Your Brain On Edible Marijuana

Is eating pot actually better for you?
Why Do You Get The Munchies?:


Created by: Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown
Written by: Gregory Brown & Mitchell Moffit
Illustrated: by: Max Simmons & Gregory Brown
Edited by: Sel Ghebrehiwot

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This was an excellent explanation

I had an Edible 2 weeks ago and the affects I feel is my eyes are focused on everything I see And I laugh for no reason sometimes. But I’m really relaxed when I’m high and, it helped me sleep better.

I've been high for more than 28 hours 😂

I've never tried edibles I've only smoked weed but I reckon that I'd always prefer smoking it

I’m watching this on edibles right now 👍

hahha yall just handle your weed food looosers

It’s nothing better then 50mg of thc drops before breakfast 🥞

I'm so high I'm vining with the back round music

6 years ago i had my first edible brownie and i regretted it.

To make a long story short my trip was so bad i could see through my eye lids...i end up in the ER😢

Bruh I felt dizzy and thought I was going to die after taking 1 edible

thinking about trying edibles for the first time and videos like that are actually help me learn a little more I know someone from watching cooking on high and some basic knowledge about pot but things like this definitely help me hey it's just going to how much for me or not only I can find a version of this in Spanish for my mother so she would not keep flying off the f**** candle every time I talked about possibly trying pot

Y’all don’t try this shit❗️

I ate an edible I FaceTimed my grandmother from Florida I was cursing her lol

Ok so on a serious note, at 1:46 that 3rd drawing right, with the thing on the shoulder, I felt a warmth come over than area of my body. Does that mean that thing is growing there? Yes I did smoke it. Omg. Am I okay?

They leave out that if you make them to strong you will have full blown trips

Awesome. I’m stopping the smoking. I don’t like the smell I hate coughing. I love my lungs and am choosing a healthier lifestyle on consuming cannabis!

Have y’all tried running high?💀

Fun thing about edibles is that you almost always end up redosing before it fully kicks in. Leading to very very interesting nights. I didn't know my buddy had made thc brownies I just knew they tasted great and got better. Well I ate half of the pan and he didn't even freak it just asked me how the experience was and offered me the rest. Man I miss ya bruv God rest your soul!

I had a really bad experience with edibles. Make sure you buy them from a dispensary and not off the street. You can actually overdose and feel horrible. Some edibles have a shit ton of THC in them. Be careful.

Never been high in my whole life (62 now). Well I had a stroke when I was 59 and now have pain all the time on my left side of my body. Bought a bag of THC gummy bears to see if this would help.I named the bears as I eat them. Fist bears name Curly, second bears name Fuzzy, third bears name, Ralph. Dam, I think Ralph was trying to kill me, but it was a fun and learning experience I'll never repeat.
ps watch out for Ralph : )

Your promoting it?

Edibles are really different and the experience is much more closer to actual psychedelics (LSD, shrooms) than to smoking pot. Therefore they should be used in right set and setting. Lot of people report bad experiences with edibles that could be easily avoided by proper set and setting and knowing the dose. Also combining with alcohol is in my opinion just stupid and beats the purpose of getting high.
The other thing to recommend is to measure out the dose and sticking with it starting with a lower dose and trying out higher later on. For this purpose the homemade edibles are the best because you know how much you put in.

Casually watching this cos I’m trying edibles for the first time next week 😂👍🏻

One time I was out drinking and I smoked marijuana and I felt like I can’t breath anymore and it lasted for days before I get better horrible experience in my entire life!

Qui vient après la vidéo de qinhuit

Tried it out last night! Couldn't even be able to walk up the stairs!

Edibles are way better than smoking. But can only it tiny bits at a time or else you risk have a wild trip or even throw up.

I had my first brownie that ehvdrbsksidndhdh Nothing happened to me literally I just felt sleepy what kinda brownies you guys eating

I had the “i feel like im in a video game” type of trip... wasnt bad but had to take “recharging” naps if things got too crazy

Isnt it 121 degrees Celsius not 150

Who's watching this while absolutely high? I had one piece of a chocolate last night. Got high at 830 pm and its 12 pm the next day. I am still high. Wow

When I ate a whole brownie (my first time) I felt so loopy and I couldn’t stop eating. I never felt full so I kept eating until I threw up

Anyone ever get a pump while high a balls

i made weed ramen noodles once and thought i was dead

my brother wrote his harvard admissions essay while he was high on four edibles 😭 graduates next year mmao

I ate a full chocolate piece if cake edibles took piss but
Man i was freaking high af i dont remember much what i did but it lasted too long 😂😂

Edibles r awesome!

Warning: Addicts in denial in the chat

I just took 20 mg and I think I've made a huge mistake

2 days ago i ate 2/3 of a brownie and it was like a half hour later i didnt feel anything so i ate the rest, before this i got in trouble and i had to have a talk with my dad, so after i ate the full brownie i was just sitting there with my sister and COULD NOT, I REPEAT COULD NOT, STOP LAUGHING. I was able to control it when my dad came but i was high from like 6pm to 3 a.m

smoking weed do not give u cancer 😂😂smoking BLUNTS does

Just took a 200mg going to my girls house in a couple hours wish me luck

You actually start to feel it in 30 min

My friend had a old ligter so se grabbed paper roll grass in it not like grass but actual grass u step on lol it was weird tho

When i had edibles, i only had a little bit and after a while i nearly applied for the army and i also felt like i was a puppet.

You buy 1 weed brownie you get a knife and cut it into 4 pieces and You get some regular brownies mix 1 of the four little pieces with the regular brownie. Do the same with the rest of the pieces and put them away. You will have a chill high and your brain will think you had a whole brownie or u can eat the whole weed brownie and be stuck in the corner and it ain't worth it.

What about cbd edibles?

Dude I feel like I’m out of my body I took 1 and Idk

3 nights ago was my first time I did 300mg alone in my room idk how high I got can someone tell me if I got high frim that

(Me) I ate half of it like 20 minutes ago I don’t feel anything give me the rest

That was the biggest mistake in my life

2-3 HOURS????🤨🤨🤨 i gotta smoke again 30 minutes later wtf 😭😭😭😭😭😂

Smoking weed doesn't cause cancer

Im high off edibles my self lol like really high!!! Imma go make a pb&-j and play the sims... whos with me?

2 -3 hours 😂😂🤣 mane what I smoke sum zaza And be high for 30 min at the most I need what u smoking

My liver processes it to well or something, it sucks.

The last time I ate an edible, I was convinced that I was having stroke and was going to die. After that it was really fun lol

i ate one brownie. one. i thought i was gonna die, everything was moving in slow motion and i felt like my body was an adrenaline park with little spin rides and it was horrible. i was feeling so sick i forced myself to go to sleep and i slept through half of the day ( from 1pm to 11pm). never. again.

the edible kicks in when you talk shit about it lmao

not weed..................................................herb

I ate a edible for the first time yesterday and didn’t feel anything 🤷🏻‍♀️

idk how much to eat😂

anyone eating them now?

I had a small 10 mg of chocolate sativa edible and waited, about 40 minutes later it crept up on me and it was interesting. I don’t like smoking. I decided to give Call of Duty, team death match a try and found myself saying “shit run, run for your life!!🤣 2 Games later I went 27-1 and I freaked, I could not believe it. I was so excited I took a picture of the end game report... eventually I felt so bad for the other team that I turned off the game😂. I should’ve read a book instead, it’s more enjoyable to me.

I love edibles, very much😎

i was like oh hey reminds me of brandi!

When I was 16 I ate a hole one wasn't fun

One time I took a little candy one. Apparently like one of the strongest in my school. I started feeling kinda happy and getting a little high. THEN THE HIGH JUST KEPT INCREASING AND INCREASING AND INCREASING until I forgot how to get to the bathroom.

I once tried setting my alarm on the microwave

So its basically lsd but lighter

my neighbors were playing music upstairs when i first tried them and bruhhh that’s shit was IN SYNCED with my movements, and my heart it was trippy

went through all of my freshman year of college and didn't take an edible or smoke marijuana... such a shame

I ate an edible last week
I actually thought i was gonna have a heart attack, i went deaf for a few minutes and started laughing and i couldnt stop and thennnn i started crying for some reason. Let me just say that it was an experience that I'll never forget

Lol y’alls edibles must’ve been laced or something cause my very first time trying one, it felt like a normal high

No lie boy I was out my body when I ate a edible

So y’all never been greened out?

my first time eating edibles was insane, I came home from partying and ate a whole bag of raw sugar because at the time it tasted amazing

I have bought around 3 edibles this past month ...none of them made me high ...barely enought to feel it but not enought to be "high" ...2 of them were brownies of 500mg and the other one was a chocolate bar of 1000 mg ...can anyone explain to me why those edibles didnt take effect ?? Btw I bought them at different dispensaries

I will never forget when I has to get physical therapy for a few months (because of some brain surgeries) there was an old lady there talking to me about weed.

"One day I was driving with my boyfriend and we ate some edibles and got sooooo stoned! Then we listening to Deep Purple for the rest of the ride home!"

Just funny hearing that from someone that's like in their 70s lol

I got so high off edibles I tried to microwave waffles..... not good lmao

I never knew getting high could sound so smart

I always buy edibles due to variety and my asthma concerns. I watched despicable me 3 with my kids and got destroyed by a christmas cookie and crashed on the couch.

I remember when I ate my first edible gummy. I kept thinking it wasn’t crap I felt a little tingle but other than that nothing.So I’m on Xbox playing with some friends and I remember the exact moment it. And what led up to it. I just kept thinking why is the game I’m playing keep changing resolution. Why did everything have a bloom to it. And then...SHOWTIME. It was like everything Suddenly zoomed out. Everything became slow and I can barely feel my face. I had a permanent smile on my face and I had to call my girlfriend. Because she was the one that gave it to me and all she said was I can’t ride that wave with you, enjoy~. As she hung up and left me on that mountain. All I could think was I wanted to eat mashed potatoes and listen to “Have you ever been high as F”. I didn’t come down to the next morning. I remember at certain points all I wanted to do was come down and when I did all I want to do was get back up there. So weird. My girlfriend called me a few hours after I woke up asking me if I was still alive. I was mad that she left me alone but also happy she gave me that experience. I don’t know if you can come addicted to gummy’s but all I do know is I want to ride that wave again

Its Called Bhang in India... 😌🔥

I hate seeing people shit on edibles so much 😔 that shit is absolutely amazing and it’s what I started on. Never had a bad trip in my life, especially not on edibles. Those were the best times ever. It’s like so impossible to me to not be happy while high on weed 😂 like wtf

Just ate an edible cookie

don’t mix marijuana and lsd unless you want to know what a 2007 dell feels like when you open a billion tabs & discord

So basically smoke before you take an edible so you can be high the whole time

This man didn’t just get a cheap pipe a pack a bowl. Just to show us. Yes he did.😂

English please...

Man the first time I made edibles I had way too much and a guy delivered a few oz of shrooms to my house. I hid in a bush and he cold see me

Just ate the 140mg of edibles and went to a different dimension

Edibles or dab witch is stronger

my first time high off an edible I ate 9 brownies then I and my brother laughed at the word uvula for two hours straight then he fell asleep telling me how his friends call me princess.

forgot to mention I ate 5 grilled cheese sandwiches

Once ate too much and it felt like I was in the border of dreaming and reality

Edibles are no joke know your dosage

I was so high on edibles once that I made a snap video of me talking about how my Wendy’s cheeseburger was too colorful and I could “see the fake”

ive only ate an edible once and it was A LOT, i don’t remember anything, just going to sleep

Me going to bed at 9:30 pm starting off watched some clothing hauls
Me at 4:34am in the morning watching what’s happening in your brain when you have edible weed
True but sad story

Smoking weed is cancerous? Damn I learned something new

That makes a lot of sense now