Women's Secrets to Looking Half Their Age

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You won’t believe how old these women are after you see their faces! Guests Noreen and Meli spill their anti-aging secrets – all easy, at-home tips that don’t require a facelift or perfect genes.

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Am 35 I look 18 ....lol

They all look exactly the age mentioned by themselves

I don't wanna be too naive to believe that these women are honest about their age .. I think they are actually younger pretending to be old

They think that what they are doing(supposely SECRETS) help them to look younger, but it's NOT , all there are doing is not doing anything even good for them or skin , all those tricks have been proove that it's not working, other wise, all the world would know by then! The only thing who is proven it's by regenerating your cell's, and there's one thing that could help you it's to fast, or not eat a lot, I mean like once a day or a combination of once a day and next day 2 meal and or fast for 24 h 3 time a week or with intermittent fast. Help you to heal, and much moore. Maybe those woman's do so at some time , but don't know it's good for her , ask them maybe we will be surprise. Ps; just by cutting breakfast help. Humans don't need to eat meat every days and they don't need 3 meals a days, it's way to much.Go and check for yourself, there's real rechurch and they are serious .🤔AND REMEMBER SUGAR IS YOUR ENEMY NUM 1 FOR HAVING A YOUNG SKIN 😊

3:37 shes a keeper 😂😂😂


Exercise nd using natural products on your face, really works well, nd a lot of water in take while include lemon nd take a law cucumber, thank me later

It's all about genes...

R you sure they aren't using chemical products? 🙄

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I do nothing for my self i work hard stress a LOT divorces fatherless kids poor sleep late and people think im 10 years younger then my age then they ask me what is your secret 🤔

Mind your own.business
STAY away from toxic family & friends
Learn more on different spirituality
Play different music louder
Indulge in junk food, wine/beer, chocolate once in a month
Never take anything/anyone person al

The first one looked 45 to me

71 omg she looks amaizing!! I will look 30 when im 70!!!

I think some people are blessed with their skin.. I myself do my skincare very strictly, drinking lots of water, avoiding junk food yet i get pimples i have darkspots. On the other hand my roommate barely wash her face still she has the most beautiful skin😍so ya we can say that's genetics or any other thing.

الترجمةاارجكم زيت نور شمس مع من هل يشرب او يدهن مع من

Last women's age can't believe I think she is 29


ජීවිතය කළමනාකරණය සීමා අවකාශය, වන, ඇත්ත වශයෙන්ම,

Good genetics play A Part and looking young good eating routine exercise and getting the proper nutrients

I'm 19 and I don't have all of those aging questions at the end. And the result I got is 20 years old. So u say that I age advance 1 year? So gimmicky!

All the ladies beautiful but the lady age 71 wow....lol

When you are born Asian

When am 17 people think u r 12/13😂👏🏻

I would love to do that skin test on my face I’m going to be 60 years old June 2 and that’s what I look like

Just go vegan, you will get the beautiful skin automatically.

So The last lady eats prunes to avoid looking like a prune...😃

I expected some MAGIC reveal but these woman look only a FEW years younger then their actual age!?!?!?!.....i guess Dr Oz has never met asian woman LOL! ...Also: The Ice diving thing is NOT good for your skin at all !!! Lovely woman though.....

What is In the green drink?

that 50-year-old woman surprised me the most.

Not one of these women mentioned sunscreen? Sunscreen is the KEY

Why do they rush through their routines like that? I couldn’t even catch the recipe for the sunflower primrose skincare...

I've been taking a shower in cold water for 12 years it tighten up the skin!! I don't look 40..

The host looks like a slightly old Chris Pine.

MY age is 30 but my skin looks like 45🙄

Plot twist the real secret is : plastic surgery

I did this but I am only 22. So my skin age is 7 xD

Yeah, they look their age

They’re wearing make up!!!

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My secret: fasting and very cold showers. Plus eat vegetables that are hot 🥵. don’t smoke, less intimacy and healthy food. You’ll look half ur age

Keeping yourself happy and always put a smile in your face

He looks like a skinny mark Cuban

If you know some koreans ages 40 but looking like 18

What is the green juice?

They should have guested asians 😅

I'm 16 but some people say that I look like I'm 20. When I was around 11 ppl always told me I looked like 15-16 year old. And when I was around 3, my grandma used to carry me around and ppl used to ask why she is carrying such a big child lol

Happyniess is the key

Beautiful beautiful beautiful happy souls happy minds happy thoughts heaven on earth from kenya

Really I swear my age is 24 somebody tell I am 30yrs old (why)

Plus the make up😂

Should not dunk your face in a bucket of ice there is cooling tools but that is not good for you to do like that

Im 26 but i look 18..its all in the genes...(Being Asian) my Mom is 60 and she looks like she's in her late 20's..no wrinkles..nothing.

The secret to looking young is genetics. My mom looks like she's in her late 20s even though she is 49. Everyone from my mom's side looks younger than they are. While on my dad's side everyone looks 10 years older than they are.

I am 33 but I look like 40.

No way she's 59.. her face looks 25 or 30

I'm 30 according to the this quiz I'm 25, I have bags but no wrinkles yet..😂😂 and the reason I have bags is because I rarely sleep at night. The quiz is fake..😂😂

Well what i do is eat a lemon with a drink of water before bed.

The real secret is praying! Ask God to wash away all your stressors! 4 real!

My mom is almost 50 and she doesnt show a single wrinkle on her face. Btw she was a farm girl and she used to eat clean

I hear people saying, best tip is to remain single.... Lol

Find someone that loves you for real,
You'll look infinite younger

I am just 36 but looking 40 and above what to do...

Melanin is one secret to youth

What's good for age spots

Sunscreen, sleep, exercise, eating wholesome healthy food, drinking lots of water, take your vitamins (l lysine, zinc, fish oil, milk thistle). Also good skin care (aloe Vera gel, niacinimide and zinc and a Retinoid). I’m 37 but never get people guessing my age. The highest they’ve ever guessed was 27.

Candice darling...your teeth screams your age

I'm 31 and people think i'm 24. My secret? Believing that i look younger than my younger brother😂🤣 you just have to believe and it will manifest☺️

I'm 48 but some people said Iook like 35

I tried ice cold water thing but the water is going inside my nose as I inhale and it is too uncomfortable to continue because of that. Now I'm trying to dip my face sideways to avoid nose. Any tips for that?

Well what would happen if you combine all of those things 😃 like this song forever young 😆

all their teeth give it away though

I wish they would have let us guess their age before saying right away

I will do all..

Stay young don't have kids teenagers are a nightmare

The ice treatment does work.

Love everyone you look like forever 21

Some ppl just have ot genetically as well

How embarrassing

The 50 year old definitely does not look anywhere 50.

Idk that ice one kinda looks stupid I mean you can just rub it in your face : /

I look double my age : |

Im 29 and i look like 50
My secret is staying up late at night
Eating a lot of junkfoods.
No exercise, no vitamins.

Ice works! Rubbing 1 cube every 3 days significantly changes your skin, my mum uses it, she's 54, she looks 35, really, once they thought we are sisters!

If you are going to take care of your face to look younger, don’t forget about your body and hair too. Only one of these women had younger looking body, the others’ bodies matched their ages.

Fl. W
Please dear thanks good

My Grandmother is 65 And She looks like 35, They always mistake her as my mother.

Avoid Alcohol, Caffeine and Sugar
And drink your weight in Water

I’m 22 and people think I’m 17-18 at least I hope when I get older I’ll look younger 😂

26? In what dimension? Lol

they still look the same

All you need to do is
Wash face 2x a day
-one wash with soap one without
-Morning night
-Warm water then cold water
Apply moisturizer/oil
-jojoba oil
-coconut oil
-massage upwards to prevent wrinkles/sagging
OR apply vaseline (not cocoa butter vaseline) to your face daily
Drink water

What keeps you alive, healthy, young is the your soul. Do what he wants: good actions, be moral, truthfull, dance, create.

Avoid smoking, dairy, fizzy drinks [even sugar-free].

Youth = energy.

My father looks younger than him

I am 24 but i looks 15. its the genetic factor because my father,Brothers also looks young from there real age.


Drink lot of water and take healthy diet

Wow...it's miracle. These are what I been looking for over 30 years ago. Thanks for them.

We use this plant to look forever young https://youtu.be/jALsFyOhvqk