Zantac and Losartan RECALLED? Explained Simply.

You are likely aware of the blood pressure med recalls over the last 2 years. Well now Zantac (ranitidine) the over the counter heartburn medicine is involved. The FDA released a statement about possible cancer causing substances found in Zantac on September 13, 2019. Learn what the fuss is about. Cancer causing? Do you need to change meds?

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FDA statement on ranitidine:

Valisure page on Ranitidine NDMA content:

Nitrosamine content in foods:

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Have you been taking Zantac?

Why is it always a blue eyed white guy telling you what does and doesnt cause cancer?

Nitrates arent bad for you, Nitrogen is good for preventing cancer

Why were all of Zantac products removed, but not all of Losartan or, now, one of the Metformins that was found to have the NDMA? Can you tell me that EVERY batch is tested?

come on zantac was a life saver :/ tums just doesn't cut it :(

i took ranitidine regulary for 3 years or so, lately ive been having stomach problems diarrehea , etc, does ranitidine lead to colon or stomach cancer?

My heartburn disappeared after i used Magnesium oil spray daily over time (everyone is deficient in Magnesium). OH NO im diverting your poor patients away from drug$....doc$ get really crazy when you take their drug$ away. P.S. Magnesium oil spray is FAR more absorbable than mag pills! NO risk of Fn cancer too!

I read that 1 ranitidine pill can equal 30 packs of cigarettes as far as the chemical amount of the bad stuff. Is that false?

Both of these are still being recalled. 4 month later. And still a shortage for them.

Why sue zantac people should wake up to suing the FDA for knowing and allowing them to be sold
You dont go after small fish you ga after the big fish
After all we are just the tiny fish to them

Zantac helped my Epstein Barr and reduced histamine response. Now you can find it on eBay for $70 for an eight count. Ridiculous.

My baby is on Zantac prescription, she has surgery on her esophagus as a newborn, and reflux is an ongoing problem for her.

Basically their competitors knock them off because their product was the only damn product on the market that worked.

The FDA is proving out once again to be an incompetent, inconsistent, corrupt and highly-destructive bureaucracy, this time regarding ranitidine (Zantac). When you dig through all their waffling babble, what the FDA has ACTUALLY said about ranitidine is …

Consumers are at no meaningful risk in consuming ranitidine, although
our tests have found a few batches of ranitidine that contain NDMA at
levels that barely exceed the recommended FDA guideline. If a specific
batch of ranitidine is found by its manufacturer to contain NDMA above
the recommended FDA guideline, it should voluntarily recall that batch.

The specific and most relevant quotations from the FDA's multiple statements about the safety of ranitidine are at the bottom of this post.

So, even though the FDA actually claims there's nothing wrong with ranitidine, its constant, unfocused, imprecise waffling & babbling about ranitidine drove manufacturers & distributors into panic-mode and, for fear of becoming the target of lawsuits, to:

(1) pull every last ranitidine pill off the retail shelves of America (for apparently no good reason), and to

(2) remain utterly silent about the condition and/or safety of their recalled ranitidine, and about when—IF EVER—they plan to return ranitidine to retail shelves.

Even worse, the FDA is now starting to babble about NDMA in metformin, the inexpensive and highly-effective drug upon which tens of millions of diabetics in this country depend upon for their very lives and their day-to-day well-being. (Meanwhile the FDA hasn't lifted a damn finger to stop the extortion-based pricing-jacking of insulin.)

Thank you, Mr. FDA, for the freaking chaos, confusion and loss of access by hundreds of millions of Americans to perfectly safe medicines, for no good reason whatsoever.

PS: This is the same corrupt, dysfunctional, bought-and-paid-for FDA, by the way, that has proven entirely incapable in its regulation of the nicotine industry.

It has been constantly hammering away to destroy e-cigarettes, even though they are plainly a far safer alternative to real cigarettes by lacking the hundreds of dangerous and carcinogenic chemicals in real cigarettes … but has let real cigarette content run wild, having stopped bothering to even test to identify the nicotine and chemical content of real cigarettes over 25 years ago.

This is also the same FDA that banned barely-tweaked RJ Reynolds cigarette branding (such as Camel Crush Bold) in 2015 because it is now allowed to "reject new types of tobacco products that it believes pose greater public health risks than existing products" … then in 2019 spread its legs wide open and gleefully approved the sale of brand-new, radically different, heat-not-burn cigarette technology by Philip Morris.


Below are the specific and most relevant quotations from the FDA's multiple statements about the safety of ranitidine:

2019-09-13: "The FDA is NOT calling for individuals to stop taking ranitidine at this time. … the levels the FDA is finding in ranitidine from preliminary tests BARELY EXCEED amounts you might expect to find in common foods."

2019-09-24: "While the FDA investigates … consumers and patients CAN CONTINUE TO TAKE ranitidine that has not been recalled."

2019-09-26: "[The] FDA is NOT recommending individuals stop taking all ranitidine medicines at this time."

2019-10-02: "[The] FDA’s testing method … has shown the presence of MUCH LOWER LEVELS of NDMA in ranitidine medicines than reported by the third-party laboratory."

2019-10-02: "To date, the agency’s early, limited testing has found UNACCEPTABLE levels of NDMA in samples of ranitidine."

2019-10-23: "The NDMA levels we’ve found are similar to the levels you would expect to be exposed to if you ate common foods like grilled and smoked meats."

2019-11-01: "The agency has tested numerous ranitidine products on the market over the past few months … Through our testing so far, we have found levels of NDMA in ranitidine that are similar to the levels you would expect to be exposed to if you ate common foods like grilled or smoked meats."

2019-11-01: "Although many of these levels of NDMA observed through FDA testing are much lower than the levels some third-party scientists first claimed, some levels still exceed what the FDA considers acceptable for these medicines."

2019-11-08: "The NDMA levels [the] FDA found are similar to the levels a consumer would expect to be exposed to when eating common foods like grilled and smoked meats."

2019-12-01: "Our scientists have determined ranitidine does not form NDMA in typical stomach conditions."


I took zantac for 10 years and i don’t have any problems, actually now i can’t find anything that works if I have acid reflux

I was on 150mg 2x daily for almost 2 months for GERD, my anxiety is off the charts now. My docs say, don't worry about it, which doesn't help. My optometrist said she was on it for 12 years and apparently lots of people have been on it decades, but god damn, I am terrified

Forgot to ask also in what risk are we when taking ranitidine in layman terms ? Sam or more as smokers and drinkers of alcohol ?

Thank you for this video on this issue. Currently there is no specific specifications on what risk we were having by taking ranitidine or I can not find it. I see some values in this comments like 3 MIO ng per 150mg of drug and this sounds extreme ! FDA states only little more then recommended and 3 MIO is much more ! Which is correct ? I am really worried. I took this drug a lot in last 12-15 years. Not regularly but in sessions of bad stomach acid. Will we ever receive specific info on what risk of cancer we have by using this drugs and where did you get this data on 3 MIO ng per 150 ? Which cancers are candidate here and how long do we need to worry after stop taking this drug ? Thanks and BR

Your highly edited video is not correct. You make it sound like Valisure started this year. You also say that an individual "started testing it (Zantac) in his basement with armchair chemistry @1:48". To the contrary of what you say in your video, Valisure has been around since 2015, has 12 highly educated employees, and has 50 million dollars per year in revenue. You say you made this video "because you're tired of your patients going on-line and getting bad information". I have a question for you; why are you making a video that's full of lies? ,,

Should I get tested been taking this stuff daily for 12+ years. Sometimes have to take 2 150mg doses a day. Do you think I am at risk for cancer?

Such an issue. Look at the FDA's FAERs database. The quality of our medications is rapidly declining as most of the ingredients are coming from China and India. I've looked up my child's medications and found FDA warning letters of manufacturers found with mutagenic impurities, manufacturers manipulating data, and shredding documents as the FDA was inspecting. I was shocked. Valisure also stated that NDMA can also increase with heat such as the heat that is experienced during shipping. The trucks reach over 120-170 degrees. Our mailboxes on a 90 degree day reach 120-150 degrees. Our medications are degrading to the point that the medications can become toxic and potency can be lost as they ship most medications in a bag. It's happening. The FDA doesn't regulate mail-order pharmacy.

This is sort of comforting, but i read the comments and people got cancer from taking Zantac. So how do you explain that?

Great. The one med I tried using when I thought I had gastritis. I only took 1 bottle of 24 pills that were 150mg over a few months time... Does this increase my cancer risk? I read a study from 2016 that says it increases nitrosamines 400 fold! But yet when I researched it before taking it said it was the safest med to take. I can't trust any of this medication

Thanks for the breakdown! If Valisure is accurate and there is in fact over 3million ng's per 150mg that is terrifying for chronic long term users. Do you have any recommendations on what testing/screening we should ask our doctors to complete to try to catch the cancer early?

U know it’s getting ridiculous now after all we’ve been through and still going through with the ARBs. As a pharmacist, I am always put in a tight position trying to break these things down to nervous patients. Creates a lot of distrust and anxiety.

All made in CHINA...