Why I changed my mind about medicinal cannabis | Hugh Hempel | TEDxUniversityofNevada

Hugh Hempel is a technology industry veteran turned health care entrepreneur. In this moving talk he discusses how medicinal cannabis has enriched the lives of his ailing 11 year-old daughters. This talk will challenge your views of medical marijuana.

Hugh Hempel is a technology industry veteran turned healthcare entrepreneur. During his 30-year career in high technology, Hugh has held numerous senior management positions in many innovative and pioneering technology companies.

As chief operating officer and co-founder of Hopelink, Hugh launched one of the first Healthcare Internet start-ups that matched cancer patients with online clinical trials. Prior to founding Hopelink, Hugh held a variety of positions at Netscape, the first successful consumer Web browser software company. As Director of Online Marketing and Director of Enterprise Sales and Marketing, Hugh worked with the team that helped make the Web a reality for millions of people worldwide.

Prior to joining Netscape, Hugh worked as Manager of Engineering and Science markets for Apple Computer. While at Apple, he helped define the Apple Newton Messagepad, Apple’s first handheld computer that was a revolution in personal computing.

Hugh also held the position of Director at Computervision, an early pioneer in Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) software used by companies around the world to develop automotive and aerospace products. Hugh’s first job in the technology industry was as a National Accounts Representative for IBM after graduating with a B.S. in Engineering Management from the University of Vermont.

In 2006, Hugh’s 10 year old identical twin daughters were diagnosed with a rare and fatal neurodegenerative disease called Niemann Pick Type C, often referred to as “Childhood Alzheimer’s.” Since that time, Hugh and his wife Chris have immersed themselves in science and medicine and discovered through their own research that a simple sugar compound called cyclodextrin could save their twins’ lives. As parents, they successfully filed applications with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and received permission to try this never before used treatment on their daughters.

The Hempel’s journey to develop cyclodextrin has made international headlines and was recently featured in The Wall Street Journal in a 10 chapter story entitled, “A Desperate Fight to Save Kids and Change Science,” as well as in a documentary called “Here. Us. Now.” More information can be found at http://projects.wsj.com/trials and http://here-us-now.com/.

In 2009, Hugh and his wife Chris became interested in Cannabidiol (CBD), one of at least 80 active cannabinoids identified in marijuana and hemp, as his twins suffer from intractable seizures as a result of their disease and experience up to a 100 seizures a week. Through extensive research, they learned that cannabinoid receptors are involved in a vast array of functions in the body, including helping to control brain and nerve activity (including memory and pain), energy metabolism, heart function, and the immune system. After realizing pharmaceutical grade cannabis products were unavailable for their daughters and other patients in Nevada, the Hempel’s decided to create a Nevada based “cannabusiness” focused on legally developing and distributing high-quality flowers, extracts and concentrates at competitive prices.

Hugh sits on the Board of Directors for The Global Genes Project, a leading rare and genetic disease non-profit advocacy organization based in California. He is a frequent speaker on a variety of healthcare topics including small clinical trial design, new drug discovery, and patient reported outcome systems for more efficient clinical research.

Hugh aims to create a large scale cannabis clinical research clearing house in an effort to better elucidate the potential benefits of this cannabis plant. Until such time as there are readily available quality cannabis medicinal products on the market, this goal is nearly impossible. The creation of a pharmaceutical quality cannabis supply network is the first step towards this larger goal of building knowledge about using cannabis to improve health.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx

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Let's write Congress non stop until its FDA approved just constantly get on them til something done...I have a rare autoimmune disease wegners vasculitis and rheumatoid arthritis...I'm thinking about trying cureganics cbd oil is it a good oil? I ordered it waiting to see if it's good product

bro this guy made the whole show a sob story

LSD has medicinal value! It was used to treat drug addiction and alcoholism in the 1960s.

It's the healing of the nations.

So Right Lyle !& So Right richoz27

The makeup artist is really bad

Thanks for sharing, shared.

Very touching. Thank you for sharing your experience. Sending lots of love to Addy and Cassie. Keep fighting, Sisters! We believe in you!

**Can Consuming high potency cannabis strains of today regularly such as 500-1000 mg THC edibles cause mental illness, and have there been any long term studies done on this**

Waiting for Texas to pass the law. I use CBD, hemp. And I will smoke if I need to. I am a 2 time cancer survivor, one kidney, disabled veteran. Have a lot of health issues. 2 grandsons have autism they use CBD. Better then the medication

My dog had 4-6 seizures on medication. He has been on CBD oil for 16 months and has only had two seizures because the kids forgot to give him CBD for a couple days.
It works, it’s sad the government doesn’t care.

LSD has been proven to treat depression and anxiety

Actually, Mr. Hempel, LSD and Methamphetamine have been used in medicine.

(Aloe vera) producg aAmbrotose Advances contain 14 sugars that antoje brains need


LSD certainly has medicinal/ psychotherapeutic values, same goes for psilocybin mushrooms, MDMA, Ketamine and probably more psychoactive substances

We have to re-brand marijuana.

My parents would never in a million years give it to a child in need.... Its illeagal & thats final.... & if i had to do this 4 my kids, they would call police & wellfare in a heart beat.. & think they are doing the right thing!!!.....

The problem is always the conservative. The conservative always stands in the way of development sometimes to the point of detriment actually most of the time to the point of detriment we have to change their minds and their hearts somehow and we have to raise our children not to be conservative

The thing that shocks me right, is how different smoking is from oral. Weed is traditionally marketed as something you should smoke. Most people smoke it. I wasted many years smoking it. Long term I found it: 1) made me depressed 2) made me anxious & paranoid 3) lowered my motivation. So I quit for a few years. I came back and tried ORAL low dose THC balanced with CBD. The effect is totally different. It seems to last longer. Is way more stable. I feel motivated. I just have to see how long this lasts and if similar long term effects will come like I got with smoking. So far I'm getting nothing but an incredible response. But I need to use it longer before anyone should judge this comment.

Who's cutting onions goddammit

Thank you so mich for sharing your story and knowledge. You have touched so many and you will change the world because of the blessing of your beautiful, perfect and amazing daughters! God bless you both for all your time, energy and love devoted to being the best parents, caregivers and teachers!

Poor babies... anything that will help them is something that must be done!! For all of the babies and people out there who need this plant we should make it possible.

President Trump needs to get on this. I've had a nagging soreness and stiffness in my left hip for over a year. I started CBD oil on Super Bowl Sunday and it's not even been a week and the issue is 90% cleared up. I can manage steps again.

What a great man.

LSD treats cluster headaches, ptsd, alcoholism etc. It has medical use

Funny, his name has the word HEMP in it!

Why treat the symptoms with CBD, when you can heal the ailment with pure THC? Don't make any sense to me, that people don't know the cure is in those trees... not just symptoms to be relieved,,, health & wellness can be achieved... It's a miracle beyond belief...Now you know just where to find relief.....avoid the grief, a lot of you know more than me......So, stand up. Your'e the key

I was truly touched by this man's speech and this does not happen often!

I don't think we should always blame the government for their mistakes. We often believe what they say to us without questioning. We should only blame ourselves that we often behave like sheep that need to follow a shepherd. How does he know that LSD is a harmful drug. It's NOT, as far as I am concerned. He got it right about Cannabis though.

I’m jan 28 2001

They are slowly changing their tune....now clear my record

Although I personally, do benefit from the medical value of cannabis, and its pain relieving qualities (no opiates/opioids since being discharged after multiple neuro-surgeries about 7 years ago that left me with a plethora of chronic pain issues, as well as sleep/sleep quality issues.) I can see, and understand why some are skeptical about the medical use of marijuana as medicine. This man is doing a great thing recommending the medical use of this plant. In my opinion, marijuana isn't an awful drug, its a plant, and it depends on how the individual uses it. When used as a medicine, cannabis is unbelievably effective. I used to have to take a pharma drug (Keppra) to treat epilepsy that I contracted after my procedures. It used to be incredibly effective, but, the side effects were awful. I was "dead inside," as I see it. Totally apathetic to all, and everything. My energy levels dropped immensely. With the medical use of cannabis to treat pain, as well as aid with sleep, I no longer have those issues, and, although it's expensive, the medical value of cannabis is, in my opinion, worth the immense cost.

I even know people who are drug users, which do not want medical marijuana to be legalized, because they have own Financial interesst in information and supply monopoly. It is very sad. You fight the real war.

Godbless then kid’s anything that helps them is a good thing


I was cure myself. I used WeedBorn CBD products for that.

I checked a lot of oils with CBD products. CBD from WeedBorn are the best I think.

Big Pharma must be obliterated so we can use cannabis without their rein of terror. Cannabis has helped me with Stage III Cervical Cancer, Type II Diabetes, PTSD, fibromyalgia, IBS/IBD, carpal tunnel syndrome and brain tumors. Cannabis must be removed from the CDSA. End Prohibition now!

You had me tearing up before the end and then when you brought your daughters out to sing “Happy Birthday!” I absolutely bawled. You and your wife should be so proud for advocating so strongly for them and their health and well being. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours and good health to you all. May you find a cure for that awful disease. Much respect ✊

Cannabis was only banned because William Randolph Hearst wanted hemp banned because, as a weed, it grew quickly in gravel, and he owned forests he needed to cut down to pulp into paper for his news media empire to thrive. it was a rival to his previous investments. So he bribed Congress to do his bidding and they both thus screwed over Americans for generations.

Best Dad Ever!

I have Fibromyalgia & C-PTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). I use cannabis daily to treat my symptoms. Pain, anxiety, sleep disorder & muscle soreness & tension headaches. Marijuana helps tremendously & has allowed me to reduce my troubling symptoms, ease distress. And I'm able to exercise almost as if I was normal (can only walk as high intensity exercise causes increased pain). I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't gotten onto it.

LSD does have medicinal benefits just shouldn't use constantly


Best wishes from Belfast Northern Ireland.

You want to worry about a drug. Worry about alcohol. That's a real addiction, and defenately more of a problem to our youth

bringing out the kids at the end......... well played sir, well played

The CBD mr. Hempel is talking about comes from the HEMP plant and has NO THC in it. Only 0,03%. The use of this plant is for making ropes, clothes etc. It is called 'INDUSTRIAL HEMP'. It is so annoying that people dont know what they are talking about. The reason (I think) is because people in the USA call every plant of the Cannabisfamily: "Hemp". Again: there are 2 kinds of Hemp: industrial (has NO THC) and not-industrial with loads of THC.

CBD (Cannabidiol) is made from the INDUSTRIAL HEMP and is NOT the same as CANNABIS. CBD is very good against seizures: I know because I give it to my dog who has had epilepsie. He had many seizures and I had to give him more and more of the vet's medicine(which did not help). He had seizures for 5 years, 2-3 times a week and counting. This year, 2019, he had NONE.!! I give him every day 3 drops: morning, afternoon and evening. It really helps enormously. He has back his life! Again: CBD is NOT PHISICALLY~. and has NOTHING to do with Marihuana other than they are the same family. A grandmother and granddaughter are family BUT they are NOT the same person!

Why not we tried everything else

Trust me guys! weed doesnt affect you physically likes alcohol and tobacco but it definitely affects u mentally. i have experienced that. it is not as good as you people think. People say its a medicine nobodt shiuld take medicine every day

How are your beautiful girls doing NOW?

It’s truly sad how the government ruins everything with lies.

Please be careful to use weed under doctor orders and monitoring some people died from weed recreation especially if the heart is weak and anxiety attacks which causes heart attack and cardiac arrest I wouldn't recommend it for everyone unless the heart is monitor while using it most people do not know this until it's too late recreational use can be deadly because people are not using it under the care of a doctor this is my recommendation please allow the doctor to put you on this drugs if necessary and must be used a lot of cases where people went into cardiac arrest death 🙏♥️

It can help with depression...

Per employment drug testing in legal states for thc are very unfair.

Very powerful life story. Success shouldn't be determined by the amount of money a drug company makes, but how many lives a medication can transform a life-style in a positive way. I support this effort, and I am even a last year pharmacy student.

Decriminalize God's plant medicines. Fight infantilization.

Amazing job👏🏽

Your daughter's are BEAUTIFUL and HAVE AWESOME PARENTS. You are doing so much good for this country being an advocate! Thank you does not say enough. I am a natural person and strongly believer in my Essential Oils and this is just one of them that is needed in my collection. Wisconsin still has it outlawed, this many years later, and it could be great help to many. We are all so misinformed on the cannabinoid subject. People don't realize a hundred years ago the cattle and animals were all eating that plant and in turn we were getting trace amounts of it every time we ate. And that's beside the fact that humans also had many other ways of using it. Now they put dye in so much stuff that we eat and deal with daily that it is hard to stay away from (example: CLEAR hand soap usually has red and yellow dyes! Aspartame, artificial sweetener, is one molecule away from battery acid!). Other countries do not even allow our foods or products to be shipped there! Peru, a 3rd world country, has coca cola reformulated to be sold to their people, but it is okay with the FDA in America. The FDA approves of this and many other things that is hurting people in the long run, it is not stuff that is meant to be put in your body. People who are gluten free can go to France and eat noodles all day long without problem, WE NEED HELP ALL AROUND! Hopefully the government will start to help soon. The fact of the matter is that we need to look back in time for all of our food and medicinal needs!!
I hope all is going wonderful for your family, good vibes coming to you all🤗


have you seen he movie First do not Harm? and yes diet helps as well.

CBC stopped my epilepsy ! I’m legalization and study of clinical research for. Study of cancer ~ I had both dreadful diseases and I’m well today ! Thank god you found a solution!

God bless you and I pray for your children. Be careful saying LSD or any drug has no benefits we will never know if science can not work with all compounds. LSD has shown a good bit of promise in phycology. But I'm sure it was a misunderstanding what you said. God bless your family. I can't imagine being in your shoes. You are a brave and beautiful father.

I take a pharmaceutical drug called olanzapine which make u a zombie,government has legalised this,marijuana is bad in high quantities and if smoked but the right quantity reduces stress gives sleep and stimulates hunger and it cures stomach disorders.its good in limited quantities,I have experience.THC In excess is bad

Cannabis was first used in INDIA please refer Ayurveda

Cannabis isn't a drug it's herb

there were true story about curing illness of patients in some remote poor places using traditional way of curing a sick person and you will not believe it because they use rituals and smokes and the patients will be surprisingly cured. if you will ask those patients, they will testify that they were once cured by those rituals which is against the theory of medicine,,, now this person is testifying that cannabis can cure alzheimer's disease maybe yes,,,,,,, but my impression is maybe the company producing medical marijuana paid him to promote marijuana because that's a business who knows?,,,,,,, there are many testimonies especially on social media or in utube that cannabis can cure cancers,,,, maybe yes, maybe no, who knows? the only prove is if there will be no more people dying with cancers and alzheimer's disease in those places that legalized marijuana as medicine,,,,,, maybe after 15 to 20 years county like canada will testify that they are cancer free country because they have a cannabis for their people..... but if still those countries that legalized marijuana as medicine still has the most numbers of patients dying from cancer and alzheimer's diseases then maybe it's time for them to wake up and know that they were been fooled by people who wants to earn money producing medical cannabis.

all we need now is to make it cheaper for seniors,,,,i tried it but find it expensive for us older folks

No drug manufacturer can apply a patent for cannabis medicine, so they will fight till death to oppose it! Just like oil companies fought against the electric energy industry... but at some point, wisdom has to win.. then we will be living in "post Trump era"... LOL

What a beautiful family!!!

This Man is sooo HEARTFELT!!


His last name has Hemp in it. 'Nuff said

Yes, we do have US government funded research into the cannabis plant. Our tax dollars have been funding research in Israel for the last 50 years!! Why are we not reaping the rewards now? We have EVIDENCE that the government are very well aware this is a medicine!! Why are we NOT taking this to court and forcing them to end this bull????

I am pleased that marijuana helps these children and their terrible illness so well.

I am epileptic, grand mall siezure free for 16 years now because of marijuana use.

Breaks my heart when I see stories like this...

“They” don’t outlaw dangerous or poisonous plants, “they” outlaw plants that make humans expand their minds and heal us.

What a great man👍
A real man!!!

I actually thought the speech would be already about not glorifying Cannabis and responsible but also self-controlled use etc etc, but I think we aren't at this point yet

you need something high in THC not in CBD..

The people who have bocked progress on investigating the medical benefit of this plant are psychopaths, maybe give them a wee symulated taste of what children have to suffer see how long it would take them to find it in their heart to change their minds on this subject. Or just make them take the goverment/medical standard prescription for these conditions you know how they say never judge someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes, only then will they understand sinse they clearly do not have a single ounce of empathy.

Thank you for sharing it is the truth

God bless your famely

Hugh HEMPel???????🤔 c'mon now really? Gtfoh.

HIGH HEMPHILL a name made for pot

All good untill you said LSD has no medical benefit

CBD oil is a miracle!


I cried.

you must have thc with cbd. they work in unison . the whole plant and extracts. congrats Hugh. I wish your family the best, of the best of the best. godspeed.

Tbh even though cannabis is technically illegal in the Netherlands you've been able to buy it without getting punished (and use it, even in front of cops as long as you behave) for like 40 years and... it's had 0 negative impact on our society except for the fact that it still has to be grown and supplied illegally which means the criminal world still profits and that... costs lives every now and then... Other than that it's a crazy idea that free access will be so horrible. All drugs, including alcohol, can be positive or negative. But feeding the underworld with monetary opportunities is probably a lot worse.

God bless this family! So happy they found CBD. I am a distributor and people are just not educated on what it is. Thanks for sharing! Very touching.

" ...harmful drugs like lsd … " thank you for your efforts buddy, but you might consider broadening your research a little more lol.

who the fk down votes this ?

Mother Nature has the oldest lab known to man. We shouldn't ban any medicine she's made.

It takes zero courage to talk about this now. Thirty years ago people were destroyed in this land of the free for talking about benefits of cannabis.

The government do NOT act in the best interests of the people it was supposedly formed for..
Elites are running the show for their own agenda

LSD has a huge medicinal value. He should've done some research into the topic.

Happy birthday girls , Beautiful angels