throwing food out of the windows at cars or at each other as they get bags of groceries on Fridays, government assistance I assume, not staying seated and hanging out of the windows, jumping from seat to seat or over seats, walking the isle and I'm constantly on them, I try to put myself in their shoes with home life and everything so I give them the benefit of the doubt but at some point it becomes a safety issue and it's a constant struggle everyday with them, you name it they do it. Dealing with them and driving is challenging, they've scared away the two drivers before me, I have one of the worst routes in my district though. As far as training goes it's 4 weeks of classroom and hands on training and a few days of riding along and then a week of actually driving routes supervised.

And the education system is still same ¯\_༼ᴼل͜ᴼ༽_/¯

They look the same? How?! They look completely different.

“8 states require seatbelts on busses” picture Louisiana me living in Louisiana and have no seat belt

And COVID-19 comes so no Conference happened

Still a bad video

Unless you're on a coach most busses wont have seat belts

They need to fix the a/c😭😂

Hold up since when does texas requires seat belts in their buses

Evan after watching this I don't think my parents rode the same busses as I did, since we are german :)

Why bus drivers haven’t changed

I can see why the Joker decided to use a school bus to steal a bank lol

“26 million kids every day” no not these days 🤣

They put Texas that requires seat beats but all the time I was in school not a single bus had seat belts

Lol I live in Texas and my school buss has no seat belts

Short story is that most busses are made by International.

1:46 Oversized hotrod I like it

The long buses with 3 waist seatbelts suck. They sometimes shove 3 ppl and u can’t even put them on (this was on field trips tho)

Love the older design

"Busses are safer because of how they are built"
The professional driver who had to get a special licence: :/

Looks so ugly🤢🤢

Meanwhile in the uk we just hop on a normal bus, while the public are on it at the same time lmoa

3:41 Me: Then why did I have to wear seatbelts as a kid?!?!?

3:57 Me again: Oh its cuz I live in NYC

Cause if it ain’t broke don’t fix it

Only in the USA do buses look so disgusting!!! Come to Europe or the UK and see the modern and lovely buses produced by Mercedes, Volvo (Wright Bus) and Alexander Dennis!

School buses looked weird back then now they look normal.

It Seems Like Bluebird Thomas International Starcraft And More

Other buses: City District Schools

Bus shown: Starfish

Wait, that's illegal.

I don't think school buses are more regulated than a commercial motor vehicle. A truck carrying hazardous materials, with a e-log is more regulated. It's a lot of work, in the details for the driver.

Nevada school buses dont go no seat belts

This is just in the US. But if you see school buses across countries they have changed. In fact, some top private schools it’s luxury with AC.

cattle haulers for the masses

Have US school buses ever had rollsigns fitted? Some pics show SCHOOL BUS behind a glass panel. I'm sure I've seen them with text other than SCHOOL BUS on the front.

The real question on hand is why don't they add ac and heaters lol

Business insider: texas buses require seatbelts

Me: calls police

I let my kids ride a private school bus. Safer than my HD truck and plus I don’t have to deal with the terrible traffic in school areas

Just a short rough list of the additions to school bus specifications that have changed since the 1940’s
Crossover Mirrors
Convex mirrors
Camera blind zone monitoring systems
Midship clearance lights
Blind zone turn signal lights
8 way loading light system
Dual stop arms
Dual outward opening door leafs
Emergency exit window, door, roof hatches, and kick out windows
Increased regulation of reflective tape and reflectors
Aisle width
Power steering
Power hydraulic/air brakes
Anti lock braking system
Engine high idle systems
Electronic stability control
Automatic emergency braking
Cruise control systems
Diese/ fuel emission systems
Mandatory heater/driver defroster
Mandatory safety equipment (triangles, fire extinguisher, body fluid cleanup kit, first aid kit)
Driver seat belt
Student seatbelts
Bumper and side skirt strength requirements

Only USA has this type of school buses.

The problem with today's school buses is the large amount of black color in the front and back taking away from the yellow and the failure of switching to brighter warning lights now used by all other emergency vehicles as in police ambulance and fire trucks. All those have adjusted their lighting system to increase their visibility to the traffic, especially emergency lighting to the regular drivers level by adding emergency lights low to the ground, remember the old saying "Keep your eyes on the road". Today's buses need to duplicate their emergency lights system at the bumper level and take in consideration that incoming traffic is usually beside the bus, not directly in front or when coming towards the bus, so having flashing lights way above the traffic and not directed at the traffic goes a long way as why so many vehicles misses those signals. Another things that seems to be miss is the time of the day those buses are on the roads, early morning and late afternoon when the sun as at it's lowest and more blinding.

Looking out of date for these new little snotty kids. I guess 🙄

Sometimes going on a school bus was a different beautiful experience you would have to wake up early and by that you were ready for the day and alot of sociallize skills were made there you would make more friends than the ones you had class with it was like a school trip all the time

All of them need A/C ,T.V ,seat belts and recliner seats

Just saying it was always weird walking to the trash can at the front of the bus.

Nevada school bus do not have seat beats

You don't see armed guards in a school bus, but you do see them in an armored truck. NOW YOU TELL ME WHAT'S TRULY IMPORTANT IN LIFE?

😲 impressive & detailed info

3:59 what the hell did you do to New Jersey

I’ve been advocating for YEARS that we change our educational system. We’re still teaching students as if they’re getting ready for factory jobs. Makes zero sense 😑

Why do school buses in USA still looks like 90 years old piece of shit? Is American children doesn't deserve to have better buses?

I remember my elementary school bus had a stick shift (I'm old)

2020 bus is not look like a 1990s blue bird bus & the 2020 bus is the thomas c2

If it ain’t broke-don’t fix it!!

School buses of India are completely different.

Why does teaching remain the same

Where I live you go to scool by public transport

Rear over-hang looks ridiculous.

Don't all school bus have no seat belts...or is that just the Atlanta public system?

Never took a school bus,,had to take local transit buses

Elon musk can redesign it

Why don't school bus have corrsing stick

So is the school system and my parents, still the same, I bet in my previous life they were like grades r impt

How about 80 years later they dont look almost exactly the same

how safe are the kids when i go speeding through the buss lights

Israel be like:

Why do american kids needs to use a special school bus? I'm from Australia and in Highschool, we just took the normal public transport bus.

I have never been in a school bus with seatbelts.

In Austria we don't have specialized "school buses", kids just take the regular city transit system and wait at the nearest bus stop. It's just the regular bus that everyone uses and it's on a normal circle route through the town or country. Sometimes we had to wait nearly an hour for the next bus to take us home again because a class was canceled so we would just sit at the bus stop and wait.

One thing that definitely hasn’t changed in school busses is their nasty interior. Gosh, I am so glad I don’t need to commute in a school bus. Pathetic.

My grandfather in the 30s every morning he walked for an hour he fought 1 or 2 bears and swim through a fast flowing river to go to school

Consider too if you will public transit doesn't use seat belts either. But the buses themselves have changed dramatically in the last few decades.

School needs a whole new 2020 makeover


2:59 School buses are big and heavy...Meanwhile in Italy...one size fits all.
The best bus preferred by the nuns.

And now, we know why the buses were painted by yellow color

I’m sorry ma’am, that the “2020” bus in the thumbnail is a actually an older Bluebird International bus that was discontinued.

In India school, passengers bus all of them are not like the USA bus. Our bus are like Van shaped.

How much you wanna bet that soon there will be advertising on the outsides of the school bus. The way theses crooks are, they will take money from anything.

In the uk we just take the regular bus tbh

still remember a Humvee crashed into the back of a schoolbus.
The Humvee was a total lost,school bus only suffered minor damage.

Btw on the thumbnail, the bus on the 2020 side was discontinued in 2005.

I just lost 10 IQ points listening to this guy

School buses still look the same for the same reason so many other ugly things in the US look the same, and cupcakes or donuts are still most people's favorite "food".

Really untrue with GCC based school buses

Only in US

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

"Some buses don't even have seat-belts"What kind of bougie bus has a seat-belt? I didn't even know those existed

This is the one vehicle a train engineer never wants to see stuck on the tracks.

Still looks better than the Indian public buses!

But why school buses always truck-based bonnet vehicles? Did you ever seen a low-floor school bus?

School buses aren't the same narrator. If you think I am wrong go look at ThomasBuiltBuses.

wow, don't need seatbelts?
have you seen the experiment done about school busses? the dummy flew from the back of the bus to the front my dude, definitely need a seat belt

make usual public transport in high density? no, make suburbs and spend billions on moving students

Turkey(Türkiye): you know what? Let’s use Mercedes Benz sprinters !

That late 1930’s school bus looks like a Hilton compared to the type of Buses in my country

I just want to see a new model, bluebird is ugly.

I try not to drive behind polluted school bus.

Because of money.