Hi Babes, I've been wanting to share my thoughts about THC vs CBD and how it effects me. I also wanted to INFORM you on some of the health benefits of CBD in case you weren't aware. My aim was to include more FACTS on the benefits of CBD but I got a little too RELAXED. Please Comment any questions you may have! and please excuse how sick I was in this video...I tried my best :)

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Where can you get cbd prerolls?

Recently I made the switch to cbd because thc would make me feel super paranoid and stuck. It sucks that cbd isn’t as praised and almost looked down upon because it isn’t as strong as thc, but cbd really really helps!! I’m going to buy my first preroll soon(:

Hermosa! 😍

Why do people call this fake weed this isn't k2

Just bought first roll up cbd and hit it 3 good times took my back pain wright away.

You cute asf baby

Just tried my first one. It was pretty dope!

I smoke cbd bc I don't get paranoid or freak out life is easier with cbd or hemp

Its lit 2020.

Nice video👍

Just got some and needed a bit more clarification Give Thanks to you 😊

Does cbd give you a head change like nicotine does? I’m curious I don’t want to smoke weed because it gives me really bad anxiety attacks so I smoke swishers because I like the head change but I don’t want to smoke them because it’s nasty nicotine so I want to try cbd but I’m nervous it’s going to give me the same anxiety weed gives me ): please help

Thanks this video was helpful!

I’m about to try CBD right now and i cant wait. Lets see

It’s lit 2020 🔥

Just bought my first CBD preroll and smoked it... & I’m CHILL AF right now! 😂

It’s Lit 2020❤️

Well I'm feeling a bit more confident of smoking CBD ,i usually drink beer to relax but with this i might try it couse i hate weed i have tried it and it makes me sick

It’s lit 2020

Spot on! Just made the switch and CBD flower is legit.

I quit smoking weed. I’m going to get me a cbd pre roll lol. Does it make you feel relaxed ?

Your beautiful 😳😍

I just started taking cbd for anxiety and have to say its amazing! makes me feel normal, as thc would make me feel paranoid.

“The dust” on the outside is kief which is the trichomes(crystallization) you see on the outside of the bud 🙂 Smoking & Vaping is the most effective way to intake cbd because it hits your brain (cbd 1 receptors) & gut (cbd 2 receptors) faster. Although the smoking may be harsh on your lungs, it will not harm your lungs by giving you cancer because it is not tobacco and you also have some cb1 cannabinoids in your lungs that the cbd attaches to giving you more added benefits.

Enjoyed watching every second of this video! lookin forward to the next on:)

This was very educational! 👌🏾