Why Mānuka Honey Is So Expensive | So Expensive

Mānuka honey known for being is earthier, richer, and more viscous than many other honeys. It comes from the nectar of the flower of Leptospermum scoparium — also known as Manuka, which is only native to New Zealand. Mānuka, in fact, is a Maori word.

"The plant itself is very rare. It's difficult to harvest because the flower is only open for 12 days, and sometimes we have to use helicopters to collect this honey." John Rawcliffe from the Mānuka Factor Honey Association told Business Insider.

Although mānuka bushes can also be found in Australia, New Zealand accounts for almost all the world's production, with exports worth 300 million NZ dollars ($204m) and expected to rise to 1.2 billion NZ ($800m) by 2028. 

Watch the video to find out what's so special about it and why it costs so much.

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Why Mānuka Honey Is So Expensive | So Expensive

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Marketed bs

This stuff actually tastes terrible.

That man should use the honey on his own face. It is ugly skin.

Idiotic protectionism at its best. Spend a ton of public money to prop up an elitist commodity for a small number of producers.

Guys I dont think it's a good idea to share it, but hopefully the right people will become aware of it, if your a honey fanatic like me, please please try Yemeni sidr honey or lote tree honey, that's the one Its better than manuka imo, instantly heats up your body and can make you a bit aroused if have too much, but you feel really good.

The pollen of the lote tree is so potent that most bees die carrying the pollen of this tree and only some bees can process that pollen.

Just try it and you'll be glad you did, manuka is too overrated I'll buy it of a manuka honey former I know personally otherwise no thanks, I dont want to waste money on manuka syrups

It looks like caramel

So my grandma buys this on a daily basis-

Im from Netherlands and I use manuka honey. I respect the hard work what I saw.

bee vomit....blergh

But always there is a Chinese duplicate

The wonder of modern marketing




love from PAKISTAN

awesome game playing

awesome content and video

love from PAKISTAN

welcome back back the Welcome

End bees slavery by not consuming this product.

Overnight crap. Stupid

Once again idiots thoughts, rare makes it expensive and attract rich peoples to try. medicinal property not extraordinary what medicle property it has same find in aluveera use it. If result is same then why I spent more money on it because it's rare that's all.

At $1000 a kilo, I can do without it :)

This video hasn’t given any good reason why Manuka Honey is expensive. They tested it for antimicrobial. Don’t they test normal honey?

that is nothing compared to yemeni honey
it can cost 1000$ per galon
it's not well known in the global market sold locally at a low price

Manuka honey was really cheap when I was a kid

Would it be fair to call this honey Liquid Gold? Probably.

When you’re actually lucky enough to have one of these things in your house because you got for sale at Costco

Don't worry China will make its copy if artificial diamond 💎 can be made this can also be

Use drones instead of helicopter and make honey 🍯 cheaper PLZZ

If we change 2 letters it's Hanuka Money

China has more than 8000 hectares of Manuka farms and planting more.

Last I had manuka ( brought to mee from a kiwi friend) I found it to be not so tasty compared to many other honeys IMHO. I like at the end of this clip it was debunked that this pricey honey had any PROVEN health benefits differing from other honey, honey.

Honestly, one of the best types of honey I've ever tried! they're absolutely worth it!

Let me save you time: no reason at all.

3:25 BARE HANDS?!?!

It’s 3 am man why am i still up?

The man's got anuka

All honey is full of fructose which might not be so good for ya.

And I love your channel especially so expensive i am a huge fan any vid i see on you i click it

Yeah before i saw manuka and 21 dollar's for 12 ounces

I've been living my entire life not knowing this honey existed and not even having a drop of it to taste. I think I'll be okay without it.

This honey is great for wound care

This channel calls me poor in so many ways

5:37 why he talks and put hand on mouth :D? hahahaha

Poison .calories

I chuckled a bit when they said Manuka was expensive I've got jars of the stuff pure manuka honey stuff is bloody amazing and definitely didn't cost me bugger all

Australia also produces manuka honey and has 80 different species of Manuka and Australia in New Zealand is in the fight for the rights of Manuka which we should be working togetherhttps://youtu.be/Wj3xGiW3Ch4

i am meakenuka honee

As a BEEKEEPER if you spend this much on honey you are a moron!

Because has realy a veery good marketing . Every reall and alive honey has healing properties and is, in fact, the oldest natural medicine in the world that have never been stopped to be used .EVERY REAL HONEY HAS SIMILAR MEDICINE PROPERTIES and similar doesn't mean better or worst , just slighly different .

My brother brought really cheap honey from a grocers shop
It said honey on the bottle,It had a bee on it and everything
But it was SYRUP with a little bit of honey for flavor if any
So that's a thing, watch out
Don't scrimp for premium stuff

wonder what a mead made from it would taste like.

So. After all this...what is the standard grading system 🤷🏾‍♂️


Tastes terrible compared to regular honey, at 10×'s the price....🤷‍♂️😂

It's just honey. Nothing special. If I find a honey produced by a rock native in Japan, I might as well call it a Japanese Rock Honey sell it for 1000 pounds per milliliter and still taste the same, all for the idea that it is too real to be "SO RARE".

Manuka honey: exists
Greedy Businesses: let's Apple-ify it

Me just casually eating manuka honey rn

Shit.. you market anything and make it the next gold. I'm sure Manuka is no more different than the average honey.

I don’t understand how people like honey.

I have like 2 cans of manuka honey at home and didn't know expensive it is lol

العسل شفاء

It looks like gold paint or gold glitter glue

Can't stand the taste of manuka honey. I grew up in West Africa and we have way better honey there.

You should also look into Sidr Honey, also very expensive and delicious honey.

I- so i have been REALLY ILL as in vomiting 7 times a day and my mums doctor friend said this would be good for me so my mum went and bought me this and i asked how much it cost and she told me and i was so shocked!

For the people concerned about the metal spoon did you not notice the metal drums the honey is stored in?🤔

Can it cure COVID19?

Anyone release we eat vomit poop and eggs from animals

I would love to try it, but I imagine I won't be able to afford it until the fad is over. Also, that whole "they travel 6km" thing... That's not that far, in terms of bee travel. They can travel up to five MILES.

so the price is driven up by the quality governance expenditure and not by the actual honey itself, not worth it for us common folks

we had it in our local Costco once. and i think it was about $50-60 USD per jar. yes, the taste is different and better. I am willing to spend that kind of money to buy it again. But the demand is so high, and i never see it again in the store.

It's alot of hard work and sweat to get honey.
The foolish introduction of Varroa mites by someone circa 2000 into NZ is what has made it uneconomic for hobbyists despite what the commercial corporate BKs say.
The varroa mite has doubled the work load of BKs...and shortened the life of Queens. Some think Varroa were deliberately introduced to kill off wild honey bees to help control AFB or American foul brood disease. Know one knows for sure.

Because so much honey was exported as Manuka it was found that much of it did not have a very high methylglyoxal level therefore the government had to introduce testing.
Many honey exporters had been Exaggerating their MG levels therefore deceiving their customers into thinking they were getting Manuka honey when in fact the levels were low.
The minimum MG at 200mg per litre = UMF 5 table honey.... Medical grade manuka honey MG 1000mg per litre = UMF 40.

Looks like they leave some of the bee's wax in the honey. Probably why it's thicker than regular honey. But Idk, I'm not an expert.

I don't like the taste but I do use it in my beauty regimen such as diy face and hair masks, and baths.

Right ! I prefer honey from my country just as good ! Your marketing is really good tho!

So pretty much "it's expensive because bees put in alot of work to make it "

The world : *meanwhile acting like bee populations arent declining rapidly *

Used to be cheap...I bought it once by mistake (I'm in nz) from the supermarket....its NOT yummy....overpowering kind of flavour. Like treacle is to golden syrup. You could mix it with something like yoghurt maybe.

Yeah sweetie.
Do you come from ....ah...ah Manuka?
Oh no sweetie I don't come from Illinois. Why sugar dumplings.
Hummmmm....well. Ah....ah at this time
I have know comment

I am 29 years old, suffering from fatigue, and less focused on studies, and also suffer from strong tinnitus in the ears, I took a drop of honey in my finger, after a few minutes I felt better mood and active, tinnitus hears it less, I advise you not to eat with an iron spoon, it is better to take a drop with a finger or spoon From wood, not healthy at all to eat with an iron spoon, I would love your help in Like and click Yes if the feedback helped you

Don't blaspheme

I’ll b stealing a jar soon

A friend bought a Manuka Honey Chocolate from His NZ visit and I would say that it's the tastiest chocolate I have ever eaten. The taste justifies the Price.

A friend bought a Manuka Honey Chocolate from His NZ visit and I would say that it's the tastiest chocolate I have ever eaten. The taste justifies the Price.

A friend bought a Manuka Honey Chocolate from His NZ visit and I would say that it's the tastiest chocolate I have ever eaten. The taste justifies the Price.

A friend bought a Manuka Honey Chocolate from His NZ visit and I would say that it's the tastiest chocolate I have ever eaten. The taste justifies the Price.

“They make the honey, we make the money”

Ya might makes right. Can you imagine what the bees would say every time we steal from them?

These mfs really using a UV spectroscope to test their honey smh.

Corsican honey is the finest I have tasted so far (bear in mind I never tested Manuka honey so I wouldn’t be able to tell but if you have take this as another perspective) although that may be biased by the fact that I am of corsican origin (I am not a exceedingly proud corsican like most corsicans are), I must say that factually the combination of plants and flowers of the “maquis” (the corsican endemic forest) is a crucial factor to its quality and its pluri origin makes each corsican honey (“maquis” branded ones) unique in composition and taste.

Its just honey....if people are dumb enough to waste money like that, let em.

That is pocket money for Ariana.

I get headaches when eating honey no idea why.

It looks like cannabis concentrate rosin lol

direct buy from the farm/farmer is always cheaper

Manuka honey is pretty common here in NZ a pretty stock standard pantry item

My Grandma says it just taste like honey