Why I Stopped Smoking Weed and How It Changed My Life...

This video will show you Why I Stopped Smoking Weed and How it changed my life...

This video, I'm going to be sharing with you why I stopped smoking weed or marijuana, how I did it, and how it's absolutely transformed my life since I've done so. Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now in this video I'm going to be sharing with you the why I quit smoking marijuana and how I did it and how it changed my life and baby. A perspective that you haven't heard before. Now, first off, let me say with this that I quit back in 2012, so it's been a while now, but I feel like I want to make this video because there's a perspective that I have with it that I think is a little bit different than you've heard of other people that may have talked about the same thing, how they used to do it and how they stopped doing it.

First off, let me say, you know, I live in Vegas. It's legal here, is legal becoming more and more legal other places. I'm not in any way saying that weed is bad or marijuana is bad. The question is not whether it's bad or good, I think the question is is isn't efficient and does it work for you? Because for a long time I was smoking and just to give you a little bit of a background on it, I used to have what is called Adhd, which means I was taking adderall so that I could focus which would like really help me focus, but the side effects of adderall where I couldn't eat very much and I couldn't sleep very much, so I took adderall for years. I worked a sales commission job at the time selling women's shoes and I remember I would take that during the day at work.

I'd be very focused. I would make a lot of money and then I would go home and at the end of the night it was. It would have trouble sleeping and I have trouble eating well. What takes care of that? Well, weed is something that when you do it enhances your appetite and it also enhances being able to sleep good. So what I would do is during the day I would take adderall. I would make money at work selling women's shoes at Nordstrom's here in Las Vegas and I would come home at night and then what I would do is I would smoke so that I could kind of wind down and get to a place to where I could eat and I could sleep. And I did that for a long for, for probably a year and a half, two years very consistently. And it worked at the time. However, one of the things I realized was that I felt like I felt like I was dependent on it as dependent on both the adderall and that of the weed.

And I remember just starting to get little signs. It was almost like little signs that there was other ways to go about this. And there was other ways that I could balance out my energy. And I remember I actually came across and found a, a, a, a research article on meditation and the powerful effects of meditation, how meditation can balance out the hormones. Um, and I was like, oh, that's cool because it's adderall is making me feel more dopamine. But then I'm crashing and I don't feel as good, and meditation is something I can do that I can balance myself out and there's only positive side effects, then why wouldn't I try that? So the idea was I'm going to try meditation. So what I did is I started meditating and at first I thought it was kind of annoying to meditate. I remember sitting down and a.

What I did is I started at a candle flame because I read that somewhere. If you started a candle flame, it keeps the eyes focused on one point. And when your eyes are focused on one point, your eyes aren't moving around. If you've ever heard that saying that when your eyes wander, your mind wanders. It's like every time your eyes shift, you have a new point of stimulus. So if you keep it focused on one point and it becomes much easier to focus. So what I did is I focused on that candle flame, that one point, and then the first day or two that I decided to learn meditation, there wasn't a huge difference because I was still trying to control my mind. I was like, can't think negative thoughts. This is also shortly after I learned that I learned that have the secrets and the power of it.

I was really starting to apply it in my life, which is like the law of attraction. So what I was thinking negative thoughts as I can't think negative thoughts. I was trying to block them out because I didn't want to manifest something bad, but what I did is a. by the third day I read somewhere and I just had this feeling that if I would just observe my thoughts and allow them to be there, that that would change a lot, that I would get a completely different result. And I remember that I made this choice...

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Hey everyone! I was a bit reluctant to put out this video because I don't want people to think I am saying weed is "bad." At the same time I wanted to share my story in case it resonates. Much love!

He is an extension of my soul as well. ♥️

Thank you so much Aron, you’ve given me the answer I was looking for today, I’ve always loved your videos xx

Thanks 🙏

You stopped because you a BITCH

I’m kind of freaked out because I take Vyvanse (similar to adder all) and smoke for the same reason AND just started meditating this past month. Never related to a stranger so much

your escape is making these youtube videos, you talking like this IS your therapy.

You are so handsome! I feel I love you now ☺️ Wonderful video! Good for you

I mean bad for you...

You were on prescription meth

Cool hes saving money

I really enjoyed listening to you
it was very helpful

Strange thing is I’m a 24/7 smoker, and I didn’t understand how people can be sad all the time. But that’s cause I’m sittin at 350 all this time. Feel like normally people are around 125 :/

Hi everyone. Today is my first day without weed and I’m struggling really bad. Things are off with my family and I’m really down in the dumps. I chose not to get anymore because I think it’s best for me. But how do I really know if quitting is going to make me feel better?

Is anyone in the comments trying to quit right now and struggling? I’m on day three and this is rough 😖

I want my boyfriend to stop smoking so much weed, I told him he’s dependent on it but he says he’ll change everything else in his life except smoking weed.. I just believe his cravings will get in the way of some events and situations in our future. Here and there is fine but not multiple times throughout the day

okay i have ADHD too, i take adderal but you definitely dont need to be medicated all the time you can as you said use other methods butt fr the more you dont medicate your brain will find coping strategies that you cant control. you still have adhd but your brain found how to hide it

Needed this. Love u.

I gave thumbs down without even watching

i smoked 12 years every day..i have 1 mounth without smoking ....pff its hard man sport and eating health ...but after 10 pm i go nuts Ș))))))....i have physical problem i sweat alot ...NIGHTMAREs fuck mani change 3,4 t shirts a night...rough road...this guy was not a potthead....i know 1 when i see one...2 days ? hahahahah i have a fremd he need it 5 mounths to recover what are u talking about

Marijuana has nothing but amazing effects for myself and everyone I know who uses it.
I can definitely call it the herb of enlightenment.

It’s different when you do it everyday versus if you do it every so often. Yeah, if you do it everyday then there is bound to be a lot of cons to go with it. That’s why it’s important to moderate how much you do it. Same with everything else.

“Freedom carries sacrifice, remember when this was my life” ✊🏼

Am I the only one who gets really motivated because of weed? And it's not only when I'm high but sober too because I know I want to chill when I'm high so I'm being extra productive sober. I also started running and meditating again.

I didn’t want to hear this one 🤨🤨😅😅😅

Being too much is good for nothing
Its good just for fun

It's time for me to get my life back on track thanks for the motivation

Rolls blunt .... oh that's cool bro 🤣

I remember working at a Toyota warehouse and I remember a new temp worker showing up on his first day, right of the bat I knew he was a pot head, over time we talked and he would take me to get food during lunch since I didn't have a car, when I first saw his car it smelled lile weed the car was dirty fast food bags everywhere it was disgusting being in there but I needed food lol, carrying on.
Months passed and he kept laughing not showing up to work at times, most of the times, he would always come high and half asleep eyes black shut, this guy was not in control of his life at all, and I knew weed was keeping him in that position he was back in that time, so remember guy's don't take anything you can't handle.

Great video! I use weed to get away from booze now I need to slow down on the weed I think it should be used only to help control moments of bad anxiety and depression, I get what you're saying and agree very great video I will try to meditate thanx!

Can you make a video on how to stop smoking weed

How do people read books and take in information without there meds with adhd and how do you sleep when you take meds without smoking weed. I want to quit but I have bad insomnia and I need addeerall to have any type of focus during the day.

Thank you for the video this is very helpful ❤️😊

It’s hard to quit the wax especially if it’s a pen

Music doesn't hit as good when sober or is it just me lol


I’m not quitting but I need the info for a t break

Today I celebrate, day 50 bought some cake!

Great Video, I've been on and off trying to quit for some time but seems to slip, I'm at a point in my life where I want things and to be confident and interact, a new job role awakened my senses and a nice reality check, had quite a bad few years so weed and alcohol use to numb the pain but I will try these technique I believe I'll get better and become a different person and cope without smoking, I've also experienced that feeling of regret when I took a smoke after a break if anything it made me feel guilty. Thank you

I stopped smoking weed i only take edibles now 😂

Aaron! Your videos are solutions! 🥰
This totally resonates with me and put things into a perspective I needed to see/hear.
Thank you for being everything you are!

it increased my sex drive at first but after being a chronic smoker for years, it definitely killed my mojo down there

Eat my ass you were probably a lightweight pussy that’s couldn’t handle the herb so stop acting like the Messiah and write a book NERD
Edit: You all are catholic priests

Smoking 5 years straight everyday. Had a good success in my life - i would even say weed brought me there. But now I want to make the big next step since i was thinking to stop and when you have to think about it you should probably do it. Stopping today - wish me luck!

Weed is so much stronger these days, it’s harder to quit. All those magical plants lol

Iv a j in my mouth hahaha

I smoke weed everyday


Blaaaahh.. 😂

6 mins in.. I have outkast playing in the background. Sppotieopadoplicius. So it's ok.. 😊🧘🏽‍♀️🍉👑

Still here...

You talk too much. I need more pictures. Of you high. Love the video Tho. Thanks. Going now. Need to lay down 😂🥂

And having sex high is another level

Maybe I'll start drinking it instead 🌿

I love listening to music when I'm high tho.. I hear it even deeper

I'm clearly thinking of cutting back weed if i'm watching this video

life has taken away all drugs, one way or the other, coke, alcohol and now it seems its time to say bye to weed

I like to go a few months every year to take a break from cannabis. I think its good to test limits and anchors we feel like are holding us back. For me I've learned though experience it's a crutch that is vital for my health and wellness. I think it's your intention and purpose that will rase or lower your vibration when it comes to using weed. Cannabis gets so much hate but before it was illegal it was used to heal.

The goat

You were taking adderall too then no wonder you didn’t wanna do anything. You’re basically taking meth in a pill

If you can’t quit weed cold turkey you’re a bitch. Maybe it’s not for everyone but it helps me tons.. my temper is a lot better because of weed. It’s not that big of a deal tho to quit or not quit.

I havent decided to stop smoking weed but i am stopping cigarettes

Day 3 dudes lol

Edit: i think ive been smoking cigarettes for maybe a year or just months?

I forgot -,-

Weed is all fun and games until the long term effects hit you !

At some point you won't be able to get "high" anymore. Just buzzed up. I've seen people get left behind and slowly throw their lives away because of weed.
People are different . Some people can control marijuana intake and others just can't . Your life just becomes dependent on it. A day passes, a week , a month, a year then you realise you've not accomplished half as much as you should have. But everyone else has! Then you start making excuses , start telling yourself you're okay.... Life is unfair.. what is meant to be yours will come to you... That's the reality of weed . Thank you for this video❣️

The fact is that..... Weed isn't for everyone. Like to me, when I'm sober, I'm always shy and can't say shit in a conversation, but once I smoke and get high... I'm full of inspiration, confidence and boldness..... Therefore I don't think I can stop.

Thx for the "hang up the phone" analogy. I've already recd the message. I will meditate to maintain sobriety.

Thank you for this video . Makes so much sense . God Bless .

day 1 pray for me😞😞😞

Hey Aaron, thanks for the sharing your knowledge and experience. I also have ADHD and growing up it really made everything difficult. I got introduced due to weed just a few months ago and it really helps with my ADHD but it is also negativly impacting other things. What you have said will help me a lot.

The Bible helps too!!!

I still continue to smoke , but always think of quitting. I can’t break the habit . I need to just stop . Because I feel like my life will get better if I do stop but why do I keep goin back to it?🤔 I’ll get there. Awesome video

with tears in my eyes i say goodbye to my good friend Mary Jay. for now... the video helped me gain confidence about clarity being a good thing

Who never smoked?

Is crazy how accurate this resound in me, we already have all the answers we need for life within us. Allow yourself to listen your intuition

He’s just kidding he’s on acid now 😂

I quit every day and I smoke everyday 😓

How genius !! I wish people around the world would arrange their minds and thoughts about reality as logically as this respectful young man did ! SALUTEEEE

Thank for you video l will share to my brother because l willing he quit smoking this fucking garbage

How does Joe Rogan do all the shit he does and is so successful and all he does is smoke?? Weed makes me lazy, hungry and paranoid

I think this for sure works for this guy but also I get the spiritual hippy kinda drift but like I feel like you can't say it works for everyone and honestly I feel it helps me more than hurts me I'm not saying it's amazing and is good for everyone but it works for some people.

Your image is smoked up😎

If my friend Jade is watching this, weed is the devil. Quit now while you are still young.

please make a video on how to do it PLEASE

im so jealous man.. i wish i can recieve the internal wake up call to finally quit smoking.. i even know its holding me back but i still like it and wanna do it deep down.. i feel like this is destined for failure when quitting because i still wanna deep down. I just wanna graduate and live a fulfilled life without weed.. or any drugs really

thank you for this.. im coming to youtube from the subredit r/leaves.. you should check it out if you don't know. This is more common than most stoners think.. theyre so oblivious to the harm its doing.. but thats weeds fault. it makes you content with being complacent.

I see y’all saying “when the cons out weigh the pros it’s time to let it go” Weed works different for everyone, this dude has other underlining issues “adderall”. After a very bad car accident, doctors had prescribed me fentanyl and other short acting drugs, making me sick on a daily basis. WEED saved my life. Before you believe someone talking about their vibration with weed, listen to someone who smoked because they actually needed it. I still to this day smoke, attain college, work part time, and am drug free besides cannabis. I wouldn’t change a thing and I thank god for what’s it’s done for me.

Today is the day Im gonna quit smoking hasj after 10 years smoking every day. I smoke 4 a 5 joints a day. But after today im gonna safe some money. It cost me 300 to 400 euro's a month for 10 years. Imagine what I couldve put in my savings account😭😭😭😭😭😭

Hey, thank you. I’m at that point that I have been smoking for many years and I feel stuck. I feel I have lost so much valuable time. I will keep watching your videos and persist on meditation.

Just don’t smoke daily mfs always trynna be high everyday and you’ll be st8

3rd day can't sleep 😴😂

I plan on and will stop smoking weed because it not only raises my heart rate after a day after smoking it enhanced my anxiety as well probably because there was something laced in it although im still gonna stop smoking..hope I feel better

Smoking while watching ..I do want to stop though.

You made some interesting points, I think we all tend to over indulge in everything, like eating to much of the same thing to often , if we detox from doing to much of whatever, you will find balance and knowing the threshold is crucial, I like your chart idea, made the video more interesting

I would love to stop smoking, but when Iam high I can last really long in bed, but if Iam not high, i feel like complete disaster.

I started to smoke with my boyfriend, I used to be really close to my mother and father and I am now very distant and I see her cry and beg me to stop, I would love to recover my family back and quit this addiction

If you had adhd it's not something that goes away or you can grow out of you have it for life

It should be illigal,it just makes people more stupid than , what they already are,in my experience

Thank you 😥😥😥

Sober me: tense and irritatable, but in control and productive High me: body relaxed lazy and paranoid from overthinking until initial high fades away .I find moderation is best, I like to smoke at night close to bed time

yo moron u HAVE adhd u cant lose it all of a sudden dumb idiot

Never thought I could quit. I’m on about 90 days now. And I’m just starting to notice the difference