Why Full-Spectrum CBD Oil is So Expensive | So Expensive

CBD is a new and rapidly growing phenomenon, with sales tripling in the last three years. Despite the public perception of its benefits, CBD manufacturers are unauthorized to make medical claims on its effects. Because of lax regulations, low quality and low strength CBD oil is marketed for high prices.


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Why CBD Oil Is So Expensive | So Expensive

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Take control of your chronic pain. Take control of your anxiety and stress. You're in control!

So take control with CBD!


Make a video abuot vetiver

Cbd is simply extremely overpriced I am 130lbs after a full meal and 1500mg tincture does anything at all trying 5 different premium brands. Cut the average price in half and maybe the collective population could consider purchasing. Cbd is not expensive its overpriced.

that plants not pills do well urlah.com/plantsnotpills helped in many problems and working.

Take a blunt from a stoner and watch them turn into a weed chemist🤞

Best type I've had broad spectrum plant cbd oil. Helps with everything

I can truthfully say that cbd helps me regulate my epilepsy. Not just trying to get high.

CBD is basically useless without thv

Amazing how we still dont know whats in cigarettes and they still killing people and no one is saying nothing

Bro over hear is called wax and damn taking dabs it is so strong

The United nations must pass a bill making canabis legal and helpful to human health.

Saya Mau Dong..🙏

Even dog treats you say?
Now my dog can be high now

2:35 can you snort CBD isolate?

Guys should try my CBD non oil! It’s much more absorbable and efficient than CBD oil! https://www.brizopure.com/chrisb

2:37 aka cocaine,lol

Snake oil


0:52 Damn looks like she sampled some for sure


Came here because of Joe Rogan

tampons with CDB ??? what the hell ???

Do one why cannabiswax or taking dabs are so expensive

Profit over people

CBD- If You Want The Best Sleep Ever


Why am I here 😂

Hard to succeed in industries where you have the exact same product as everyone else, besides branding and packaging. You’ll have to use unconventional marketing methods to stand out. That’s what we are seeing now. I made that first mistake with my first business in the vape industry. At least with cbd, as far as I know, you can actually advertise. E-liquid you’re just stuck in a regulated industry that can’t advertise and have strict social media guidelines you have to follow. I’m sure cbd will see some regulations coming soon. If you’re going into this business though, just some food for thought. You’re going up against multi million dollar corporations that have the money for customer acquisition.

CBD without THC is like a burger without patty

Their making cocaine from marijuana. 😲

anyone who has real pain 24/7 knows cbd is a 100% scam!

I have Panic Disorder for almost 4 years

and i really need cbd oil...for my condition...
sadly here in philippines it is not allowed...
even thou it can help me and other people that has same condition...

When she says “The stuff that makes you high” you can see how red her eyes are

Guys, cbd 7200mg 30ml full spectrum with lab analysis januari 2020 provided. Anyone interested hit me up.

FDA: we are gonna ruin this mans career

2019: why is cbd oil so expensive

2150: why is cocaine so cheap

I honestly hate how this video is restricted

Who gets to clean that harvester??
I'll take that job

It worked for my sciatica

Shit, & I thought the $25 stuff in WA was expensive.
It's primarily marketed for arthritis here.

"wellnes" product yeeeeeeeeeee

Folium Bioscience has the best CBD oil. It’s amazing!

also the video content doesn't match the title

not all companies use only flowers, many are using leaves/stalks... do your research

not all companies use only flowers, many are using leaves/stalks... do your research

for the love of jah just use real cannabis

Placebo affect. I havent smoked marijuana in several years. I got CBD to help me sleep, went up to 10,000mg it only worked for about 3 weeks. I dont believe it works, it's a fad for states that didnt legalize weed.

Why tf is this restricted. CBD isn’t fking marajuana

I don't know what kind of oil you can get from the central business district.

Could be new lead , who knows

Why is this restricted?

This shouldn't be age restricted.

Those aren’t tampons, those are Foria CBD/THC suppositories. They’re great for cramps, especially if you have Endo.

The best CBD I've found so far is at Illuminent.com/mlee

I don't see why it's so expensive, it doesn't do shit.

I tried it for chronic pain and it didn't work for me, but thats my experience with it.

Age restricted?

Biggest problem with CBD is that big pharma doesn't control it . . . control the market . . . control the profit. It's called a free market. Big pharma only knows how to operate with government monopoly and manipulated markets.

Answer of the video: Why is CBD so expensive? Because you’ll pay for it

FDA: There's not enough information available.

Me: But you restricted MMJ research for over 50 years

ive tried it for my anxiety, it didn't do anything for me, i even drank to whole bottle and i still didn't feel anything, soo frustrating bc it was reallyyy expensive!

Taxing weed is pure evil because meat kills billions of humans through cancer and heart attack and billions of animals and destroys environment yet meat is subsidized to be cheaper while weed is taxed to be more expensive.

Its not that expensive only expensive from legal dealer who adds bullshit amount of tax on it.

Marijuana is and will always be The Devil's Lettuce....


The shity part of the cannabis 😶

💩💩💩💩💩 It’s called greed 💩💩💩💩💩💩

as a chronically ill person i do think cbd has the potential to help a lot of people but a lot of the claims some companies individuals make are misleading and full of hype like the “essential oils cure anything” crowd from a while ago

I think his voice works so well with this video

I had no idea CBD isolate was a thing, I only buy CBD oil that's 3rd party tested

I don’t believe it and I won’t know no sorry no sale here.

It's no different than olive oil, canola oil, or any other plant-based oil you can buy in the supermarket. People are dumb.

É maconha doido

CBD is a placebo industry. It's just another homeopathic BS product. The only worthy chemical in cannabis is THC. All that CBD shit is fake news

How about showing a picture of the real thing or product example

Another addictive solution

Time to put some water in a bottle with some flavor and coloring and charge 300$ to idiots so they can get their placebo hit.

Treats and cures BMW (black mans wish) phenomenon.

Just the newest snake oil. Placebo's are a wonderful thing.... unless you still believe you're drinking Dr. Pepper and Coca Cola for the "health" benefits. Too bad CBD tastes like garbage AND doesn't actually do anything.

I can always count on a British voice to talk about government regulation.

the "facebook's favorite" hyped miracle oil

6 month prison in singapore... is grounds for anxiety indeed

thc oil is better, I promise

Your technology is very modern

She didn't mention it can help stop seizures from certain forms of epilepsy! :)

If it’s not mad by Jamaicans then I don’t want it because they started all this.Bob Marley.😇 $350? you’re fking crazy. 🧐

Snake oil

2:12 Beautiful farm

Never in my wildest dream I’ll imagine ppl using machine to harvest good plants
too soon?

Almost all cbd products contain doses that are too low to Influence mood or cognition

FUNNY in canada we are new to this legalization not consumption and we dont have these problems because of regulation ,has the US not figured out the problem there country has is no regulation on anything its a free for all

Man, I pay 25 bucks for mine, 300 bucks a bottle, no thank you

Everything is expensive and illegal when the GOVERNMENT IS INVOLVED.


SPORTS WEAR!!!!! What is CBD doing on a sports wear? What’s the benefit? What happens when you wash the wear? Truly it’s unnecessary, all you need is a shirt and pants with shoes

Real cbd is good for you, everything on the market has one drop of cbd at ripoff prices

Besides benzodiazepines, CBD is the only thing that keeps me from twitching. IT WORKS

high heels from hemp's and weed will make you "high".

Well it comes down to: does it have these properties or not? If I make a opium tincture from poppies and claim it helps for pain, dry cough and diarrhoea these claims are 100% correct and it works as good as anything from the pharmacy if not better...