Your Brain On Shrooms

How do "Magic Mushrooms" chemically alter your brain?
Type A. vs. Type B. Personalities:


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Your Brain On Magic Mushrooms

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Tbh I never tried them.. I’m a very heavy weed smoker but this video makes me wanna try them at least once... but tbh I’m afraid... what if I have a bad trip? ANY TIPS👀

Would be awesome if we could lose the fast hands and over quick pace of talking.

Hey guys go watch my video of when I first tried shrooms 😂❤️

More people need to experiment with this sacred substance. The world would be a better place

Just did shrooms today. Such an eye opener

u know that episode of rick and Morty when mister poopy butthole was first introduced so on shrooms u think u feel like u know that person

Doing shrooms tonight!!!

Ok. So I want to try shrooms but I don't know what to expect from it. Enlighten me.

all fair, but shrooms are not recreational

Thats why dragons exist

i’m chewing some rn haha

I did shrooms plus shroom cakes the other day with my 3 best friends , let me tell you the experience was heavenly we had glow sticks and music and candles, the house looked like a magic peaceful dream, fulfilled with happiness it was truly amazing lol I haven't laughed like that in years and we were watching music videos and I could fell the vibe through the screen as if I was their lol I loved it !!! Ill defeintly do it again ❤❤long live shrooms

Brain Food

People get arrested for this :(

Mushrooms cured my anxiety and depression

My roommate caught me staring at a fluorescent painting for five minutes 😂😂

I did shrooms yesterday an it wasn’t all that, it’s like smoking weed without the smoking , it’s a longer lasting high then if it was just a blunt

Please make a video about dmt

I wish I could get the spiritual affects without having to see any hallucinations. That part sounds nauseating and potentially scary. If I knew my anxiety wouldn’t get the best of me I’d be all for it !

Lemme tell ya something. My first trip was crazy. It’s like you’re in another earth but everything is wavy and moving like jellyfishes. I remember walking around my house and I looked at my walls, they were moving like seaweed and my mood changed. I fell backward and was on the ground. For a moment.. I thought I was drowning in water but I got up and looked at my carpet and it had patterns and stripes you know.. and boi I, thought they were snakes coming at me but I pulled myself off. Crazy trip but I recommend it to you all! It’s not bad besides hallucinations xD and yes, you’ll question yourself that there’s other universe out there

You see the GOoD within yourself.
Time to heal the world, my powerful people.

I hunt down psilosibe semilanceatas in the early autumn.
Never found a bumper field yet, but a stroll will usually get me a handful, which is enough for a mild trip.
I've had much larger doses of psilosibe cubensis, a tropical variety a friend grew on some substrate; It induced me to watch Disney's Robin Hood with child-like rapture, and play with my dog for two hours.

Eat mushroom best corona virus

Just Took 2 gs heheh can’t wait

Do a your brain on salvia video pls

Man I don’t know if I want to do it now lol

just did shrooms TODAY! 10/10 would recommended 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

When I ate mushrooms for the first time, a black cat started talking to me and let me out of a large apartment complex I was lost in.🤷‍♂️

if you want to do drugs take - shrooms , lsd , mdma (in small doses ) dmt or any other natural psychedelic 🤗

Changed my life in the best way possible

This drug is demonic.It is a way for demons to have access to your thoughts.Please do a 180 from these drugs and your sins Repent and turn to Jesus of the Bible.He is coming soon.

carti i wanna go to pluto

If you cannot go on with shrooms, it's usually no problem, you have with shrooms, but more a problem, you have with yourself.


As a kid I was confused thinking you meant mushrooms couple years later I finally understand what you meant... I really got corrupted

Plants and anything that grows directly from our earth shouldn’t be illegal.

I'm selling magic mushrooms cod.

Taken Shrooms Very Trippy

Yh good experience never again

see after watching this i wanna try shrooms so badly, but i’m scared after i had a bad trip on pure mdma when i had a rock of it, i tried sleeping the night after and saw demons in my room and screamed :( and im scared my hallucinations off shrooms will be all scary and not happy at all

So... Marijuana on extreme mode...?

I saw this on tiktok comment: One of my friends tried shrooms n thought he was a cup full of water & he fell over & started screaming to fill him back up bc his water was spilling.


i jus came here after i took5 grams, im about to trip balls

Looking for a plug. Thatwill deliver amywhere. Hit up Shawnieboy369 wickr for deets

You just made everyone want to do shrooms

Please please please if you have family history of schizophrenia don’t do it.

I'm scared off drugs .
Not advil thoe

Shrooms has helped me tremendously with my mental health. I’ve full blown tripped a few times, but I microdose as much as I can. Respect the compound and it will make your life so much better.

1:57 pussies

I’m high on shrooms right now and I am too relaxed

I too like to over dose on mushrooms

shroomin while im watching this

Bro i tried shrooms last week definitely worth it lmaoo ofn 💯

shrooms gave us that great work of fiction called the bible..

This is so funny while on shrooms

Love the video, hate the comment section.

Am I the only person that came back from a trip looking for answers?

so mostly its good

dont do shrooms if ur depressed

if the government legalize shrooms they no their antidepressants are going to the bin.

i tripped on it for the first time to treat my depression but i feel more depressed after wards will it go away 😭
edit: it went away and i actually feel so much better now

Lol I used to smoke weed like crack, I craved it all day & NEEDED it. This was actually not long before I actually fell into harder drugs/addiction but I remember one of my shrooms experiences & thinking..... "Why the hell do I need this substance ? I can have a good, productive day w/out having to rip 4 blunts....." ..shit just opened my eyes. Lol plus I had tons of bad experiences as a kid w/ thorn bushes & i made peace w/ em during my first trip 😂😂i forgave em. Shrooms are crazy

"Why can't you people just smoke your cigarettes and drink alcohol and follow the rules? Thinking anything other than what you've been taught to think should be illegal."-a credit card company

I had a great time on my trip. I hung out at home for half of it, then went out to a local nightclub for the latter half

Watching this peaking off shrooms

I’m actually trying today :)

Reason this channel is so amazing because drugs are looked at in both good in bad lights and not biased trash videos. You’ll never see this but good job. Hi comment void.

I'm on it

How many grams did the particpents have ?

In a simple gets you high as hell.

That’s cool lowkey

i hate this bs, u gonna rlly criminalize lsd and shrooms but make alcohol and tobacco legal

When I did shrooms like, 2 months ago, I danced for four hours nonstop and said I was the river of my life a bunch while comprehending things as if I was a kind, so, hell yeah, try em if you’re comfortable with it.

does shrooms

Which U.S study are you referencing? i'm writing a paper. Would like to reference it.

"If the words 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness' don't include the right to experiment with your own consciousness, then the Declaration of Independence isn't worth the hemp it was written on." -Terence McKenna

If this is how you're going to decide if you want to do shrooms it's a pretty bad explanation. Nothing you hallucinate isn't real like on dmt or lsd. Its all warping of reality, breathing, fractals, etc. The emotional feeling and change in perception is what they're all about. If you take these be ready for the visuals but be ready for the possability that you're entire sense of self could dissolve for the trip.

So I’m high on shrooms rn

Super Mario is high key promoting mushroom

i tried shrooms for the first time last night. my biggest tips: do your research & take a low dosage if it's your first time!
it was truly something amazing & beautiful. out of this universe. i listened to pink floyd throughout my trip and let me tell you, pinl floyd songs HIT DIFFERENT when you're on shrooms. weed can't even compare.

Asap science out here tryna get me cooked asfff

I don't know about everyone else here I would rather take shrooms or LSD instead of drinking alcohol

Took sum last night had a good time

plus shrooms are the safest in terms of the LD-50 safer than weed but can you handle the shroom...

...if you learn the deeper things you never knew about the universe and yourself, it can be frightning. Too Scared to take them know, until my life settles down.

Shrooms make you shift dimensions, open your third eye, realize the purpose of life and death, and so much more!

I want some

79% vs 22% I’d also like to know the other factors like what kind of people are they where they live and did they seem happy before taking the shrooms did they feel comfortable in the environment etc.

Damn this guy has crazy psychedelicz and entheogens. It'll take you to a whole different dimension.

I’ve been rewatching doctor who recently and am too scared of getting a trip with the weeping angels attacking me so NOPE for now


Who’s watching while high off shroomz 😂😂😂

Mushrooms 2020

Anyone else watching this on acid deciding if doing shrooms is a good idea or not

Idk about y’all but I want some now

Shrooms unlocking serotonin to make soul contact happen.

Yep, plus no comedown 🥳


I ran from a demon for 8 hours.