Your Brain on Drugs: Marijuana


This is what you look like, on the inside, when smoking cannabis. The effects of Marijuana on your brain, and how it defines your experience.

Written and created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).


Music by Mitchell Moffit

Art by Gregory and Mitchell

Some Sources---

3) Physiological Review (Journal), vol. 83, 2003
4) Memoirs of an Addicted Brain - by Marc Lewis

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I don’t know if it’s only me but the first time I got mad high I was scared out of my mind lol

why do some people get extremely paranoid after smoking weed?

Why do i vomit when i smoke weed? I don’t smoke that much compared to others but i still vomit and they don’t??

ADVICE FOR THE POTSMOKER: Teens who smoke pot at risk for later SCHIZOPHRENIA, psychosis (via Harvard review). Also, I watched an Amazon documentary of a MENTAL INSTITUTION in France, they said their SCHIZOPHRENIA patients may happen from marijuana use. They all look like walking zombies that got a lobotomy NO JOKE.

I’m so high rn. When I read the comments I get sober

If you smoke weed you die. FACT!

Man I love smoking weed. Toking up a bowl right now as I watch. 😎👍

I got high at night for 2 weeks in a row so when i go to bed i am high without smoking weed

Soooo TRUE! 🤟🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

When I first started smoking it was all laughing sand munchies and now 3 years later I get really paranoid and anxious and feel as though I’m dying

When anyone else smokes weed does everything kinda go everywhere or is that just me

I’m high, and I feel like I’m in the matrix

Me vibin to the comments like everything is so relatable😂😂

How’s the josh?? High Sir🤣🤣🤣😂

Thanks for the subs

They get aggressive they get abusive they start having bipolar disorder they start lying 🤥 really bad mood swings their anger gets triggered really easy impairment of judgment The list goes on of negative things that happen when they use that type of Substance weed is a bad drug !!!

weed is gr8

I use weed occasionally but I can't stop fascinating about what shrooms or LSD is like?

Makes me feel soooooooo

What about K2?

hi asap science , do a video on delta 8 thc

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I've tried emailing you and messaging you all on social media.

Your explanation is absolutely wrong.

Cannabinoids are the retroactive signaling molecules of the human body. They prevent excess neurotransmitters from firing, they do not interrupt a refractory period. They cause it.

Please change this in the about or make a new video.

This is incredibly irresponsible and I will have this called out in a professional publication if you don't actively correct it.

You're sharing inaccurate science. This another example of how disinformation is spreading too easily online. The people attempting to be topical authorities on science are not even fact checking their content or checking their emails.

This is how many people are out of weed during 👇👇 quarantine.

who else is high rn?

duuddddeeee reading these comments while watching the video got me rolling lol 🤣🤣

Never doing drugs sound like hell I'm so sorry but it does and also weed should be legal its litteraly heaven

i ate an edible for my first time (last night lol ik but i’m only 15) and i felt like i was in a simulation half the time because i had such a weird and longated line of vision it was weird, and my pop tart felt like i was eating actual sand so weird

The marijuana flower clothing store is titled "keep calm and cheer yourself up"🤗 .

Dude, weed is a plant, not a drug. Get it through your head already

I liek the weed🗿

Marijuana is good or bad ?

I just realised that the way neurons interact by letting neurotransmitters move to the dendrite of the next neuron and exciting or inhibiting it... is the same way that transistors in a cpu work, by keeping the gate open or closed. wowzers, we really are just a big ol biological binary system

Me high asf just vibing to the music and reading comments forgetting he’s even talking

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Thinking about Jesus and how He wants me to stop this distracting evil substance

Use weed with shrooms so you can go on tangents while also seeing the big picture

Could you guys do one for CBG?

Its fine to watch this video when I'm high
Last night i watched "CLIMAX" movie
😑 I'm in my reincarnation nowwww

M high last 2days rn

Im high now. Im high now. Im high now. Im high now. Wait.... What are yall guys doing on youtube right now???

Yo yo yo I’m high

Whenever my friends and I are high in public and we r about to walk past someone we always try to 'act natural' and then naturally form a single file line hahaha

I love weed

this is weed, pot cannibud mary jane, aint nothin cool about what it can do to your brain, it messes with your memory who the who are you?

Everything we find ourselves attached to becomes a drug

hi asapscience can do a video on mad honey

Has anyone experienced things going in slow motion when high?

Can’t wait till I’m 18

Learn stuff everyday


America 7 years later:
👄 👁

This sounds horrible

As usual, im high again

first time i smoked , i greened out

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You in for some coke, blueberry and more text imjoker on wickr he is a reliable drug dealer I always got mine from

Everytime i get high i think of shit that should be a movie

I’m so high rn lol 😭😭 why tf I’m I watching this

Wo..... I'm literally oscillating on Background music.... I'm so high

my brain is very much on marijuana rn

I'm used to vaping nicotine, 50mg to be exact. Anyway I just tried an editable for the first time (never smoked pot) and I took a sliver 1/4 to be exact of an editable that's 500mg.. shitt

Duuude I’m so high

i’m so high

Does the "learning" part means that it's harder to learn or easier? As I myself have this instance of watching a random calculus youtube video while high and being able to recall everything taught in it perfectly the next day.

Would this help with ADD? Since the brain already has a lack of dopamine, would smoking a small amount actually enhance your thought process?

I love marijuana

Video title: Your brain on drugs: marijuana

Video below that: Family Guy Meg gets high full episode

Funny marijuana song

I don't do drugs

I just inhale plants

I want to smoke it but my parents are justttt so rude

I have been persistently bumping into the SAME YouTube video about pot and it’s reaction in the human body SINCE I WAS A TEEN. I’m 25 now. . Dare I say MIND BLOWN 😎😂🔥 #StayLIIIT

On the individual level, you have to understand what that individual often thinks about. That's how it isn't effective for everyone.

I be high asf doing hw it helps me learn 💀

This shit like a movie

So after what im hearing i need to call my plug

Should’ve went in the terps, one can make you jump off a bridge and another can make you scared of water haha

This is way better than those anti-weed videos from the 60s.


can you make a video about the side effects of it.. cuz i had a couple bad experiences (tweaking) a few times but majority of the times was great

High and all you hear is the background music and the talking makes you feel like youre in a charlie brown special.

My balls itch, how can I fix it?

Yoo can you please do a video either how how does weed affect your lungs long term. And on your brain long term.

I really feel like learning about being high enhances my high lmao

This video is sooo long when you high bro ain’t no way that was only 2 minutes

we get it you're high

I do have a "burning ?" (Nice pun btw) Dopamine and Serotonin.. Hmm I wonder what actual Narcos will do to those to NTrans

Anyone with jesus hairstyles are potheads

Does weed do anything to lungs

I'm can bet that 98% of the people watching the video or reading the comments is high rn😂😂

I used to love smoking weed but after a while it started to get depressing

I'm too high for this shit

I just ate a whole box of cheez it’s

I hear angels and demons argue about me and I get visions perverting the Bible and then I hear the angels rebuke them cause they come from the Demons. Is this something I should worry about?

Weed def one of my favorite drugs fs

hey frands what’s up

So nobody here eats edibles... just me ok

What about the effects of weed on the rest of the body? Like lungs? It’s it more dangerous then cigarettes or less?