Why Dr. Sanjay Gupta Is Talking About Medical Marijuana Again

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s chief medical correspondent explains why he believes marijuana may be the solution to the national opioid crisis. He outlines the three most important points supporting the case for cannabis.

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Step back and look at me and I aee your lies oz.

Thank you

I was prescribed opiates for years & used marijuana to help get that crap out of my system & feel ok while I worked on clearing my body & can say honestly even if Drs say pots not good or gonna help - I wouldn't have wanted to let go of opiates cold turkey - I'm glad I've smoked pot my whole life - its helping me more as an adult who's become conscious of what I put into my body

Google the following article : "An open letter to CNN"s Dr. Sanjay Gupta on the perils of marijuana" by Dr. Roneet Lev, Director of the Emergency Department, Scripps Mercy Hospital, San Diego, California. The ER doctors see every day the terrible effects of marijuana on people. Dr. Gupta is a fool when it comes to marijuana.

2020 4 medical marijuana in every state of USA

How can someone this well educated be so incredibly naive and stupid ??? Dr. Gupta did NOT do his homework. He forgot to listen to David Toma who knows more about the harmful effects of marijuana in his little finger than Dr. Gupta knows from his entire life experience. I would advise anyone who wants to be truly educated about the dangers of marijuana to google the following article by Dr. Roneet Lev, Chief of the Emergency Department, Scripps Mercy Hospital, San Diego, California : "An open letter to CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta on the perils of marijuana." If you want the truth there it is.
Dr. Oz should be ashamed of himself for not having an authority like Dr. Lev on his program to counter this irresponsible doctor who promotes this extremely dangerous drug.

Florida says that cannabis does not work for pain and that a Dr recomendation is just an excuse to get high.
My medical marijuana certification will be removed this month because FL says everyone claiming pain is improved by marijuana is just lying about the result to get high.
please help us

FSD Pharma will soon enlist their shares in Nasdaq market. A lot of good people will benefit from this miracle plant.

Diss nigga Mexican Af

YES ! However if a person doesn't use it, this disqualifies them from advising. Dr Gupta is correct, it DOES help get people off Opiates I am one of those people that came off those highly destructive drugs, but only after a severe breakdown despite my reaching out for help my my previous physician who failed to help me, the result was ignoring healthcare ideals & doctrine & have gone to holistic & homeopathic medicine. Todays healthcare is bankrupt in morals & ethics. Cannabis also got me off booze with 3 joints as well. No more toxins made by corporations that are just greedy for our money, so greedy the are wiling to sacrifice principle. I am glad I can identify such people now. ALL because of cannabis. :)


Sanjay is a modern day hero :)

indica cannabis can cure insomnia, prescription sleep meds are very very dangerous

He asked : Anybody have a problem...?....... crickets!

If you smoke or consume marijuana or you use CBD? Make sure you purchase it from a legitimate licensed dispensary and their products are regulated. For sake of YOUR HEALTH !!!

They studied it in the late 1800 s, they Know it heals about every illness under the sun and is a Plant, they demonised it in the 30s, big pharma are criminals responsible for millions of deaths.

Doc you should speak with Kevin jodrey

I love CBD it has made my pain and anxiety go away I got mines from trybestcbd.com anyone who suffers from pain should try it 🙂

It's pathetic how the federal government looks at marijuana as a Class 1 drug. It's been proven to help hundreds of thousands of people with various medical issues. Not to mention proven to kill cancer cells. Yet addictive pharmaceutical pain killers a perfectly fine in the government's eyes. This is why I have no faith or trust in our government. Big pharmaceutical companies are the real drug dealers. Just look at the death rate from people using Pharmaceuticals compared to those who use marijuana. Marijuana 0. Big Pharmaceuticals hundreds of thousands.

Great legalization

Look at Dr. Oz’s facial profile ....his nose is pointy 😂

Way to go Dr Gupta!

Dr Oz .. Lemme tell ya .. Cannabis can heal a nation and singlehandedly bring it out of debt and make it flourish .. In terms of health you wont find another medicine that can work as well as the herbs .. Cannabis is natural it is electric and as it unites with the bodies receptors it can heal as many as over 200 diseases .. Bless up

Forgot to mention those pharma bribes to criminalize and make skewed studies so you guys can push opioids.

Cannabis oil cures cancer!

Who here after whiplash?

I Need To Use CDP Oil For My Pain For Fibromialgia.

Oh, the Government has studied it plenty. They Know. They have several patents on Cannabis. One is actually labeled as a Brain Protective.

I have a seizure problem that 3 neurologists couldn't figure out and could give me no help. My family doctor let me have medical pot because I was at the point where I wouldn't be able to continue....quality of life was low. The pot gave me instant relief. I wouldn't still be here without it.

Time to make MORE money off of something that was making them BILLIONS of Dollars by incarcerating black men. Now we're going to Label it .."Medical"...so we can KEEP making BILLIONS of dollars from it. When they were passing out "opioids" they were TOTALLY against Marijuana, and claimed that it had NO Medicinal use and a "gateway" drug. LMAO! But now that they've done "SO MUCH RESEARCH" it's ALL GOOD! A bunch of BULLSHIT! at the highest level!

People billions cant be made from the research they wont publish its results

Weed has always been the solution. Im a recovery opioid addict and weed saved my life. Thats the strongest evidence possible, period. Wake up people. My withdrawals were hell for 3 weeks until I started smoking again and it was the best choice i eve made. Im now married with a great career and very happy

nothing wrong with recreational use either.

5 people in a bar and get drunk, they go and start a fight...
5 people smoke a joint, they go and start a band....

Yess make it legal every where I want it

Creeps me out whenever I hear cannabis talked about as a drug in the same way that pharmaceuticals are. But that is how most mainstream MD's look at health and medicine. It's all reductionism. And they don't believe anything until there are numerous scientific studies and trials that "prove" it works. These are the same medical professionals who have been prescribing FDA-approved drugs that over the decades have killed, injured, and made sick hundreds of thousands of people.

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🔪 Marijuana will kill you 🔪
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Dr. Oz blazes up the vaporizer before every show, but goopy is fake news!

Gupta, who also works for CNN, talking about how great cannabis is, is a huge red flag for me. Whats really going on ? I noticed here he talks about CBD. I suspect he's trying to make CBD the main healing cannabinoid when in fact its THC. Remember, do the opposite of what CNN tells you to do.

Who else thinks Dr. Oz and Dr. Gupta do cannabis smoke sesh from time
to time? 😁

The politicians work for the tax payers, who are they to tell us what we cannot have when the majority of the public wants it legalized and rescheduled, lets just let every state vote on it and let the majority decide instead of it all being in the hands of a bunch of old rich drunk men

Thanks Doctor! VICE news ran an eppisode on detoxing patients of opiods.

keep them coming!

They never tell you what to expect during withdrawal

Addiction apologists

There's no difference between medical marijuana and "recreational" marijuana. The only reason people distinguish between the two is because of how and/or why it's used. Sure, marijuana makes sick people feel better. But it also makes healthy people feel better. And what's wrong with using cannabis as a preventative measure so you reduce the chance of coming down with the ailments that sick people are taking cannabis for? It's my view that cannabis should be on the food pyramid, not locked up in a pharmacy. Knowing this makes waiting on all the naysayers, fence-sitters and researchers to catch up with what actual pot-users already know from personal experience. And unfortunately, that personal experience and testimony has always been rejected because science doesn't accept that as evidence. :(

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An excuses to use it .I'm just sayin

Tch is why im alive and I fully believe that. Being bipolar, and dealing with high anxiety, insomnia, and constant muscle tensing, along with PTSD, and just basic mental trauma from being birthed by a 12 year old and produced by a very sick old man, I've had reason after reason to just give up and end it all. When you feel as bad as I do even on a good day you'd understand. I've been on pills since I was a child. They never worked, I never felt better, I felt the same and physically sick on top of it going from this dose to that dose this med to that med, until I started smoking back when cali was the only legal state, but it works immediately, my muscles tense so bad it's hard to even pee sometimes, not when I have that. My stomach is in constant pain from gastroenteritis and diverticulitis and crohn's disease, but not when I have that, it's saved my life because it's the only thing that makes me feel like I should be feeling from the start. I didn't ask for the problems I have, I didn't do anything to create them, but why can't I fix them when I know what works. At the same I feel like a criminal for it and I don't think I should. I have a hard time keeping a job without some medical assistance, but the pills had me so sick I was constantly calling out anyway, the insomnia pills put me out for 18 hours at a time, then I'd have to lie back down a couple hours later I never felt awake I just felt drugged, pot doesn't do that. It legit makes me cry because I feel like the ones in charge just want me to be sick.

Should be legalized globally

Interesting info. Check out board certified cardiologist Dr. Daves 411 for more of the latest trends in health living.

Release What Truly Works Across America! Keep it out of the Greedy Hands Of BigPharma! Opioids ruined my life!! CBD Changed My Life But I Deserve A Slight Bit More THC For Chronic Pain!!

But can you function if you use this? And drive too

I wanna smoke a big ol maui pineapple BlUnt wit Oz

But why not take out the buzz effect of it like they do in Germany.

Back door gun confiscation.

CBD oil


Weed is bad don’t do it

Works for me dammit just expensive as hell. Idk what kind of opioids ppl taking was on them for years on and off if I didnt have them I just didn't wasn't bugging out running the streets looking for them or going to 1000 drs to get them. Never got sick when I stopped. And there was no high good sleep but no high to be tripping about.

First Comment pls like... Even Doctor Oz big fan of urs