Your Brain On Fentanyl (FIXED)

A look into one of the deadliest drugs.
Watch "Are Drugs Good For You?"

Created by: Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown
Written by: Rachel Salt & Gregory Brown
Illustrated by: Max Simmons
Edited by: Sel Ghebrehiwot & Mitchell Moffit

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Hey friends!
We're just reuploading this video to clarify the lethal dosage of fentanyl. Thanks for understanding, and for always watching and supporting our channel :)

I want to get clean so badly..

I've held fentanyl pills for friends and never gotten high. Maybe its the pure form of it that does it not the fake popcorn shit.

I’ve overdosed more than 5 times even having my mom finding me while screaming couldn’t get me off it ... I’m trying to get off it you guys can do it too ! Do it FOR YOURSELF ❤️❤️I love u and Jesus loves u ❤️❤️

Watching this to see what Mac and peeps last moments were like

Remember people to take breaks away from hard drugs.


Wasnt george floyd high on fentanyl

Wrong. You wont die by just touching it. That's been debunked

me watching this after watching euphoria: 😸👍

Fenty single handedly solving the homeless crisis

This killed Lil peep

We can conclude that the anemy of US is drug not terrorists. Drug killing people more that terrorists killing people. But US people still think terrorists more dengerous.

Drug free lifestyle Is best

This is what killed George Floyd

I'll stick to my heroin and krokodil thank you very much

India would never support production of fentanyl legally

I'm 1 month and 3 days clean off fentanyl. Thank you lord ❤❤🙌


“Just say no”
How has that worked out?
The “war on drugs” was lost decades ago.

Why would first responders have fentanyl powder and not already prepared fentanyl dosed in syringes or ampoules?

Is it called Sand because its between the Sea and the land ?

The world would be a different place right now if George Floyd would have watched this video.

Everyone has his or her own experience relating to this drug, but to me, Fentanyl is an opioid used as a pain medication
and together with other medications for anesthesia. This has been my helper and that of
my mom and dad for about 9 years. I will recommend this drug to anyone sufering from
pain and severe pain with no doubt, it offers 100% satisfaction. Fentanyl is also used
as a recreational drug, often mixed with heroin or cocaine. It has a rapid onset and its
effects generally last less than two hours.

My brother and I got our stuff from this legit plug he got it delivered at my door step

Get your pills at a good rate from

Legalize ALL DRUGS.

touch it does not cause OD

Thanks. But am sticking up with acid

My friend just died of heroin laced with fentanyl.. Thank you for this video. So I can understand her last moments.

Don't do drugs kids. Except for lsd and marijuana, and psilocybin mushrooms, mabye some mescaline and dmt too. Try salvia at least once as well.

What's worse is that heroin (diamorphine) is used as well for severe pain.

Was Mac Miller depressed or something, all his songs pretty much hinted his end. He just seems so passionate in his rap, besides the sexual parts

Do fish think birds are UFOs?

Fark that shit

rip george floyd

No thanks ill stick with my ecstasy

Lol no I didnt overdose, it was clearly the coppa

its already killed me more then 5 times. good thing im a rec user and i am never alone when i use it.last time it took 3 hits of nasal naloxene to bring me back.i turned blue and wasnt breathing for almost 10 mins. i remembers smoking the foil. it killed me so fast dont even remember exhaling

Last week I got a European Xanax it works much better. If you are interested you can find xanax here:

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For people who have done this what was it like and will you do it again

so this is why Floyd couldn't breathe.

No thanks I’ll stick to my cocaine

The solution is legalizing heroin and have it tested before sold just like legal weed is

I've just had 2 doses of fentanyl this morning, after a small surgery. This is scary

Can you do a Brain on Methadone? Upcoming CBHT and I've been binge watching these as my crash course. The visuals are soooo helpful for us visual learners!

You are here because Tenet

I'm here for the Floyd Effect.

Here because of Euphoria

fentanyl feels psychedelic to an extent; like you're floating around with gods on earth

So if a crab obtained a boat ,a submarine & a plane would that mean that birds are just a form of fish that swims in the air? 🙂🙃😇

Fentanyl is racist. Defund fentanyl

So this the shit George Floyd had in his body when the died.

Never told us what the brain does on it

So, could George Floyd have died of this

George Floyd was on this...

anyone seeing the "30 mg" percs? but are actually a mix of garbage and also people melting them down and reshaping pills with even more garbage?

idiotic uninformed Congress and doctors now .. won't prescribe ehat some need to function leading to street drug buys.


Fentanyl is what killed George Floyd ⚠️ Fentanyl = ☠

Wow the effect on healthcare providers just from touching it is SCARY.

George Floyd type beat

Bullshit fentyl is heaven 🥺

I got fentanyl yesterday injected in My vein in an ambulance when a car drove My motorcycle over

Opioids do really kill whether heroin or fentanyl they all kill and deadly when taken more than recommended.

So this killed George Floyd huh?

: (...

George floyd died because of this

So that’s why George Floyd couldn’t breathe

George Floyd was on this


Much of this is bullshit.
The people who NEED the pain meds, such as people who have deteriorating vertebrae - or inoperable cancer - are getting kicked off the medication, many times without any help for withdrawal. I was kicked off Vicodin after 3 years of never asking for an increase, never asking for a higher dose, passing drug tests, and never giving it away/having it stolen. No tapering, no help, just "No more," and "see you later."
Almost all the opioid od's are from heroin or the combo heroin/fentanyl, or the combination of stolen prescription drugs and the heroin. The people who need it are NOT misusing, selling, or OD'ing. But that's who the doctors are being forced to take the meds away from. We lose about 200 people a week nationwide to suicide because they cannot live with the pain without the medications. Many of them are vets who have served our country.
The CDC/DEA and the VA doesn't give a shit.

Pretty sure the government spreading fentanyl in my backyard. California. It just showed up all of a sudden

China had found a way to kill Americans secretly..... Fentanyl. This will be China's legacy of bringing this country down if we don't stop this drug

i love this shit

I feel sorry for those who use it

I've seen a lot of people under the influence of Fetanyl in Kensington, I no longer feel like trying any single drug...

Wow wow wow

Who’s here after the George Floyd arrest video was released?

Do lean

No thanks. I’ll just do my crystal.

Haha opioid receptors go brrr

RIP George Floyd BLM protesters miss you.

Rest easy Mac


Sooo... how did george floyd really die?

why would you sweat on fetanyl

Fentanyl is good, but its duration is too short for me. I prefer morphine or oxycodone. And max dose od fentanyl that i took was about 5mg. But i had extremly high tolerance during this time.

It can cause death? Is this a warning or an advertisement?

Easier: don't do any drugs..

I tried it for a few weeks for facial pain. It did nothing. How much are people taking????? The dose was 200 mg.

Rip Lil Peep 🖤🕊

Opioids themselves are not the problem for death increases. The problem lies within the pharmaceutical companies that cause such high rates of death due to getting people addicted to opioids as doctors prescribe them to anybody that asks.

Usually such prescriptions that are stronger than morphine (like oxycodone) are given for pain (pain that does not often require strong drugs) and don't tell the patient the risks of how addictive they are and the patient being none the wiser. With how expensive the pills are, people end up losing all their money having found themselves addicted to them and resort to heroin as it is much stronger and much more affordable. Drug lords then can get low grade heroin for cheap and bulk it out with fentanyl to make it appear as if it is high grade and strong, often putting too much fentanyl in or the fact that powder doesn't mix like liquids and it can have hotspots in the mixture where more fentanyl is present than in other places.

This issue isn't the drug. The issue is the fact the government allows this to happen and is also the reason for such high rates of homelessness.

Fentanyl is good?

george floyd be like

I dunno had a boodcloth in my arm they said they may have to remove my arm but when I woke up I was on Fentanyl and morphine after 6 hours i said "The fenanyl, I don't want that anymore just makes me tired. I just don't get it unless they addicted they said " You have the right to refuse it but we aren't liable. At least in my case Fentanyl is garbage sorry for everyone addicted ask the Dr and your self why you took it. Did you take it cause it helped or just cause they giving it to you.

Explains why peep acted the way he did :/

Fetti is a fun drug if used right and conservatively used. I don't know about OD being that easy tho I did a good sized dose my first time and just nodded off a bit

Rip lil peep

And there is the real cause of George Floyd's death, it wasn't just because of the "racist" cops.

Dang no wonder George Floyd couldn’t breathe