Your Brain on LSD and Acid

What happens to your brain and body when you drop acid?
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Created by: Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown
Written by: Rachel Salt, Mitchell Moffit, & Gregory Brown
Illustrated: by: Max Simmons
Edited by: Sel Ghebrehiwot

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Created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).

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I love LSD it changed me forever

Okay you talked me out. Im in

@_@ lets get high and learn what an interesting drug

How do you volunteer for research lol

as long as you dont have negative thoughts you will not have a bad trip. you control your trips.

This is what agents in secret agencies take. And obviously there is another one that gives other effects, which could be why it is still "undiscovered" yet.


When I tried LSD I was laughing the whole time and you don't sleep.

Best to do LSD:
1. In a place that you know
2. With friends who you can trust
3. When you in a good place mentally to reduce a bad trip

Use your phone while on LSD which can lead to texts or calls that can possibly cause you to get in trouble. Hide your phone and enjoy the moment

Acid is mentally draining

Which gives really amazing skills in painting for me

I know what my brains like without it and it's not cool lol

Is anyone here a worried parent? My daughter just told me she does this and how smart, confident and motivated she feels about life. I'm lost. And she expected me to be happy about her sharing this..LOL I mean really? Like I'm not mad I'm scared for you.


Does anyone know if 1 stack of lsd =1 square

lsd are chemical drugs for me i will preffer mushrooms or natural psychedelics drugs than lsd to know what is lsd ?

This is real medicine

Dont mind me..just doing my research before i think about doing it

he didn't touch his mouth. It fell on his skin and skin absorbed it. And on his ride back hom on a bike he tripped. U can absorb lsd with ur eyes (i mean the liquid put on ur eyes) on ur skin and drink it or mix it on a cube of sugar.


Many of the people who committed suicide on LSD were "slipped it" and didnt know they were on drugs. Their "suicide" was jumping off a cliff because they were tripping and didn't know they were on a drug and were not very conscious because of the drug. People use to be "slipped" LSD because society use to think it would make you share your unconscious or hidden thoughts. Basically humans are a bit weird and nuts.

Y is there a cat in my backpack

"LSD and Acid," you realize they are the same thing lmaoooo

0:56 The narrator calls the receptor "5HT2A", but it's actually called 5H2TA.

Yo LSD fans where yall at?!?!

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Remember people to take long breaks away from hard drugs.

why ? apology bast §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§

Immmmmm trippin hard rn

I love all your videos but I was slightly dissapointed at how little you spoke about the negative sides of it. My experience with LSD was horrible. So much that I fell into a hole and get seasonal depression which last up to six months at a time. I barely survived my last 'dark phase' where my thoughts became that dark and and plain suicidal. My anxiety became a much bigger problem than it was before already. During the trip I was confused, paranoid and anxious. Which was in no way fun nor enjoyable.. I know a handful of people who have suffered similar experiences.
My point is not to fish for sympathy or attention, I just want people to understand that LSD is a dangerous drug. Maybe not that much on your body but on your mental wellbeing, especially if you are prone to mental illnesses.

My uncle met Albert Hoffman and my mom took care of one of his friends in the nursing home ahe worked at.

On it now I feel great :))

For beginers i recomend LSA
Try morning glory or hawaian baby woodrose
(also LSA is legal in almost all countrys)

The Beatles went from rock to a band formed by someone named pepper

He got me when he said "you wanna learn more about ur brain on drugs?" Click here

In case someone wants to hear an actual fact, drugs like LSD certainly IS addicting bc it’s awesome and fun... but don’t worry if you’re not stupid, bc from what I’ve experienced, stupid kids get hooked on it and end up really whack lol

My hands are knives
I have my hands back!
Oh boy now my feet are knives

anyone else here watching this video on LSD ?

i’ve seen LSD effect people in definitely some negative ways but i also know people who have done it and they’re still pretty normal rational people who just like getting high. Know yourself before you try anything and always consider the negative circumstances that could come out of that decision. Stay safe y’all

Definitely throws the mind through loops and circles trying to make sense of everything. Sounds a lot like life.


I’m watching this while on lsd 😛

I’m on it currently and just.... wow

I’ve taken it before and it’s pretty good, like being high on marijuana for the first time. Except when I had a bad trip. You won’t think of it the same again.

I’ve never done lsd but I wanna try to but the hppd got me

When I was 5 I smoked beer and my head fell off

WHATT microdosing is 1/10th of a tab? I took half thinking it was microdosing LMFAO no wonder that shit hit

Watching this on lsd.

Everyone tells me “you should try it”........ well where’s the plug at tho?

Doing it with someone ur comfortable with is the way to go! Ever since I started doing it I’ve felt way more woke & realized a lot of shit don’t matter & learned to let go 🙌🏻 be happy & safe! 💆🏻‍♀️

Am I the only one here who had a terrible trip and rlly bad experience and is never thinking of doing this shit again 😂

I told my friends I’ll be doin acid with them in 2 days, but I’ve been nervous but kind of buzzing all week, should I go for it or back out?

"lsd AND acid" lmaaoo

I can’t see cool stuff anymore on LSD why’s that?

Isaiah 53:3He was despised and rejected by mankind, a man of suffering, and familiar with pain. Like one from whom people hide their faces he was despised, and we held him in low esteem. Surely he took up our pain and bore our suffering, yet we considered him punished by God, stricken by him, and afflicted.

Jhon 14:6Jesus answered, im the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

Acts 3:19Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord,

Taking my first lsd today pray for me

Idk what just happened im off lsd like if you are too shit hits i swear man😂 remember nothing is real

Watching whilst on 500ug on an ongoing 13 hour trip. I've got a lot done, business wise; zoning out, and then some.

Your brain on weed and pot

Is anybody having a bad story to tell, guys?! WTF!

umm i took 600ug

I did 300 microgram last week


Anyone else watching this on acid

The first time I took LSD I stay quiet for all the day, even my friends tought the dose that they had gave to me was to high 250 micrograms a Hoffman, but it was trully beautiful, cannot wait for the quarintine to get over and see my friends again and take another one!!

Do it

Know how people say "I saw dragons." Bullturds. At least from my perception, I haven't seen anything of an inanimate object. My first time this asshole from the skate park used an eyedropper to pour out what was like a 3/4 teaspoon at most from what I saw the amount. I can't say but it looked like that much. Just a puddle of acid on my palm. Pressed it in my mouth, under the tongue, and licked it all up. It wasn't until 5 minutes my mouth was numb and my body felt a soothing fuzz down to my toes and scalp. Let's go 10-15 minutes in, black was purple, white was green/pink, some were blue. Just vaguely. And things started to breath soothingly, waving and twist. Like wet acrylic paints collaborated. 40 minutes later I can't see. I couldn't speak because it was unspeakable. Everything in front of my eyes were jolting like a stuck clock. I must have been peaking for 3-4 straight hours. I lost all perception of time and reality, and didn't sleep for over 24-hours. And I always sat up-right with this ridiculous overwhelming body high. A complex between of ascending to descending. The most spiritual connection to existence. And that was all it were. Just a self-ideology of unanswered questions of how and why we are conceived to existence. It was monumentally phenomenal in ways I can't express.
Word of advice, just stick to a half tab at least if you're going to try it out. I haven't done acid anymore since but I'm willing to try it again (CAREFULLY). KOTA The Friend - COLORADO (Bass Boost + Psychedelic Effect) ENJOY:)

ليه مافي ترجمه بالعربي 😭

How do I know it’s safe? What are things you have to look out for when taking acid? Lowkey scared of taking one because I think it’s laced or fake

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Can someone who's used physchadelics please tell me if it's like when your dreaming or imaging something, or is it all so surreal

If you’re tripping right now, go listen to ARTPOP. On headphones. Don’t mind if it’s Lady Gaga, it’s one of the best things you’ll do. Attention to Aura and Swine. Enjoy

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So you are saying that if you take LSD nothing is gonna happen? I mean like your not gonna be crazy and kill your mother wtfc like the PCP? Like the only effects are the imagination and stuff like this and then you are fine- I just can't understand why is it a drug if there street any bad effects

Actually the guy who made it did it on perpous and accidently took twice the amount most people do idk the exact number

I tried Microdosing. I took half a T and I felt so weird at first. My eyes felt like lasers and I could see my surroundings fully with peripheral vision. Patterns created physical euphoria. Walks are amazing. Music is amazing. Light felt amazing. I felt so tall and lifted it’s like I weighed 60 pounds (I weigh 160) I had much more energy. But you’re conscious is stuck in a certain way. It’s like being in a mental fishbowl of acid and part confusion (as a first timer). But once you overcome the uncomfortable part you start to enjoy looking at yourself. I was dancing and trying on all these clothes I never wore before, changed my hairstyle up for fun. It sort of does improve the quality of life. You just have to put your mind to it, very deep into it, you can get lost in your own thoughts very very fast so find something to clean or trippy to watch otherwise you’ll just freak out. The acid needs to work with visuals (look at cool shit on TV) otherwise it’ll start to feel weird (like wtf did I just take?)

That was a "cute" explanation. Now... let's talk about why you "tripped"....... the LSD "rips" open your chakras, specially the 6th chakra, (the third eye) which is the reason why you see "hallucinations" you're not seen those things with your physical eyes but rather, with your mind's eye (third eye),,,, LSD also elevate your frequency or vibration allowing you to connect to "portals" and visit other dimensions using your astral body of course, and therefore become visible as well from other entities, good ones and not so nice ones,. it all depends how much you are living in fear, what I like to call "emotional traumas" or emotional baggage" or also what I call subliminal emotional pain. Remember, in the universe likes attract a likes, (Laws of Attraction) so it's important if you do LSD, do a prayer, call on your guides ask for assistance, and meditate and gain inner peace. If all goes to plan, you will gain inner and outer truth of the working of our creator, the truth that this right here, our "real life" is a game, a make believe. Just a game for us to create and to be, to express and to experience, whatever we want to be.

I tried LDS in 3791.

I am dyslexic

Ecstasy and acid are where it’s at, just be safe and wait 3-6 months or more before you do it again

Therapy ? Sounds very kosher

Nnnaaarrrrhhhhhh nt. Lsd acid same thing nt duuh.

i have ben taking antabus twice a week. Does anybody know if it is dangers to take lsd while on antabus?

I'm going to make lsd legal again

Should I try it? I can’t decide😂 I’m afraid of a bad trip🤦🏽‍♀️

Oh Yeah bro...

These were my poison back in early 90s took them from 13

LSD = 4th dimention

Taking LSD was one of the best times in my life

im on it rn

lsd cured my depression and told me all the ancient knowledge of the universe i ever needed to know

Breathe and find those evil demons deep in your soul. Do not wish them away but learn that they are also your friends. Maintain peace but use your demons to get things done, that's where the energy all comes from. Being human is the best possible inquiry

Hppd i think is prob people have had a trip can then tap into somthing others cant