Your Brain On Adderall - The Study Drug

How does adderall work? And should you take it?
Scientific Study Tips:

How To Learn Faster:
Does Your School Matter?:

Created by: Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown
Written by: Tharsan Kana
Illustrated by: Max Simmons
Edited by: Sel Ghebrehiwot
Narrated by: Sel Ghebrehiwot

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Damn we really getting onto each other's throats here now aren't we

Worst medicine ever, even taste nasty

adderal should remain legal but just not be handed out if u dont need it like doctors saying u need this when infact u dont

ADHD is a fictitious medical condition

He didn't say it was meth he said they were similar in structure. Why are ya'll acting like he called you a meth head for taking adderall.

Big Pharma AD 😏🙌

This is a drug, it is not healthy just we can now focus. Try fighting it as much as possible but Adderall is not better than spinach. At the end, just want to turn you all into addicted junkies that keep consuming their drugs for a lifetime.

Lifetime costumer = Lifetime Cash
Be smart, be safe. 👍

i overdosed on it and almost died....shit that was bad

I used to have to take adderal

"LoL iTs baSIcAlLy mEth"

my husband has adhd and this statement is what stopped him at first from taking the medication. This was until an educated person taught him what it really was and it has changed his life. And a blind test with 32 people is not near enough to make any arguments.

These comments have me rollin 😭

Mas qme porra
👎👈👎👈👎👈👎👈 qmi bosta

These baddies helped me pass my nursing entrance exam

Dude my adhd went too high, im not diagnosed yet. I can barely stop moving my legs unless im playing call of duty lol. I want to be able to handle boring stuff and manage fun stuff without medication if given the opportunity. I will see psychiatrist soon.

Use cocaine. Problem solved

why do these type of smart drugs are only legal in usa? is europe hiding something or do the dangers outweigh the benefits?

Adderall: the only drug that makes u stay up not having fun

Adderall is a very serious drug please be careful with it I had to take it for 7 years because of how bad my ADHD is and from it I was anorexic for about 9 years.

Rick and morty anyone??

AsapSceince speed up the videp by 25% for the impatient.

Go watch the 1960s amphetamine scene video, then tell me how much of an epidemic is going on when in reality it's the same number and then just more in the world than at that time. It's the same groups, the same habits and ways to get their needs, just gone down a few generations

2:35 the way you think the body work is totally wrong. Your body doesnt just stop making and cant do it anymore. Twice a week your body reaches a base line where it will fell "normal" depending on what that is for you. After a few weeks of low dopamine and serotonin sites, your body starts bouncing back and your normal will slowly go back to how it was the long from use.

Right off the bat you were wrong, it was synthesized in 1890s for fatigue and weight loss. Even one google search shows this. Was was never intended for adhd. As someone who was prescribed adderall from 8 till 20 and tried meth, neither have any actual non-abusive practical use. Want to stay up? Go to bed on time. All the "good things" like weight loss, the fatigue and the open airways always come at a cost down the line. I'm 23 now and cant gain anything. I weigh 108lb at 5'10, I dont even take it still.

You should do lean next

2:53 is the cucklord himself to the far left

That's another proof that higher education doesn't equal being smarter. I'm a university student, and my concentration and motivation is driven by passion towards phisics and math. I can't even imagine how sad, clueless and useless must be the life of someone who needs to take drugs to do tasks in order to get an higher number on a sheet of paper. When you are REALLY interested in something, it becomes your daily obsession and over the top focus and motivation is just a consequence. Thus, be passionate.

After trying roughly a dozen different medications for my ADHD, Adderall (and also Adderall-XR) have proven to be the best thing to help me live effectively in my day-to-day. One big plus is that it helps me cope with my severe depression, along with concentration and energy regulation. However, I’ve started cutting back my dosage to half, and supplementing with Dexedrine, which is purely dextroamphetamine sulfate, by half of the amount cut back in my Adderall-XR. I’ve been taking these for about 9 years now since I was 15, and I’ve not really had to increase my dosage all that much since high school. I’ve found that the better the state of my mental health, the less reliant I am on my medication (to an extent) in my regular life/work.
Has anybody else had a similar experience? Open to questions and input!

Lol I’m on it rn

Aderrall is meth’s cousin who went to college.

The come down I had involved me getting boiling hot for like 3 hours and I couldn’t sleep

do a video on your brain on pcp

You should do your brain on crystal meth because I'm a recovering addict and to be honest I still don't know too much about how the drug effected my brain or what it does pretty much behind the scenes in your body so I would like to see a video called (Your Brain On Crystal Meth)

I know they didn’t use a study of 32 people bruh

I just started taking adderall for my studies online that should run about 6 months. I was diagnosed with add when I was in grade 5. They put me on Ritalin and I took till ‘mid way in grade 6. I found it embarrassing having to go to the office everyday at lunch and it was known by the class that I had to go do this. In grade 6 my dad started putting in my sandwich so we could be more discreet about taking the medication. I was absolutely killing it at school and never focused so hard and was driven to learn. But my social life took a big hit and I didn’t want to talk to anyone. So at that point I decided do I want a social life or grades. I stopped taking the pills and chose friends. Fast forward to now where I’m 28 and have had an awesome life with tons of fun. But now I’m back in online courses for law and started taking it again. Can anyone share their stories of long term use with adderall because I’m over focusing on being social and now want to be successful. It honestly feels like the movie limitless when I take this stuff and as a prescribed patient I fit the profile, I take a low dose and only use it for study days. What am I to expecting in the future for long term use?

mannn im on 40mg and im just chilling vibing with some music

i didnt have the attention span to get through this video

ADDERALL : WHO CAN study when you have to pee 5 times an hour?

Bro off 30 mg it takes a little to kick in but then it’s like I’m so enlightened. Like my skin is very light but ONLY my skin if that makes sense lol. And I just get happy and think abt the good in life


10 mgs not going to do shit

0:29 “Commonly known as MeAThHh”

once I was so desperate for it that I went to Craiglist and wrote to the first shady seller and it worked! met up and did the transaction

But 10 mg of Adderall is like 200 mg of Caffeine.

this video full of false information lmao

Generation Adderall Sounds Great

If you need a plug for addy

First off, having a similar chemical structure has no direct connection to a substances pharmacological profile. Second, it is obvious how little the creator knows about millennials by calling us the adderall generation. Lastly, claiming that adderall is essentially meth is blatant sophistry and appeals to a large demographic of naive, arrogant, and simple minded know-it-alls which operate under a pretense of superiority by not using stimulants for ADHD. Stimulants like adderall have tons of empirical evidence which supports their therapeutic impact on ADHD symptoms and corresponding changes in brain structure that more closely resemble the structure of a normal brain. Genetic analyses show that there is also a set of genes which are linked to ADHD; one of which results in a dopamine reuptake transporter abnormality and a consequent lower concentration of synaptic dopamine levels. Adderall normalizes brain activity in ADHD patients and allows them to function in a competitive world. It's easy for someone without ADHD to conclude that those with it are simply undisciplined and making up an excuse for their behavior, but there are actual neuropsychological factors which are beyond their control.

He uses adderal to draw fast.

I took 60mg xr and ain’t really feel shit but a little focused

Best ad ever.

Happy i got adhd

If you’ve done meth before, then do a decent amount of Adderall (a couple 20mg instants for instance) they feel the same, so if you wanna do meth just do Adderall..

Remember kids, it works faster when you snort it.

0:27 "Commonly known as MEEFFFTH"


This literally explains my ADHD I cane to the comments just to find that I had already seen it and liked all comments

Does anyone know anyways to pay attention in in class I try my hardest and it doesn’t work at all in 6th grade my parents thought I had ADHD I went to go get tested but idk what happened with the results i’m pretty sure someone didn’t do what they were supposed to do. Fast forward and I’m in 9th grade now i’ve gotten calmer but the ability for me to pay attention in class is much harder now I can’t seem to focus even if i try my hardest I also have a motivation problem I give up on everything I try and do can someone please help

10 mg I take 72 that’s what I’m prescribed

Without Adderall I feel like a crack head and legit can’t get anything done

I feel tired when I take it

you guys should make a video on how your brain builds good habits

10mg ain't shit, 40mg makes the difference

I do have ADHD and I did take Adderall when I was in college. It definitely helped with ability to study. Unfortunately they don’t tell you what it’s like on it. I would literally not eat all day. Coming off of it was hard. I had to literally give my prescription to one of my friends each month just to get clean from it. Now I have them again and take them occasionally. When I really need to get stuff done.

I read another study that reported that people on adderall did not do better at cognitive tasks, but reported much higher confidence in their results. Natural conclusion from that is the same as from here, adderall motivates you to study but does not improve your capabilities. Then of course when you come off you're less motivated to study again. Used to think it was unfair that some students took adderall, now I don't anymore. Now I largely subscribe to the idea that the only valuable thing you can do for studying is putting in quality time grappling with the concepts. Whether you're on adderall, studying while jerking off on meth, if you've had a cup of joe or not, doesn't matter.

I have adhd. I take my adderall because it helps me in school. i’ve been taking it for 8 years. but it makes me emo and spaced out when I am on it. I can’t socialize. and when it wears off I am depressed. like really depressed. where i won’t want to hang out with anyone. so if i don’t like to socialize on it, and then when i am off it i am depressed so i can’t socialize, what good is it doing? yes, it helps me in school. but is it worth it? so, about 2 months ago I stopped taking it. best decision i’ve ever made.

This channel is trash. Stop learning about drugs from people who don't take them. Adderall doesn't have that much of an effect on cognitive abilities? Gtfo.

Huh now i see why shroud doesn't show much emotions.............

I was into it until the plesure part

It kicks in faster if you snort it.

Bro I call bs

What about Vyvanse?

I only used meth and i have a good grades , Meth in phillipines is so good shout out to Jaguar 👁

I took 5 of my pills and its Hard to type it feels good but mega blurry vision I like it top 3 drugs rn no vorrys and happy very chill

I jus got prescribed with Adderall yesterday fr my a adhd lol

I need this
I got ADHD
Also if they ain't give us so much work we wouldn't be using it

I was shocked when i found out people in my uni uses adderall and students also sell it

well first of all 10mg don't do shit

i still don’t get what the connection to methamphetamine has to do with anything

i use adderall for apexlegends


i got yall on 30 mg addys 10 a pop hml, im joking but like im also not i got prescribed it like a month ago but i got 19 left because they didnt work for me and now im back on SEVENTY MILLIGRAMS OF VYVANSE vyvanse is my babygirl <3

With this being said... I’ve just been prescribed, should I use? I do have ADHD and I believe it would help considering I have low motivation and have shit grades

Adderall (amphetamines salts) has more affinity towards dopamine and norepinephrine, then serotonin.

This explains why Americans are insane...

I ate a bottle of this and I currently painted a fake rembrandt

that study cant really be taken into account when they were only given 10 mg...

Lazy video. Attempts to practice medicine and misinform public. Id take it down.

I wrote 6 pages of my research paper in two hours so I like to think of it as a problem solver not a problem

Adderall: the version of meth that makes you feel not like a criminal for doing meth.

Generation Adderall
ok Boomer

Legal METH

Anyone else pop a addy b4 this film

Hello I’m a recreational drug user and a college student. If you haven’t tried adderall you don’t know what you’re missing. Not only does it make school work actually fun it’s also pretty euphoric and gives a nice rush feeling. I prefer it to coke any day of the week

Edit: it’s also a pretty safe drug but I would not recommend exceeding 200 mg at once

manes voice sound like he took one too many addys

Man I needa up my Adderall dosage smh

So why Drs never tell you about this even though you're in the need of it, you want to tell me that Drs don't want you to get addicted or harm yourself but then why they make it and put in a pharmacy shelves to begin with if Drs never want you to take it!

i snorted 4 adderall pills and i was so geeked

Thanks Big Mouth

Lol can’t relate, I’m the only one in my family who actually suffers horribly from adderall. Why do I still take it? Because my doctor thinks it works on Asthma.

Well 10mg obviously wouldn’t have BARLEY AN EFFECT ON A DAMN BABY

"Commonly known as Meh!"