Why Gold Is So Expensive | So Expensive

Editor's note: The estimated amount of gold left in Earth’s crust is 55,000 tons, not 55 tons as the video states. Business Insider regrets the error.

Gold is the shining embodiment of wealth. One ounce can cost up to $1,500. But other metals that are rarer than gold are much cheaper.

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Why Gold Is So Expensive | So Expensive

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Gold is of course treasured as an adornment; useful in industry, particularly wiring; has limited availability; can clad almost anything using only a fraction of an ounce; and most importantly, gold is costly because the price of extracting it now after all these years is very costly...

'Alexander the Greek'.
Not 'Alexander the great'.


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Every jeweller’s number one customer is:
The Indian Aunty

I knew that was yiannimiz

I came here just for the comments

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Paper money is terminally ill. I prefer to save it / help close friends ACQUIRE it. (Not eat it)

I don't really mind people eating gold

But man

I just dont get it

Y'all think one day they'll make a steak that has to be cooked using money to be delicious or something

When you get a plastic golden metal

I used to have 78 ton gold

And this is how ladies and gentlemen on how to convince a man into buying a rock

Nahhh... gold is decreasing value, this video want us to expect high price for it.

Because it comes from space and isnt from this planet.

Sooooo just how did they find out gold came from outer space?

Because some millennia ago a man said "me like shiny rock" and others in the tribe nodded in agreement.

bussiness :Next vid will be"why is diamond so so expensive"


Meanwhile in Minecraft Gold is So useless before the nether update.

I thought gold just a basically useless rock come from asteroid that everybody thinks is worth or value something

Q:Why is gold expensive
A: because so shiny

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because it’s shiny?

humans to gold "shinyyyyyyyyyyyy"

Run out of new gold in 20 years? Guess I'm buying gold then

I just can’t stand people who likes to eat gold. It just feel like a huge waste.

most gold is under the vatican

Simple because it's one of the most rare materials on earth

But its not more better than diamonds in Minecraft

This video makes me angry. Osmium cost much more than gold. This video can't do researches. Osmium cost 30 times more than gold.

Simply! Perception!

"Gold is very hard to mine"

This is why should enchant your pickaxe with efficiency

Gold is expensive only because fiat paper currency has lost most of it's value.

Gold coated beef? Well I didn’t knew that existed

I use a metal detector, a gold pan and a sluice box to get my shiny.

"What is gold"
gold is gold

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What is the name

Gold isn't expensive. Measure it in how many goods and services you can get with an ounce, instead of Disney dollars.

Short answer. Nixon

Gold is expensive because it is Gold....hope you have understood....

Gold is rare.
But EMERALD is rarer haha


We should just abolish Jewellery. Probably one of the most superfluous commodities. Literally doesn’t do anything. 😂

We need Elon Musk to open a gold mine in space

Do you want to have a lot of fun watching and watching real gold prospecting? Then come to my Treasury and Archeology channel, you are all invited friends

👏 👏 👏

Intellectual person: why gold are so expensive?


Because it's gold...

Bullshit if you read an older book from the 60s or 70s it says nothing about gold coming from outer space I don't believe that it came from outer space. If gold and diamonds where is rare as everybody says they are there wouldn't be enough gold to put on every wife's finger they wouldn't be enough gold to put in every smartphone and computer straight up lies they don't want you to know the truth about gold so much misinformation sad

Gold should not exist in this earth because this golds make people feel that they are poor or they are rich. This creates difference . Being born in India it is consider as women beauty !! Well I don't think beautiful women need gold . Well I also like gold and I am also wearing a gold chain. But it's my fantasy that it should not exist because if a person cannot buy a gold in her / his daughter wedding they feel guilty !!

2050: Why air is so expensive?

Coz it's gold .....duh

Imagine making a video on why gold is so expensive yet everybody knows what gold is


Me,a Minecraft player-Laughs with a freakin gold farm...

Minecraft-Laughs with a pickaxe...'

gold isnt expensive, cash is just losing value

gold can only be make it inside the core of stars.
that explains a lot why this element is so expensive.

I heard Gold tastes basically nothing, so rich people are actually just wasting gold just for the lols....

Plot twist: In a few years, vanilla is going to be more expensive than gold

عندي في البيت شرعا يجوز ولا تقبل أي فتوى للعتراض ومتوفر بجميع انواعه

Steak covered with gold taste shit. Whoever do something like this might be a fake chef

make a video on why cocaine is so expensive..

I have a very little amount of Gold,so in 20 years i will be rich.

Business insider: why gold is so expensive
Me: i dont know cause its GOLD???

0:17 that’s not real gold, The base price for the Basic Lamborghini Aventador is 379,700$ without options

Expensive to buy, cheap to sell.

I'd rather not pay for that steak. Tbh why would anyone pay that much for a steak that is ruined by covering it with gold.

if Gold atoms were formed in the meteorites then can't humans create the same conditions and make Gold? I wish if it was possible to restructre atoms and make any type of material at will....

Bruh i prefer diamond tools and armor over gold ones

Why golds are so expensive?
Because its gold....🤣🤣🤣

Gold can be made just like that. It's Government secret.

Yeah we mine gold too.

expensive quáa

It’s expensive because it’s scarce and it’s a God made material no man can recreate it so therefore it’s rare and a sign of royalty.

gold would only go down once bezos or musk starts to mine gold in asteroids..

gold is expensive.because it has a high stock to flow ratio... most stock of gold since antiquity are still around in some form or another. humanity recognizes its scarcity thus we hoard it

Beef steaks really😒

I love my gold!

I 8 gold

How can I destroy it. Destroy the gold market
No dividend

Gold rate going up🤪🤪🤪🎉

I blame Spain for taking the Gold of Philippines

Few dozen years and we're probably mining it in the space.

זהב 7

Those prospectors killed thousands of Native Americans just for Gold.

So buy gold now and my childrens childrens children will have a great college fund lol

so pathetic

gold eating 🍽 than you a real psycho

Gold is the only metal that doesn’t rust. Imagine if our blood used gold instead of iron. Man would be immortal.

Trinidad James was right. All gold everything.

2:52 5 time Super Bowl champions San Francisco 49ers (you see what I did there lol)

Why gold is expensive?? Because you cant print gold using printer just like FED print Dollar

good thing I'm rich with gold I rob soom from the bank

Gold make by human kind.,but this technology missing in acient time


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